Brit Marling’s first feature film was “Another Earth”, in which I loved her in. That was only last year. With several critics awards nominations and even a few wins, Marling had a slightly busier year this year with “Arbitrage” and “Sound Of My Voice”, both very different films.

In “Arbitrage”, Marling plays Richard Gere’s daughter, Brooke Miller, who manages a hedge fund with her father. In “Sound Of My Voice”, she plays the leader of a cult. In both films, she looks exquisite, and in both films, she has a strong demeanor about her. Until I see the films, I cannot place anymore adjectives amongst her.

With three films shaping up for Marling next year, including “The Company You Keep”, directed by Robert Redford and starring Shia LeBeouf, and “The East” in which she’s a co-writer and co-producer, I have high hopes for Marling. And even though I cannot place her on any favorite lists, since I’ve seen her in very little, I will certainly be keeping my eye on her for the next few years.

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