OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN || March 22nd, 2013

Admission-poster Tina Fey and Paul Rudd are both enjoyable enough to sell this somewhat watered down comedy about an admissions secretary. Both are funny even when it appears they’re not trying to be and both have enough star power to carry a film like this, so I will be giving them the benefit of the doubt.
TheCroods-poster Sadly, the part of my life where I run out to see animated films has passed. Unless it’s a Disney or Pixar film, I usually do not venture out to see any animated films and the same will probably for “The Croods”, which I am happy to pick up on DVD when it is released. Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds are all great reason to eventually seek this DVD out.
OlympusHasFallen-poster2 Finally Gerard Butler steps away from the romantic comedy doldrums and into the role he was meant to play. Taking on the task of defending the White House, “Olympus Has Fallen” is the first of two Washington D.C. terrorist attack films centered around the President’s house set to release this year. And for the most part, Fuqua’s action film sets the bar high. “Olympus Has Fallen” was the “Die Hard” film we were waiting for this year.
TheSapphires-poster Chris O’Dowd is great and now it appears he’s carrying his own film about a “Dreamgirls”-esque group of female singers in Australia. On the border between a comedy and a drama, I will eventually see this film, as I should see “Dreamgirls” as well.

BobsNewSuit-poster Independent films are a dime a dozen these days and to me at least, it is getting harder and harder to find a good one in the bunch. I could not make it through the entire trailer for “Bob’s New Suit” because it meant nothing to me and made to allusions to what the story would be about besides making references to everyone’s clothes. With weeks of a dozen or more theatrical releases, it gets hard to invest in every single independent title. PASS
ComeOutAndPlay-poster What appears to be an exotic version of “Children of the Corn” or “Tommyknockers”, this foreign vacation turned sinister titled “Come Out and Play” looks intriguing enough to eventually see, especially with the beautiful Vinessa Shaw playing one of the lead roles. Although I’m slightly worried there isn’t much to this film, the potential is enough to warrant a viewing.
Eden-poster Jamie Chung is gorgeous and pitting her in this “based on a true story” about a prostitution ring of young women taken from their lives looks vastly intriguing. There looks to be some break-out performances, especially from Matt O’Leary, and even though this film comes off a bit too Hollywood, it still looks solid enough to see.
EverybodyHasAPlan-poster Viggo Mortensen takes a step into the foreign language film playing both a family man and his junky brother, who decide to switch lives. From the producers of the Academy Award winning film “The Secret In Their Eyes” comes this gripping new film entitled “Everyone Has A Plan”. 25%MAYBE
GimmeTheLoot-poster “Gimme The Loot” is getting nothing but positive reviews. With a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, I can’t help but wonder what this drama about two inner city graffiti artists has going for it to warrant such a response. If this comes across my desk, I will definitely check it out.


TheHappyPoet-poster Some independent comedies are a little flat and monotone than one person can handle, and “The Happy Poet” looks just that. Revolving around a smoothie cart operator with a crush, the film just never quite falls funny to me and with no notable stars, there’s very little going for this film in general. PASS
HunkyDory-poster A little too hazy, a little too independent, this 70’s film about a high school musical just isn’t strong enough to get me to see it. Minnie Driver is not a selling point and the producers of “Billy Elliott” is a decade too old to reference as if we’ll see it because of that.
InAPPropriateComedy-poster Following in the fashion of “Movie 43”, “InAPPropriate Comedy” is a semblance of different comedies put together for no good reason. The only reason I could see myself sitting through this is that Michelle Rodriguez looks hysterical and Adrien Brody is one of my favorite actors. Even Lindsay Lohan looks somewhat attractive and could warrant a viewing. Don’t count on my seeking this out, but if it ends up on Netflix, I may not be able to turn away.


Leonie-poster Emily Mortimer is a future Academy Award winner, and I can feel it. Toss in an Emmy winner and Emmy nominee, Mary Kay Place and Christina Hendricks, and you have a strong female lead period piece titled “Leonie”. That being said, I cannot say I’m interested in seeing it apart from those performances and with many other films on my plate, this one will definitely get passed up. PASS
LoveAndHonor-poster There are certain actresses I invest in. Before they become huge, Academy Award winning starlets, I take the leap and follow their careers to better understand them when they do become stars. Teresa Palmer is one of those actresses. Coming from horror films like “Wolf Creek” and “The Grudge 2” to “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and this year’s “Warm Bodies”, she’s a beautiful young actress that I have high hopes for. “Love And Honor” looks wonderful, better than even Nicholas Sparks could write. Count me in. Chris Lowell and Liam Hemsworth both look great in this romantic Vietnam War film. RENTAL
MurphTheProtector-poster Everyone that’s ever lost someone in war would probably love to make a film about them, but if we did that, we’d have 1,000’s of fallen warrior films every year. That’s why I will pass on “MURPH: The Protector”. I feel for the families that lost this individual, but what makes him more important than the others lost every year to war? PASS
MyBrotherTheDevil-poster Maybe I’m jaded, but “My Brother The Devil” looks like a film I’ve seen a hundred times over. About drug dealing and the rough life of those involved, it is just hard to invest in something you feel is overplayed in cinema. There’s nothing standing out of this film, and I could tell within the first few minutes of the trailer. And that’s where I stopped. PASS
NewWorld-poster And yet another mob thriller that I am completely uninterested in. Again, nothing sets this apart from the hundreds of similar titles like this one. “New World” is anything but. PASS
AResurrection-poster How fitting is it that a film entitled “A Resurrection” stars the recently deceased Michael Clarke Duncan? Also, how strange is it to consider we’ve aged to point where “The O.C.’s” Mischa Barton is now the counselor at school and “Idle Hands'” Devon Sawa is the deputy sheriff in a town? None of this changes the fact that this film looks somewhat laughable for a horror thriller. PASS
SilverCircle-poster The animation in “Silver Circle” is some of the worst I’ve ever seen. At times, it looks like a first generation video game from the 90’s. The story seems melodramatic and recycled and there’s really absolutely nothing going for this film. PASS
Starbuck-poster In an odd choice, Director Ken Scott is releasing this foreign language version of the film “Starbuck” and not far after, will be releasing an American version starring Vince Vaughn. Same exact script, same exact shots, the question remains why.
TheWeAndTheI-poster What is Michel Gondry doing? Normally I wouldn’t ask an Academy Award winning writer/director what he’s doing, but he does “The Green Hornet” and now this strange bus movie that looks between a documentary and reenactment. You’ve got to wonder if this was a passion project or something he was forced into. PASS


  • Admission
  • Olympus Has Fallen


  • The Croods
  • Love and Honor
  • The Sapphires



  • Come Out And Play
  • Eden


  • Everyone Has A Plan
  • Gimme The Loot
  • InAPPropriate Comedy
  • Starbuck


  • Bob’s New Suit
  • The Happy Poet
  • Hunky Dory
  • Leonie
  • MURPH: The Protector
  • My Brother The Devil
  • New World
  • A Resurrection
  • Silver Circle
  • The We and The I


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