ANNA KARENINA // Despite its tragic and flawed characters, “Anna Karenina” is both visually evocative and perfectly stylized, combining the ideas and set design of live theater with the motions and photography of the cinema. In one of Keira Knightley’s best performances yet, she still does not command enough wherewithal to sell herself as leading lady material, lacking a certain charm that exudes from fellow actresses like Kelly Macdonald. What Knightley lacks, however, Joe Wright makes up for in bringing to light the secondary love story of Tolstoy’s novel, between Levin (Domhnall Gleeson) and Kitty, played by the young and exquisitely overshadowing Alicia Vikander. Reasonably the perfect excuse for a future classic, this period piece is expertly crafted and deserving of any awards coming its way.


ARGO // As if we didn’t see this coming, Ben Affleck proves yet again that his work behind a camera far outshines anything he did prior to directing. Plus the roles he takes on in his own films have become some of his best work. “Argo” is no different. With strong performances from the ensemble cast and a strong tie to the real life story, this film builds suspense from a very dramatic standpoint. Although not where it could be emotionally, the plot still draws you in, and by intertwining filmed reenactments with actual recorded footage from these events, “Argo” takes ‘Based On A True Story’ to new heights.


SINISTER // “Sinister” is the best horror film I’ve seen so far this year. With a complete understanding of what makes a horror film frightening and rarely taking the common, easy ways out, the film delivers the maximum amount of spooks while keeping your fear heightened through the entire film. Besides Ethan Hawke, the performances aren’t much, but in a horror film, I’m more apt to let that slide, as long as I am entertained to the same degree. The cinematography and score are both above par, with some experimental elements that pay-off. “Sinister” is not going to win any awards, but from a strictly subjective viewpoint, horror films in this day and age don’t get much better than this.

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