FROZEN || November 29th, 2013

BlackNativity-poster On one hand you have Jennifer Hudson, Forrest Whittaker, and Tyrese Gibson. On the other hand, you have an all African American cast in a “musical event” titled “Black Nativity”. Christmas films aren’t really packing a punch this year and with a Madea Christmas film just around the corner, things aren’t looking up.
Frozen-poster Entering the annals of the Disney collection, “Frozen” takes the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Snow Queen” and gives it the classic Disney touch. Working in its favor are the strong female characters in Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) as they sing and dance their way through Elsa’s unwanted ability to freeze things. However, the pacing of the film was a bit bothersome, as it flies through the different set pieces with little to no regard.
MandelaLongWalkToFreedom-poster2 Idris Elba is destined for great things and hopefully “Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom” is the first step in that direction, landing his first role that could grab him Oscar attention. Based on South African President Nelson Mandela, the film follows his early life before presidency and his 27 year stint in prison. Elba is a force to be reckoned with and next to Naomie Harris, whose turn in “Skyfall” started her on the path to great things, I am looking forward to this film.
Oldboy-poster Nowhere near the masterpiece that is Park Chan-wook’s “Oldboy”, Spike Lee gives an admirable attempt at bringing the 2003 cult classic to life in American cinemas. The element of “Oldboy” that I appreciated most was the casting, especially Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, and even Samuel L. Jackson. With a strong cast covering up many of the flaws of the remake, Spike Lee’s venture into this story is at least more enjoyable that I had anticipated.

PunkSinger-poster Continuing the ongoing series of making documentaries about every living human being in existence, “The Punk Singer” takes a look at Kathleen Hanna, the lead singer for the punk rock band I’ve never heard of called Bikini Kill. Opening the feminist door during the era of Nirvana and grunge rock, the film explores this with interviews of the ladies involved and the people that knew them.

CaughtInTheWeb-poster “Caught In The Web” is a foreign thriller, which, if I’m interpreting the trailer correctly involves a woman’s information being posted on the internet and the hell in her life that follows. With zero connection to the material or the actors, I have zero interest in this film.
Homefront-poster With the feel of almost every other Jason Statham action film I’ve ever seen, the thing that sets “Homefront” apart is the stellar cast, including James Franco as the meth dealer villain, Kate Bosworth, and Winona Ryder, all playing against type. Leading to a home invasion film, I have complete faith in this cast to pull off a better than average action film.
JourneyToTheSouthPacific-poster As a special IMAX event, “Journey to the South Pacific” is a nature documentary that seemingly has been done before and probably much better.
StrongBlackWoman-poster What in the hell is this? Watch the traler for “Strong Black Woman” and you’ll see a miserable young woman sulking and yelling at her boyfriend, on the verge of causing a vehicular accident, and for some reason she’s presented as the hero/protagonist of the film. Good lord. Focusing more on the nobody cast throughout the trailer than the horrible scenes inside cars and clubs, this film can only be described as dismal.
ToxicHotSeat-poster HBO is becoming more known for documentaries than anyone else. With many of these films garnering Oscar attention every year, “Toxic Hot Seat” is yet another documentary that could be considered. Focusing on the threat of chemical flame retardants in our couches and other furniture, those who care to look into the chemicals find out they’re harmful and being passed on through things like breast milk. I feel like I’ve learned most of what I’d like to from the trailer, but am grateful for HBO’s continued work in documentaries.


  • Frozen
  • Oldboy


  • Homefront


  • Mandela: A Long Walk To Freedom




  • Black Nativity
  • Caught In The Web
  • Journey To The South Pacific
  • The Punk Singer
  • Toxic Hot Seat


  • Strong Black Woman

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