ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES || December 20th, 2013

Anchorman2-poster2 Not quite capturing the magic that was the original “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”, the sequel, “The Legend Continues” takes the next logical step in the progression of news reporting and steps into the world of the 24 hour news. Will Ferrell does little to improve his stint as Ron Burgundy, but continues in enough fashion and hilarious ignorance to keep the audience wanting more.

Her-poster I have never smiled so much or felt so much emotion during a film this year than I did with “Her”. Feeling the presence of a smile while you’re watching a film is a rare thing, at least for me. The immense glow of emotion coming from this film is brought on, not just by the lavish performances, but by the eclectic score from Arcade Fire and the otherworldly qualities of the cinematography from Hoyte van Hoytema. Spike Jonze delivers one of the best films of the year.
ThePast-poster From Academy Award winning director Asghar Farhadi (“A Separation”) and Academy Award nominated Bérénice Bejo (“The Artist”), the new film “The Past” is set up much next to reality like Farhadi’s previous film, with a divorce in the mix of a family’s turmoil. Described as a dramatic thriller, with those involved there’s definitely interest here.
WalkingWithDinosaurs-poster The eight year old in me would love “Walking With Dinosaurs”, an animated feature bringing to life all different species of dinosaurs on an epic adventure that spans the life of a young triceratops. The fact that it looks more like a Discovery channel special than a feature film is where is loses me as well as adding the voice overs that make the dinosaurs talk. I’ll stick to “Jurassic Park” where dinosaurs act the way I imagine them to act. That or “The Land Before Time”, if I really want to indulge my eight year old self.

AllTheLightInTheSky-poster Following a slowly fading actress in Los Angeles, “All The Light In The Sky” is not my idea of a successful dark comedy. Starring Jane Adams, best known currently for her role on “Hung” plays the aging actress and from what it seems from the trailer and her trainer coaching her that age should be looked at as having experience over getting too old, the film is really hitting niche of 40 year old women that I really have zero part in.
SelfishGiant-poster “The Selfish Giant” looks like an interesting coming of age story of two young boys, one of which is looking to get into trouble. With amazing reviews surrounding it, I am almost convinced to see it. But until I’m pushed further, it hasn’t quite won me over.
WrongCops-poster I’m more than a little creeped out by Marilyn Manson without makeup in a baseball cap. But it wouldn’t be the first time director Quentin Dupieux (Mr. Oizo) has creeped me out with his films including the widely talked about “Rubber” and his follow-up “Wrong”. Now with his quirky ensemble cast of misfits playing really horrible police officers, “Wrong Cops” looks just eccentric enough to be enjoyable.


  • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
  • Her


  • The Past




  • Wrong Cops


  • All The Light In The Sky
  • The Selfish Giant
  • Walking With Dinosaurs


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