DEADFALL || December 7th, 2012

Deadfall-poster DEADFALL || Charlie Hunnan is blowing up since his debut in the hit FX series “Sons Of Anarchy”. Starring in independent films like “The Ledge” and “3.2.1. Frankie Go Boom”, while landing major roles like lead in Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming robots versus monsters saga, “Pacific Rim”, seeing him in “Deadfall” amongst Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, and Kate Mara appears to be nothing but enjoyable. THEATER
HydeParkOnHudson-poster HYDE PARK ON HUDSON || Bill Murray taking on the role of Franklin Delano Roosevelt is yet another huge step from a man whose career has been very defined by comedic, fictitious roles. Although “Hyde Park on Hudson” has a whimsy of humor to the entire thing, playing such a prestigious role as our 32nd president in 1939, while the King and Queen of England make their inaugural first trek to America, is certainly a role Murray fits and hopefully he will have more high caliber roles to come.
PlayingForKeeps-poster PLAYING FOR KEEPS || With nothing but poor reviews, “Playing For Keeps” fell off my radar slightly. As much as I enjoy Jessica Biel, I just cannot convince myself she is entirely worth seeing this romantic comedy, which sadly puts Gerard Butler in the lead guy hot seat, a role he’s been in since “The Ugly Truth” and “The Bounty Hunter”. What happened to the man that played King Leonidas? RENT

BadKidsGoToHell-poster BAD KIDS GO TO HELL || I cannot describe it any better than this: “The Breakfast Club meets The Grudge in this sexy, dark comedy-thriller!”. “Bad Kids Go To Hell” actually looks somewhat enjoyable, with enough sex and gore to entertain. Judd Nelson must have absolutely nothing else to do besides show up in anything remotely affiliated with school or “The Breakfast Club”. RENT
BuffaloGirls-poster BUFFALO GIRLS || Who was aware of the fact that children boxing was an issue that plagued the world? Not me. “Buffalo Girls” takes a look at an impoverished part of Thailand, where pre-teen girls are sent into boxing rings to earn money for their families. PASS
CheerfulWeatherForTheWedding-poster CHEERFUL WEATHER FOR THE WEDDING || Last year was the first year I found and fell in love with the actress Felicity Jones. She is stunning in every role she takes on and it has been somewhat of an adventure to catch the films she’s been in prior to last year’s “Like Crazy”. “Cheerful Weather for the Wedding” continues her streak of good looking films, as she questions whether it’s actually time for her to get married or if she’s making a big mistake, and marrying the wrong man. THEATER
DelhiSafari-poster DELHI SAFARI || The quality of animation is not equal to the level of voice actors that were cast for this film. Also, as far as trailers go, this one is horrific, with an overload of copy and titles, and titles that look slapped together and a complete after thought. This does not look like a professional film and the fact that it is still in contention for Best Animated Feature is baffling. PASS
DinoTime-poster DINO TIME || Although it could be a lot worse (see “Delhi Safari” above), “Dino Time” comes off more like a Nickelodeon special rather than a feature film. Sent back in time to the dinosaurs, I can only laugh at the fact that dinosaurs would not mame these children. Regardless, I have absolute zero interest to see this. PASS
FitzgeraldFamilyChristmas-poster THE FITZGERALD FAMILY CHRISTMAS || Edward Burns is doing great for himself, writing, directing, and starring in his own films, but that doesn’t, by any means, make “The Fitzgerald Family Christmas” a must-see… or a see at all, for that matter. Honestly, having watched the trailer, I feel like I saw most of what there was to see. And with that, I have a strong feeling this will not become a Christmas classic. PASS
Heleno-poster HELENO || A black-and-white foreign film about a temperamental soccer player, “Heleno” looks strong visually and with a strong male and female role, this could actually be quite interesting. STREAM
InOurNature-poster IN OUR NATURE || John Slattery takes a step out of role from “Mad Men” and joins this exceptionally impressive looking independent drama about an estranged father and son who both inadvertently end up at the family cabin with their significant others. Convinced to stay, I can only assume the dirty laundry is aired for both parties to see, in what looks to be a strong, emotional, and very worthwhile drama. Jena Malone and Gabrielle Union round out the impressive cast. THEATER
KillMeNow-poster KILL ME NOW || I want to say PASS so badly, but there’s something about the campiness of this film that makes me think I might see it some day, especially with the humorous banter at the end of the trailer. Slasher films are in overkill mode these days and this is one of the lowest budget, poorly filmed horror flicks I’ve witnessed in recent history. That being said, it somewhat won me over. STREAM
LayTheFavorite-poster LAY THE FAVORITE || Rebecca Hall looks absolutely gorgeous in this film, as does Catherine Zeta Jones. Both are great reasons to see this film. Entering the world of Vegas and betting, this story seems interesting enough, with quality writing to help support it. Toss in Bruce Willis, who is never afraid to show his comedic side, and “Lay the Favorite” definitely comes off as something to see. RENT
ManWhoShookTheHandOfVicenteFernandez-poster THE MAN THAT SHOOK THE HAND OF VINCENTE FERNANDEZ || I get that Ernest Borgnin used to be a big deal. I get that this film is a satire of a Western. I get that this marketing is probably aimed at a much older age group than myself. But I have no interest in seeing this film, nor will I ever get back the 2 minutes spent watching this trailer. PASS
OnlyTheYoung-poster ONLY THE YOUNG || Shovel positive reviews at me all you want, you’re not John Hughes, this is nothing remotely close to any John Hughes film, and I have no intention of ever seeing this film. “Only The Young” looks rather dull and too independent for its own good. I hope it finds an audience, but that audience definitely isn’t me. PASS
WaitingForLightning-poster WAITING FOR LIGHTNING || “Waiting for Lightning” looks extremely impressive, about the skateboarder Danny Way, and his rise in the skating world to the point of deciding to go for a world record by jumping part of the Great Wall of China. It’s amazing how skateboarding films can be so inspirational and with a stuntman style, death-defying act, I’m hooked to see how it turns out. STREAM


  • Cheerful Weather For The Wedding
  • Deadfall
  • Hyde Park On Hudson
  • In Our Nature


  • Bad Kids Go To Hell
  • Laying The Favorite
  • Playing For Keeps


  • Heleno
  • Kill Me Now
  • Waiting For Lightning



  • Buffalo Girls
  • Delhi Safari
  • Dino Time
  • The Fitzgerald Family Christmas
  • The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernández
  • Only The Young

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