Release Date
October 4, 2013
Alfonso Cuarón
Alfonso Cuarón
Jonás Cuarón
Cinematography By
Emmanuel Lubezki
Distributed By
Warner Bros. Pictures
$100 million
Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
Rated PG-13 for intense perilous sequences, some disturbing images and brief strong language
91 minutes


“Gravity” is many things, all of which are outstanding, to say the least. “Gravity” is the best use of 3D to date, dealing on a layer of superb cinematography and directorial forethought to allow for things such as an extremely long take to open the film. “Gravity” produces the best performance of Sandra Bullock’s career, as Dr. Ryan Stone, a doctor and astronaut brought along to help fix the communication board of the Hubble telescope. You may think of the structure of “Gravity” as “Open Water” in space, where Dr. Stone and fellow experienced astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) are eventually stranded in orbit around the Earth with nothing but their suits, ship and telescope wreckage, each others’ company, and amazing views. “Gravity” leaves you breathless, with stunning visual effects and an eye for shot composition that is truly exquisite, not to mention the tireless situations Dr. Stone faces, which eventually might as well be called “Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong In Space”. “Gravity” must be seen on the big screen to be believed, as it will lose a layer of grandeur when released on home video, with elements of the awe-inspiring views and utterly perfect sound design being lost in the theater atmosphere. Long takes and close-ups are my bread and butter, bringing unbeatable delight when used often and effectively and “Gravity” holds on even until the very end, capturing as essence to film-making that is very rarely seen. Alfonso Cuarón proves to be an auteur when it comes to cinema, bringing to life worlds that leave lasting impacts on the viewers and hopefully with “Gravity” he will be rightfully rewarded.



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  1. Good review. Not the best script out there, but as for the visuals, well, it’s a totally different ball-game. Some of the most beautiful and realistic ones I’ve seen since Avatar, which is saying a lot.

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