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Next to “Paperman”, this is my second favorite animated short of the year, depicting a curious dog roaming around a new world filled with dinosaurs and open fields, when he happens upon the first man, presumably Adam. They share their time together, keeping each other (silently) company until the first female (can we assume Eve) shows up. There are strong Biblical undertones to this short, but that is never expressed blatantly.

“Adam and Dog” produces several different emotions in such a short period of time and it really makes me feel like this could be the only short that has what it takes to beat out “Paperman”. Like Pixar’s entry, “Adam and Dog” has humor, heartbreak, and love, a full range of emotion. Also, “Adam and Dog” is a throw back to old-fashioned animation, bringing to life what look like drawings instead of purely computer animated pictures, which I ultimately respect.

Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 11.24.28 PM

// Produced & Directed by Minkyu Lee //

// Dated Viewed: Monday, February 11th, 2013 // ONLINE STREAMING //  Short #3 of 15 //


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