MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS || May 4th, 2012

BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL || On paper, this film looks like something I would not be interested in, but seeing the trailer, there is enough good humor and “exotic” sights to keep me entertained. However, there is too much heavy handed comments about old people and death to make this a generational renowned comedy and interest appeals to the elder, senior retiree community. I do enjoy Bill Nighy and Tom Wilkinson, but probably not enough to see this film anytime soon. STREAM
MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS || The Marvel movie four years in the making, The Avengers is finally released this week. Connecting the stories of four separate film franchises (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America), this film brings the best of all worlds, creating the perfect superhero film that has enough of everything you would expect from it and so much more. I marathoned these Marvel films last weekend and then caught the midnight showing on Thursday. If you were a fan of literally any of the previous films, you will love The Avengers, hands down.

ASYLUM BLACKOUT || The title of this film is completely transparent. The film is about a struggling band who moonlights at a kitchen for asylum inmates and, as the title suggests, there is a blackout that gets them all stuck inside with no way out and no way for help to get in. Though the quality of the film appears to be lacking, the idea is on par enough to which I might give it a shot. STREAM
A BEAUTIFUL SOUL || Synopsis: An R&B singer struggles for redemption after his crew is the victim of a brutal attack. PASS
DEATH OF A SUPERHERO || Andy Serkis takes a brilliant step onto the screen without motion capture gear, playing the psychologist/therapist for a young boy who is “struggling with his mortality”. The young boy is played by familiar faced Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who has grown-up quite a bit since we have seen him last. There is an artistic element to to the film, with the young boy having a talented gift as a comic illustrator and the animation is often present in the trailer. There is plenty of potential Death Of A Superhero and paired with what looks to be an amazing performance from Andy Serkis, this will definitely be worth seeing at some point. STREAM
THE DIARY OF PRESTON PLUMMER || Basically the definition of an independent drama, The Diary of Preston Plummer stars that annoying kid from The Sixth Sense and Jurassic Park III, Trevor Morgan, who apparently is all grown-up now. Also, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter Rumer Willis takes a starring role. Not sure what this film is getting at but if you ask me, it looks like a low budget The Tree Of Life, minus the exquisite visuals and heavy on the “thought-provoking” logic of the world. PASS
FIRST POSITION || A documentary about young ballet dancers, First Position appears to have just the right mix of characters in which it follows their lives leading up to a competition which will determine their futures. Documentaries like this hinge on their real life characters and am drawn to just about every one of them in the trailer. Films about dance are becoming popular, but this one is handled in a way that I would probably see it. STREAM
GRAND MASTER || Synopsis: A veteran cop chases a cold blooded serial killer. PASS
JANNAT 2 || Synopsis: After fixing matches in 2008, Emraan Hashmi returns to being the greedy KKC Sonu Dilli. PASS
LAST CALL AT THE OASIS || Though I do not believe that documentary films can change the world, they can bring certain issues and concepts to light that people never think of. Last Call At The Oasis is one of those films, compiling information about our misuse of water, a natural resource that may not always be available. The problem these films can carry, however, is being too heavy-handed and finger-pointing, causing people to feel to guilty to really enjoy the film, rather than simply supplying the facts and letting viewers make their own judgments. This film feels slightly like the former, a guilt-trip for the human race. STREAM
LETTERS TO ELENA || Synopsis: In the beautiful hills of Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, a young boy Emile is adopted by the postman Matt. As part of their daily tasks, they not only deliver the mail and read the letters to the habitants, also take dictation, since most are illiterate. The young Emilio quickly learns to read and write but is saddened by the difficult stories sent in by relatives who have migrated north of Denver, Colorado in search of a better future. One day, Emilio takes over the post and with great imagination, changes the letters so they are happy and optimistic. In just days, the town is transformed. While on duty, Emilio meets a young girl named who becomes his first love. PASS
A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN || Apparently the name of this film comes from Peter Dinklaage’s character in the film, a gigolo with the nickname, “little bit of heaven”. Starring the gorgeous Kate Hudson, the plot to this film is nothing like what I expected from the posters. Hudson’s character, a sexually open advertiser, finds out she has cancer. I am sure there is tons of heart in this film and I will probably see it for Hudson alone, but it comes off like a hyped-up Lifetime movie, especially when she starts dating her doctor. STREAM
LOL || Apparently The Last Song was not enough for Miley Cyrus and her acting career, as she takes on the role of high schooler, Lola aka Lol, who attends school and uses Facebook… There really is nothing to this film. Cyrus goes to school, has relationships, and argues with her mom, played by the slumming Demi Moore. Young female high schoolers may eat this movie up, but to me, it is a complete waste of time. PASS
MEETING EVIL || Simply by starring in a film, Samuel L. Jackson can make just about any film better. But by the looks of Meeting Evil, there might be very little that could make this one better. Jackson plays a devil’s advocate type role as some sort of hitman behind a flailing Luke Wilson. Having lost everything, Wilson turns to Jackson’s suave, devilish character to get him through it, but finds out he got more than he bargained for. The quality of the film looks poor, the plot is recycled, and this film’s only positive mark is the appearance by Jackson. STREAM
MEMORIAL DAY || Synopsis: It’s Memorial Day 1993, when 13-year-old Kyle Vogel stumbles upon his grandfather Bud’s (James Cromwell, The Artist, Babe) World War II footlocker. Though reluctant to discuss the war with his grandson, Bud strikes a deal with Kyle: He’ll tell the stories of any three objects from the footlocker that Kyle chooses. As we flash back to see Bud’s WWII tales (the younger Bud is played by John Cromwell, James Cromwell’s son) from Europe unfold through his souvenirs and memories, we also flash forward to see how the present day SSgt. Kyle Vogel’s (Jonathan Bennett, Mean Girls) experiences in Iraq parallel them—and how that day on the porch with his grandfather will affect how he ultimately deals with the losses, regrets and moral dilemmas that unite all soldiers across all wars and generations. PASS
MORE THAN FRYBREAD || Synopsis: 22 Arizona tribal representatives convene in Flagstaff, Arizona to compete for the first ever annual State of Arizona frybread championship PASS
MOTHER’S DAY || Mother’s Day comes off as a parody on itself while trying to remain completely relevant. The entire home invasion, hostage situation is entirely played out that there really is no reason to keep making these films. With that and the constant use of “Mother is coming”, there is little chance I will give this film any chance. PASS
THE PERFECT FAMILY || What happened to Kathleen Turner? Once the depiction of all that was sex, especially in her film with William Hurt, Body Heat, Turner has lost almost all appeal. Her stint on the series Californication was indication enough that she was falling off the deep end, but with the looks of her in The Perfect Family, she is falling apart. I am interested in this film enough to probably check it out when it hits Netflix, but otherwise, this is little draw to get me to see this any sooner. STREAM
#REGENERATION || Synopsis: #ReGeneration explores the inherent cynicism found in many of today’s youth and young adults, and the influences that perpetuate our culture’s apathetic approach to social and political causes. The film features three intersecting stories of students, parents, and artists all looking for their place in society. Together they capture the thoughts and feelings of today’s struggling generation as some of the worlds leading scholars, activists, and media personalities provide their insight into the ideas and movements that can inspire change. PASS
THE SKINNY || Synopsis: Feature film from award-winning writer/director Patrik-Ian Polk, tells the story of five black Brown University classmates- four gay men and one lesbian – reuniting in the Big Apple for a weekend of sin, fun, secrets, lies and drama. PASS
THE WEATHER OUTSIDE || Synopsis: Thinking his wife and children left him a year ago, Max believes he has one last risky chance at getting them back. PASS


  • Marvel’s The Avengers



  • Asylum Blackout
  • Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  • Death Of A Superhero
  • First Position
  • Last Call At The Oasis
  • A Little Bit Of Heaven
  • Meeting Evil
  • The Perfect Family


  • A Beautiful Soul
  • The Diary Of Preston Plummer
  • Grand Master
  • Jannat 2
  • Letters To Elena
  • LOL
  • Memorial Day
  • More Than Frybread
  • Mother’s Day
  • #ReGeneration
  • The Skinny
  • The Weather Outside

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