MAGIC MIKE / It feels like ages ago when Steven Soderbergh announced that he wanted to retire from directing. But here we are with another one of his films coming out and I couldn’t be happier. I love Soderbergh’s work and Magic Mike looks to carry on most of the aspects I enjoy in his films. Soderbergh messes with angles, skewing the camera and giving his films a distinct feel. He is also fantastic at bringing in “no name” actors and actresses and launching them with ease (i.e. Sasha Grey and Gina Carano). He continues this feat with Magic Mike and the casting of Cody Horn as one of the leading ladies, who already plays excellently off Channing Tatum in the trailer. Tatum has grown on me in the last year. With Haywire (also Soderbergh’s) and 21 Jump Street earlier this year, Tatum appears to be a new man. And with his down-to-earth dialogue and the fact that this film is autobiographical, Magic Mike will be a perfect launching pad for his new career.

The Rihanna song in the trailer is slightly off-putting, but on some levels works great. The song gives the trailer a fresh feeling and had it been some generic music or an eighties tune, the trailer wouldn’t come off as well.

There are so many things going for Magic Mike, and even though it is about male stripping, I can’t wait to see it. I imagine with all the female audiences that will attend this film, Magic Mike may continue Soderbergh’s recent streak of quality films.

Expect To See It: June 29, 2012

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