WARM BODIES || February 1st, 2013

BulletToTheHead-poster BULLET TO THE HEAD || As much as I want to say pass on this one, because it looks dreadful, I still might end up seeing it just to see how awful it is. Sylvester Stallone is probably one of my least favorite of the bunch and he has gotten to a point in his career where I don’t really see him as a box office draw anymore, but for some odd reason, there’s a part of me that wants to see just how bad it’s gotten. STREAM
TheGatekeepers-poster THE GATEKEEPERS || Powerfully candid and sincere, “The Gatekeepers” opens the door of the Shin Bet, Israel’s secret service, and airs all of its dirty laundry, but what truly makes it remarkable is that the men being interviewed are all former heads of the Shin Bet. Creative in its design of format for an informative documentary, the filmmaker delivers graphics and animated reenactments that immerse the viewer in the stories. Drawing ties to what our secret agencies may also be up to, it is uncanny how much of this resonates into our lives, even if the events being focused on have no real relation to the U.S. besides peace talks headed by the Clinton administration. As intriguing as the film is, take away the graphics and wonderfully sound designed actual footage and what you have is talking heads, which, not ideal, still makes for some attention grabbing material.
HauntingInConnecticut2-poster THE HAUNTING OF CONNECTICUT 2: GHOSTS OF GEORGIA || Having somewhat enjoyed the original, I still might have to see this sequel. The title is god awful (Connecticut and Georgia are two different states) and the trailer is somewhat lame, not really drawing a wide net, but again, for some reason I feel the need to see this if I come across it, as with most horror films, even if I know they will be bad, I have to at least give them a shot. STREAM
StandUpGuys-poster2 STAND UP GUYS || I saw an early cut of this in the summer and though it has the star power to be a great film, it came off rather mediocre. I’d rate this film right now from the cut that I saw, but I have a feeling that something was probably changed from the version that was screened and I owe it to the film-makers to see it again before I draw a final conclusion. Walken, Pacino, and Arkin are fantastic and could sell any film, but “Stand Up Guys” is putting them in a early grave far too soon. STREAM
WarmBodies-poster WARM BODIES || Helped mainly by its quirky script, well-rounded soundtrack, and talented performers in Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, “Warm Bodies” rises slightly above its obscure subject matter of a zombie falling in love with a human and produces a comical and heartfelt film. Not quite as innovative as you’d hope it would be and not stylish enough to reach the ranks of “Zombieland”, Jonathan Levine’s heart is in the right place and the passion he has shows clearly through dynamic voice-over narration and the rich quality of the images on screen. The fact of the matter is, there are just too many implausibilities required to overcome for one’s mind to be allowed completely over to the filmmakers vision, including but not limited to talking zombies, the ability for a dead heart to suddenly come back to life with no complications to that person, and the mere thought of a woman falling in love with a dead piece of rotting human meat, though none of this is the actors’ faults, who play their roles with ease. There was something big missing from “Warm Bodies” and although I cannot place my finger on it, it was solely missed.

AsLuckWouldHaveIt-poster AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT || Consider me vaguely interested by this film, “As Luck Would Have It”, apparently about a man that loses his job, is involved in an accident and from what I could tell, gets a metal rod stuck up his butt? It also stars the lovely Salma Hayek, which is a selling point, and has a nice mix of comedy and drama. With that original storyline and star power, I will probably check this out at some point. STREAM
GirlsAgainstBoys-poster GIRLS AGAINST BOYS || What can be described mainly as a date rape revenge fantasy, “Girls Against Boys” takes the titling from “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and gives it the old independent flair. What looks just a tad over the top and following along the lines of “Hard Candy”, there might just be enough interesting deaths and attractive looking seducers to warrant a viewing, at least at some point. STREAM
Koch-poster KOCH || Koch appears to be an interesting man and his politics are probably thought provoking, but I simply have no desire to see this documentary about him. Nothing against the creators, as it looks like a well made film, but if the subject matter is not attention grabbing to me, it will be difficult to ever want to see this film. PASS
LastGladiatorsposter THE LAST GLADIATORS || Hockey is not very interesting to me and the fighting that is involved should not be the spotlight, so “The Last Gladiators” misses its mark with me. The interviews with the macho men just feel trivial to me and their desire to fight is beyond my understanding, therefore, there is little to nothing in this film for me, despite its good looking quality and well made stature. PASS
SoundCity-poster SOUND CITY || Dave Grohl can do no wrong. He is one of my all-time favorite musicians, he is a great human being and now he is trying his hand at directing, with his new film “Sound City” about a little old recording studio that brought to life some of the most popular bands in history. There’s a decent message in this film, too, with the idea of music coming from actual people and not being something mix and developed in a computer or a lab. It’s raw human emotion from musicians who practice until their fingers bleed and sing until their lungs give out. I cannot wait to see this film. RENT


  • The Gatekeepers
  • Warm Bodies


  • Sound City


  • As Luck Would Have It
  • Bullet To The Head
  • The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts Of Georgia
  • Stand Up Guys


  • Koch
  • The Last Gladiators

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