StarTrekIntoDarkness-poster Relentlessly masterful, “Star Trek Into Darkness” is a smart-man’s sequel, as it strongly develops existing relationships while still introducing new and fresh faces into the mix. Pine and Quinto rival the pairing of Shatner and Nimoy. Benedict Cumberbatch delivers a career-making performance, as John Harrison, becoming one of the best villains in a franchise, ever. “Star Trek Into Darkness” is not only one of the best films of the year, but one of the best science fiction films in recent memory.

33Postcards-poster As much as I love Guy Pearce, “33 Postcards” does not look to be his best work. Much along the lines of a family film with an almost religious feel, had the trailer depicted it slightly darker instead of choirs singing and the always smiling Zhy Lin, this might have been a “maybe” in my book. But even Pearce’s presence isn’t enough to save it.
Augustine-poster The subject of or at least what was once considered “hysteria” has been a blossoming subject matters in film as of late (pardon the pun). “Hysteria” starring Hugh Dancy and Maggie Gyllenhaal (and my favorite, Felicity Jones), came out in the U.S. in 2012 covering the same subject in the same time period. Now, the French film “Augustine” focuses on one girl and one doctor, and the studying of a sexual awakening. I neither care much for the subject nor connect with the cast to partake. PASS
Bidder70-poster Nowadays, with activism documentaries coming out in troves, it takes quite a bit to get me interested in seeing any of them. Sadly, last year, I feel the only documentaries I screened were either during the Oscar challenge or ones that were highly advised to me by friends and colleagues. “Bidder 70” is about a civil disobedience case that went to federal trial. The trailer is just vague enough to keep me asking questions and just entertaining enough to peak my interest. 50% PROBABLY
BlackRock-poster Go girl power! Again, “Black Rock” contains an actress I normally enjoy in Kate Bosworth and another, Lake Bell, who I feel I should know better but don’t, but regardless, this looks terrible. The motives are loose, the tone isn’t quite dark enough, and this film can’t stick to one genre, even in the trailer. I’ll have to get to know Lake Bell somewhere else.
Elemental-poster There’s a rising tide of global warming and environmental crisis films and they leave me with mixed feelings. Mainly because I have strong, deep-rooted feelings about this topic and the immensity of these problems on a global scale and the blind eye that is turned to them make me feel miniscule. “Elemental” does look interesting as it visits three continents with three stories. Often, I become overwhelmed because I feel like there’s nothing I or anyone can do now, but this film seems to even offer up one small solution from one man. 25% MIGHT CATCH
EnglishTeacher-poster Great cast. Great Indie feel. Great story. Great trailer. Talk about hitting the nail on the head. This trailer is perfect for this film, feeling much like “Little Miss Sunshine”, which also starred Greg Kinnear. Julianne Moore is on fire with her acting streak lately and this looks to continue that. Nathan Lane sounds perfect in his role and I am a fast growing fan of both Michael Angarano and Lily Collins, so this film is a definite, must-see. RENTAL
Escape-poster Points for an awesome promotional poster and an action packed trailer, but the foreign film “Escape” is first of completely displayed by the wonderful trailer, leaving nothing to the imagination. Also, there’s no intricacy to the plot, which involves a young girl being captured and then escaping with a young boy while being chased by the original captors. Feels like what could be a single episode storyline in “Game Of Thrones”. PASS
FrancesHa-poster In their second collaboration in a row, director Noah Baumbach and actress Greta Gerwig co-write this black-and-white drama-slash-comedy and produce what looks to be Baumbach’s most entertaining film yet. Having enjoyed “The Squid and the Whale” and “Greenberg”, “Frances Ha” looks to continue that awkward sensibility between characters with several humorous interactions in the trailer. I question why black-and-white?
Pieta-poster “Pieta” won the Golden Lion at the 2012 Venice Film Festival, which is its highest prize. With plenty of critics’ descriptors and some tortured and dark imagery in the trailer, you get a good idea what you’re in for with this film about a twisted man and his long-lost mother. However, until there’s enough information to sweep me into this film, I will pass.
1 SHEET MASTER_Template.qxd Not having cable and rarely reading newspapers, I chuckle at the thought that with each passing week I’m learning more about current events through documentary trailers than anywhere else. “State 194” brings up Palestine and the status of its joining of the United Nations. The trailer did prompt me to head straight to LA Weekly’s website and read an article on the film and the news worthy bits there-in, but I will likely not be seeing this film.


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