ADORE // Bringing new meaning to the Oedipus complex, “Adore” revolves around two best friends who grow up together from a very young age, spending most of their time swimming out to a raft in the stunningly gorgeous Australian seaside. All grown up, Lil and Roz, played by Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, continue their relationship, practically coming off like sisters or even lovers. When Lil’s husband passes away, the two end up living right next to one another, much to the disdain of Roz’s husband, who wants to move the family away from the shores. Also grown up into young men, Ian and Tom are following in the same path as their mothers’ until, in a heat of passion, Ian (Lil’s son) kisses Roz (Tom’s mother) and the two become intimate. Tom finds out and initiates revenge, but its not until Lil finds out about the affair that she becomes involved with Tom. The story progresses as an exploration of sexual and physical desire between different generations. The Oedipus complex comes into the fold as both mothers look very similar to one another and with the boys being the same age, its very striking that they are basically having sex with their mothers. The relationships are forced to stop when Tom meets someone his own age and they get married, which also forces Roz and Ian to break off their arrangement. This doesn’t sit well with anyone and as the film continues, the entire situation becomes even more muddled and complicated than it already was. The story of “Adore” is different enough to captivate, but never really rises above its shock value and drags the relationships out too far, and becomes riddled with melodrama. But with stunning visuals of the ocean and some great performances from the lovely Naomi Watts and the ethereal Robin Wright, the film stays above water enough to land it on its feet. In all honesty, if my best friends mom was Naomi Watts, I would have a hard time not initiating something as well.

[Directed by Anne Fontaine] [R] [100 min] [6 September 2013]   06three-stars


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