THE OTHER WOMAN // If I wanted to see Kate Upton running in a skimpy bikini, I would just Google it. When it comes to most romantic comedies, I can get on board. Despite almost all of these films having the same plot and story structure, there can be a sincerity brought out by stellar actors and actresses. “The Other Woman” is not one of those films. When we meet Cameron Diaz’s character Carly, she has a great job and the perfect boyfriend in Mark, played by “Game Of Thrones” star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. As she considers giving up her philandering for this guy, she drops by his house unexpected, only to find out that he is actually married to the mousy Kate (Leslie Mann), whose suspicions of her husband cheating are finally solidified. Of course, since this is a romantic comedy, the two women become best friends and find out Mark is actually cheating on both of them, to whom they discover the clueless Amber (Kate Upton), the second mistress. And like a busty Russian nesting doll, there is another mistress after that. Together, these women plot to destroy Mark by any means necessary.

As I ponder why this film was even made, a conclusion I keep coming to is that someone thought Kate Upton belonged on the big screen. Although I cannot completely disagree, my response comes from all the wrong reasons. Admittedly, the female camaraderie on-screen is a nice change of pace for this type of film, bringing to mind “John Tucker Must Die”, but with low brow humor and even lower brow performances. Diaz is talented in her own right, and with films like “The Counselor”, she proves just how far she can stretch away from this romantic comedy typecast. Kudos to Leslie Mann, who commits to the role and carries it as best she can, proving she has lasting power outside of her husband’s (Judd Apatow) shadow. Do not let me forget that pop star Nicki Minaj is also in the film for some reason or another, proving to be a worse actress than even Kate Upton. When it comes down to it, however, this really does feel like a vehicle to launch Upton and what a sad attempt at that, complete with cardboard acting and monotonous deliveries, as she relies on her adorable looks and banging body. Perhaps the female revenge comedy appeals more to women, but for the boyfriends or husbands being dragged to “The Other Woman”, I am completely apologetic. Now if you will excuse me, I have some Googling to do.

[Directed by Nick Cassavetes] [PG-13] [109 min] [25 April 2014]    04two-stars


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