TheHobbitAnUnexpectedJourney-poster THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY || Visually enthralling, grandiosely captivating, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” proves that fans are safe with Peter Jackson at the helm of Middle-earth. Martin Freeman is by far the most enjoyable portion of the film, with the look and charisma to deftly carry this latest Tolkien franchise, as lead Bilbo Baggins, while returning faces like Ian McKellen as Gandalf, along with several other familiar faces, help keep the film on par with its predecessors from “The Lord Of The Rings”. The adventure is grand enough, the villains are once again developed, Howard Shore’s score is an unequivocal achievement, and with several key scenes contained in the frames of this particular film, including the return of Gollum, this first film in the trilogy sets the bar fairly high for the forthcoming films. Of course, “The Hobbit” still falters, mainly in its overabundance of CGI, relying too heavily on graphics over practical effects. Also, in its widely publicized high frame rate, the effect leaves much to be desired, with fast motions coming off strange to the eye, and although there are several scenes where the higher frame rate looks impressive, mostly sweeping shots, it is not worth the time spent “adjusting” to its differences. We can only hope this is a passing fad.

AnyDayNow-poster ANY DAY NOW || There is so much going on in “Any Day Now” that it’s hard not to want to see it, especially with Alan Cumming in the starring role, an actor who is great in his small roles, but has never really been allotted a starring role. Cumming has huge potential in this role, as a gay man, who takes in a boy with Down syndrome when the boy’s mother ends up in jail. Garrett Dillahunt also looks to take hold of his starring role as Cumming’s boyfriend, and lawyer.
BlackAir-poster BLACK AIR: THE BUICK GRAND NATIONAL DOCUMENTARY || Last time I checked, solely placing a song with images was considered a music video, which is all that “Black Air” is. A documentary about a Buick called the Grand National that was discontinued in 1987, this is really for a niche audience interested in either cars, car history, or Buick, and no one else. PASS
JasonBeckerNotDeadYet JASON BECKER: NOT DEAD YET || As inspirational and powerful as this film comes off, I really cannot forgive the shoddy film-making and poor marketing allotted to this film. With over a three minute trailer with questionable cutting and music, I really wonder how this film got where it is. I have a respect for what Jason Becker is and was, but the trailer shows me enough to the point where I don’t really need to see the film now. PASS
LetFuryHaveTheHour-poster LET FURY HAVE THE HOUR || With absolutely no idea what this film is about, this trailer is a string of interviews with no real point. PASS
LetsMakeAMovie-poster LET’S MAKE A MOVIE || I couldn’t even make it through the trailer for this poor quality, dismal looking attempt at comedy. Shot on what appears to be a home video camera, with zero actors actually used, and God knows what backing, I will never give this film the light of day. PASS
SaveTheDate-poster SAVE THE DATE || I love romantic comedies. I love Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr. And I love love love Alison Brie. About love in all the wrong places, “Save the Date” is definitely on my need to see list. RENT
SavingGraceBJones-poster SAVING GRACE B. JONES || Melodrama at its best, “Saving Grace B. Jones” appears as though it is trying to mirror some sort of exorcism, possession film, but in the way of a Lifetime Original Movie. The first 20 seconds of the trailer is black with white reviews in text, not helping grab your attention at all. I am confused, uninspired, and will not see this film. PASS
Tchoupitoulas-poster TCHOUPITOULAS || Obviously some ill attempt at art in cinema, this is way too out there for me, as cameras mounted drive around at night with ethnic children staring at the camera, as the night life passes behind them in the background. No thanks. I want no part. PASS
Trashed-poster TRASHED || This is an example of a powerful documentary trailer for a film. Starring Jeremy Irons as both the face of the film and the narrator, “Trashed” delves into the pollution problems we face on Earth with too much trash and not enough recycling and proper disposal. The music is excellent and drawn attention to, in a good way, as the message comes across and the imagery is powerful. Although this is not necessarily the type of documentary I would normally see, I am somewhat convinced to see it solely from this trailer. STREAM
YellingToTheSky-poster YELLING TO THE SKY || What looks to be a powerful drama about a young colored woman trying to make it in a bad neighborhood and school, there is enough going on in this film with enough talent to keep things interesting. Jason Clarke is rising on my favorites list, with “Lawless” and “Zero Dark Thirty” being great showings for him and this looks just as powerful. Add in Gabourey Sidibe turning the tables from her “Precious” days and being the overbearing bully, and the film takes on an impressive life of its own. RENT


  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


  • Save The Date
  • Yelling To The Sky


  • Any Day Now
  • Trashed



  • Black Air: The Buick Grand National Documentary
  • Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet
  • Let Fury Have The Hour
  • Let’s Make A Movie
  • Saving Grace B. Jones
  • Tchoupitoulas


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