SAVAGES / Any doubts I may have had about Oliver Stone’s next film, Savages, went away after seeing this trailer. Kitsch and Johnson look to make the perfect team as big time pot dealers and even though I was not a fan of the attempt at voice-over narration from Blake Lively, she looks sexy. Her role in The Town suited her well (and I mean that in the best possible ways) and this role, as the girlfriend to both leads, looks to do the same. There’s only going up from her Gossip Girl days. John Travolta is always great in any of his endeavors, and we have not seen him since the disappointment of From Paris With Love. Now as a DEA agent, he looks to add some class to this film. Even Benicio Del Toro sells this film for me.

The trailer is righteous, not only getting me pumped for some good old fashioned action sequences, but some really high profile performances as well. With the right mix of both, this could easily be my most anticipated film of the year.

Expect to See It: September 28th, 2012

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