Where was Alexis Bledel five seasons ago? There I was, diligently working my way through Season Five of “Mad Men,” and out of nowhere, the beautiful thirty-year-old pops up in one of the sexiest and most scandalous roles of the series’ history. She plays Beth Dawes, the seductress of one Peter Campbell, played by actor Vincent Kartheiser, who is now engaged to Ms. Bledel, as of last month (Minnesota represent!). However, we are talking about Pete cheating on his wife, Trudy Campbell, played by the astonishing Alison Brie (of “Community” fame). These are two of the most stunning women to grace the show. Talk about even more reason to hate Pete.

I can certainly admit that these pictures are far sexier than any daydream I could imagine considering Bledel’s previously tame body of work. But sultriness aside, Bledel’s performance is some of the best work of her career. She has finally found something worthy of overshadowing her long stint on the series “Gilmore Girls.” By far, Bledel is one of my favorite parts of “Mad Men” now.

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