PRISONERS || September 22nd, 2013

EnoughSaid-poster Basically the main reason for eventually seeing this is to see James Gandolfini in one of his last roles. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss also stars, playing the leading lady looking for love late in her life. When she meets James, she thinks she’s found it, until she finds out one of her clients is James’ ex-wife and begins to here all the nasty details about him. Not necessarily my cup of tea but James was a great actor and I might just have to support him.
Prisoners-poster What can only be described as an epic, slow burn thriller, “Prisoners” is a direct descendant of the dark worlds shaped by director David Fincher. With drained color and constant dreariness in every scene, the films tone is off the charts. The drizzling rain and stormy days may seem somewhat heavy handed, but these choices suck you into this world and drain the hope right out of you.

BattleOfTheYear-poster When will they quit making dance movies and why is Josh Peck in this movie? “Battle Of The Year” has been ready to release for over a year. I know so because I saw the trailer and the advertisements in theaters over a year ago and heard nothing of it since. Was it because they were waiting for the smoke to clear from the last bombed dance movie, “Step Up 4: Revolution” or were they attempting to make the film better? Either way, they should have just let it lie.
COG-poster Apart from not knowing who David Sedaris is, to which the trailer never explains, “C.O.G.” looks like a very humorous adventure of an educated man looking to “get his hands dirty”. Picking apples in an orchard, David is faced with some uncomfortable situations and finds the humorous side of life, spitting up apples and being berated with the concept of God.
Colony-poster Nine times out of ten I would pass on a film like “The Colony” because it’s hokey and low budget. But this isn’t necessarily the case with this film, as the graphics in the outdoor scenes look impeccable for a movie of its kind. Lead by Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton, this cannibalistic thriller doesn’t scream excitement, but it looks good enough to be watchable. What’s with Fishburne’s draw to cannibal stories?
GenerationIron-poster The trailer for “Generation Iron” is a bit of a mess, with a tacked on ending that distracts and no narration from the narrator of the film, Mickey Rourke. Delving into the world of bodybuilding and the best in the world, it’s strange to see men with muscles like this. Taking a look at the competitive side and the use of steroids, it’s interesting but not enough to spend an hour and a half focusing on it.
IpManTheFinalFight-poster If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a slight obsession with Ip Man over the past few years. Notoriously the mentor to Bruce Lee, I can’t help but wonder if these films are meant to “true stories” because they’re most certainly not. “Ip Man: The Final Fight” sees him training yet again, but what sets this apart from all the other Ip Man films?
ISpitOnYourGrave2-poster Not really remembering the first film, I may have to rewatch it before I decide whether to give sequel revenge flick “I Spit On Your Grave 2” a chance. First impressions I would say no, as it delves into torture porn and rape, but depending on whether I remember the first film fondly will greatly affect my decision.
Jewtopia-poster Jennifer Love Hewitt is gorgeous. Put her in any movie and I will be slightly interested in seeing it, regardless of quality. In the age-old tale of a man lying to a woman to get her interested in him, “Jewtopia” apparently takes the “smash hit” off-Broadway play and brings it to the big screen. The film’s getting terrible reviews and probably should have been a straight-to-DVD release, but if I can get lost in Hewitt’s eyes for any amount of time, I’m somewhat sold.
MyLuckyStar-poster Zhang Ziyi’s great and all, but not enough to make “My Lucky Star” look anymore enjoyable than a lighthearted romp in strange comedy. The cinematography is above average but again, what are we actually getting out of the action-adventure comedy?
Newlyweeds-poster “Newlyweeds” is about a couple trying to get away to the Galapagos, but do so by raising money selling marijuana. A sign of the times and the lower class, I’m not sure the tone of the film and with no real star power present, this is a Sundance selected film I will not be taking part in.
PlusOne-poster What a strange and exciting premise. What if while you were at a party, an asteroid hit the Earth and caused everyone to go back in time, but also left another version of you in current time… confused? “Plus One” is an impressive trailer. At first, I saw the film going the stalker route, but when it becomes a science fiction piece about doppelgangers and making it through the night without running into your clone, the film takes on an entirely new and exciting direction.
ShortGame-poster Seeing these kids play golf is intimidating, but also entertaining, as they really are just little adults. With a maturity that comes from a determination for winning, “The Short Game” highlights these best in the world athletes has they compete in one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, all while saying the darndest thing.
SingleShot-poster Sam Rockwell is one of those actors that I would follow blindly into almost any film because he’s proven time and time again that he’s an amazing performer and brings something special to the table with every film he does. “A Single Shot” sees him as a hunter who accidentally kills a woman hiding out in the woods with a box full of money. What he then enters into is the thriller that follows.
ThanksForSharing-poster Studying the world of sex addicts in this romantic comedy titled “Thanks For Sharing”, its amazing how little I actually heard about this film until a few weeks ago. Starring Mark Ruffalo in the lead role and a sexy, seductive Claire Danes playing the refreshingly open female protagonist, along with singer Pink’s debut, the film as a whole looks stunted, but there will probably be some humor and sincerity throughout.
Weekender-poster Thirty seconds into the trailer of “Weekender” and I couldn’t take it anymore. They’re British, they’re throwing a rave to make money, and to be completely honest, I could give a shit less.
Zaytoun-poster Unable to hold my interest in simply the trailer, “Zaytoun” does not win me over. Stephen Dorff can be great at times, but this does not seem to be one of those times unfortunately.


  • Prisoners
  • Thanks For Sharing


  • A Single Shot


  • C.O.G.
  • Plus One



  • The Colony
  • Enough Said
  • Jewtopia
  • The Short Game


  • Battle Of The Year
  • Generation Iron
  • Ip Man: The Final Fight
  • I Spit On Your Grave 2
  • My Lucky Star
  • Newlyweeds
  • Weekender
  • Zaytoun



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