Roger A. Deakins

Prisoners-cinematographyThe Oscars wouldn’t be the Oscars without a Best Cinematography nomination for Roger Deakins. “Prisoners”, as you may notice, was nominated for absolutely nothing else, yet someone the enigma that is Deakins proves brighter than even the films that he steps behind the camera for. Nominated an astounding eleven times now, Deakins has notoriously never won despite his exquisite work on some of the best films ever made. The main cinematographer for the Coen Brothers, six of Deakins’ nominations came from working on their films and despite “No Country For Old Men” winning Best Picture in 2007 (and competing against himself in the category with another nomination for Andrew Dominick’s “The Assassination Of Jesse James”) Deakins lost to Robert Elswit for “There Will Be Blood”. This year, sadly, Deakins will not win again, with Emmanuel Lubezki standing a much bigger chance of winning for his work on “Gravity” (sidenote: he also worked with The Coen Brothers on “Burn After Reading”). But Deakins and his cinematography nominations have become a staple at the Oscars and rightfully so, with his work on “Prisoners” truly being some of the best work of the year.

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