Title: “Til Kingdom Come”
Artist: Coldplay
Written by: Chris Martin
Source: “The Amazing Spider-Man” Soundtrack (2012) + “X&Y” Album (2005)

There are moments in every great film that hook you. You get sentimental, or you get chills, or you cannot stop smiling. “The Amazing Spider-Man” was filled with these moments for me, but there was a scene in particular that brought out all three.

The scene I am talking about is when Peter Parker sets up his first date with Gwen Stacy while at school. After leaving, he goes out to skateboard and tests his newly acquired spider skills. This perfect moment is set to the song “Til Kingdom Come” by the band Coldplay, a hidden track on their 2005 album X&Y and written in commemoration of the late and great Johnny Cash. When you add a Coldplay song (or The Fray, for that matter) to any cinematic moment, it usually makes it better, but this pushes the scene beyond any other moment in the film and makes it one of the best scenes in any movie this year.

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