THE GREAT GATSBY || May 10th, 2013

GreatGatsby2013-poster Baz Luhrmann’s take on the great American novel “The Great Gatsby” is not only visually enthralling, but delivers some of the best performances so far this year, including an impossible-to-beat presence of Leonardo DiCaprio. Carey Mulligan also steals the show, with a beauty beyond what you imagine Daisy to be. Although I have yet to finish the novel for the first time, the first third of film was on par with bringing the novel to life in a new and exciting way. Not very often do I utter these words, but I may have to see this film again in 3D.
Peeples-poster Despite carrying the “Tyler Perry presents” brand, “Peeples” still looks like an enjoyable romantic comedy with a fresh new take on the “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” storyline. Craig Robinson takes his first heartfelt role and runs with it. Also, using the B.O.B. song “So Good” in their ads is a step in the right direction. David Alan Grier and Kerry Washington round out the notable cast and this otherwise mediocre film is given new life.
VenusAndSerena-poster If I were to watch a documentary about the Williams sisters, “Venus and Serena” would be the one. That being said, I feel like I found out all I wanted to know about their rise to stardom from the trailer and have no further desire to learn anymore. But the production quality of the film looks fantastic.

Aftershock-poster Kudos to Eli Roth, for starring in “Aftershock”. He’s a fantastic actor with a great look and should be involved in more. However, I am slightly bitter that a gore fest film like this one gets shown, regardless of how many earthquakes take lives every week, but a theater shooting occurs once and a film like “Gangster Squad” is changed forever. “Aftershock” is a reason to watch people get killed, brutalized, and mutilated. I have no desire to see any of that. PASS
AndNowAWordFromOurSponsor-poster Parker Posey is making her rounds in the independent world lately, first with IFC’s “Price Check” and now “And Now A Word From Our Sponsor”. Bruce Greenwood stars as an ad executive who winds up in a hospital and only speaks in ads, for what appears to be the entire film. As different and unique a premise that this is, it just isn’t pulling me in strong enough to really care.
AssaultOnWallStreet-poster I get that men on Wall Street are made out to be bad men, and for the most part, they probably are, but a film that makes the murderer of these men into a hero is at least a minor portion to blame for shootings that occur in our society. And again, films like this get made but “Gangster Squad” is forced to change one scene in its film. “Assault on Wall Street” glamorizes murder and even jokes about it. I will not endorse that. PASS
Erased-poster Aaron Eckhardt takes on his form of “Taken” when his life is turned upside down after all his work and co-workers vanish one day. What apparently unravels is a conspiracy against him and he goes on the run with daughter. For an independent action film, “Erased” ranks higher than most. And having Olga Kurylenko play the female operative going after Eckhardt is a nice change of pace. However, this clocks in as a mid-level action thriller at best. 25% MAYBE
HesWayMoreFamousThanYou-poster Comedies that try too hard are not appealing and “He’s Way More Famous Than You” is trying way too hard. Thumbs up for getting some well-known celebrities and being self-aware, but the lead in this film, Halley Feiffer, is too obnoxious for this trailer let alone an entire film. After completely writing this film off, I read the actual premise and even that makes it seem better than it is, not to mention Ben Stiller and Jesse Eisenberg star in this film, but not even remotely mentioned in the trailer. 25% MAYBE
JavaHeat-poster Mickey Rourke, what has become of you? Do not let the passing of time drive you into low grade action films like “Java Heat”. You were once an Academy Award nominated actor and were even a respectable villain in both “Iron Man 2” and “Immortals”. Do not lose sight of that. “Java Heat” looks like a dud.
NoOneLives-poster How did “No One Lives” get Luke Evans and Adelaide Clemens? Likely funded by WWE Studios, with the involvement of one of the worst line deliveries in a trailer from wrestler Brodius Clay, this is reminiscent of “See No Evil” and at least that had Kane, a respectable WWE superstar. There’s a shift in this trailer that I didn’t quite understand and somehow I feel like I’ll never understand, and I’m alright with that.
OneTrackHeart-poster Zeitgeist produces another one. And yet again I have no attachment to this subject matter, nor do I even really understand which person in this trailer the film is actually about, as they show several pictures of people while referencing the subject matter.
ThePainting-poster “The Painting” was under consideration for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature but never made the final cut. Now seeing the trailer, I am impressed by the animation, but also realize there’s not much about this film that would get me to see it.
Sightseers-poster As darkly humorous as this film appears, “Sightseers” is just not my type of comedy. Produced by Edgar Wright, had this been a bigger picture with bigger stars I could have given it some leeway. But since it is an independent film with independent levels actors, I am taken out of the moment.
StoriesWeTell-poster Having seen this trailer in theaters, I opted not to view it again, but from what I remember, Sarah Polley directs this personal documentary about her mother and her own origin story, told to her through interviews of family and friends. With no actual through line, I question what this film is really about and do not care to sit through an entire film to find out.
WhiteFrog-poster What a completely average trailer, setting up the “perfect” family and then shifting the run-of-the-mill gears. “White Frog” feels a little too melodramatic and piles on element after element to try and get you to feel something. They were best friends, then one died, and the remaining friend is a loner, with Aspergers Syndrome. I couldn’t even watch the entire trailer, for how much emotion they were trying to force feed me.


  • The Great Gatsby (2013)


  • Peeples




  • Erased
  • He’s Way More Famous Than You


  • Aftershock
  • And Now A Word From Our Sponsor
  • Assault On Wall Street
  • Java Heat
  • No One Lives
  • One Track Heart: The Story Of Krishna Das
  • The Painting
  • Sightseers
  • Stories We Tell
  • Venus And Serena
  • White Frog


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