My Sunday included viewing “Basic Instinct” for the first time and reuniting myself with the Michael Crichton thriller, “Sphere”. And, following this post, will be viewing the sequel to the 1990 thriller, aptly titled “Basic Instinct 2”. I also recently watched the original “Total Recall”. All of these films have one thing in common: the presence of the lovely Sharon Stone. I also recently watched the original “Total Recall”.

At age three, had I been aware of my future love for films, I would have had the biggest crush on Sharon Stone. Viewing 1990’s “Total Recall” with Sharon Stone as a gun-toting agent, she stole the show, despite being a smaller role of the film (Kate Beckinsale also stole the show in the 2012 remake of the same film, so perhaps it partially that role to blame). None-the-less, my interest was peaked.

As soon I started to become aware of my love for cinema, I learned of Sharon Stone. Anyone who follows film even somewhat closely knows of her presence. But if you look at her film history, there isn’t much there, and I couldn’t really say I had seen many of her performances. Her greatest role to date is of author Catherine Tramell in the 1992 hit “Basic Instinct”. I am hard pressed to point out a sexier film from that year and it definitely hits most of the top 10 sexiest films of all-time, with a full, detailed look at all that is Sharon Stone.

Since then, there’s been a sci-fi thriller “Sphere”, a few small roles in films like “Alpha Dogs” and “Catwoman”, and even sequel of “Basic Instinct”, to which I will be viewing for the first time tonight. I cannot say I am a huge fan of Sharon Stone’s, at least not in her current state. But the 1990’s version of Sharon Stone, that’s a different story.

There’s a sensuality about her, no matter her role, much the same aura that Marilyn Monroe carried in all her roles. Stone is unafraid to bear all, yet stills commandeers control despite that vulnerability. It also must be said that Stone had and has an amazing body. Whether her hair is long or short, she is a sex symbol of the ages.

Even if her best years are behind her, she will always have those 1990’s films to commemorate her strides in female sexuality and a power in feminism. And even though it took twelve years for me to get there, I can say that I once had a crush on Sharon Stone.

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