LITTLE BIRDS / There are so many things going for this film. For starters, the same people that produced Blue Valentine and Half Nelson return to hopefully continue their perfect track record. With no Ryan Gosling this time around, Juno Temple takes the leading role among an amazing cast of women, with Leslie Mann in a serious role for once, Kate Bosworth, who is truly maturing in front of our eyes, and newcomer Kay Panabaker, who has been around but never in a leading role.

Over the past year, Juno Temple has become a favorite actress of mine. First in Cracks, then in Dirty Girl, and even supporting role in the latest Three Musketeers film, Temple has a way about her, appearing young and juvenile in one instance, yet poised and mature in a completely different role. She’s gorgeous and funny, subtle and angsty. I look forward to watching her career unfold and will mostly be looking at her performance in this film.

Having just become a resident of Los Angeles over a year ago, seeing films in the city of angels is definitely an entirely new experience and with another new wonder of mine directed at the Salton Sea, I am definitely intrigued by the setting and location of the film.

Top on that the fact that it was a Sundance official selection, to which I am often drawn and rarely disappointed, Little Birds is on the top of my list of independent films I will definitely be viewing within the year.

Expect To See It: June 2012

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