LOOPER // A time-travel film that focuses more on its characters and story than explaining how the physics work, “Looper” is a tight-knit action thriller with a hint of science fiction. Led masterfully by writer-director Rian Johnson (“Brick”), his connection with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt cannot be denied and JGL’s unbelievable and unrelenting talent is fully showcased in this leading role, selling every minute of his screen-time while pulling off a convincing prosthetic Bruce Willis face. Pierce Gagnon plays the young boy, Cid, whom JGL’s character is protecting, and effectively displays some of the most mature emotions I’ve ever witnessed from a child star. Add to that a superior supporting cast in Paul Dano, Garrett Dillahunt, and Jeff Daniels, and a stellar soundtrack, and you’ve got one of the best films of the year and one of the best science fiction thrillers out of this decade.

Cosmopolis-header2COSMOPOLIS // Wonderfully adapted, David Cronenberg’s dialogue heavy “Cosmopolis”, though widely alienating, is unrelenting in its complex structure involving a billionaire and those he encounters in his trek across town in his high-tech limousine. Beneath the over-your-head conversations comes a truly dark comedic backdrop along with the connection (or lack thereof) between intellectuals in this financial business setting. Robert Pattinson responds fine to carrying the film, never sticking out of place, while actress Sarah Gadon steals the show with every scene she’s apart of.

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  • Being Human: Season Two
  • Justified: Season Three
  • Trial & Retribution: Set Six

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  • The Dynamiter
  • Little Birds
  • Overtime
  • Putin’s Kiss
  • The Thompsons
  • The Trouble With Bliss

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