Imagine for a second that you are filming the scene from “Interstellar” where the crew of the Endurance lands on the tidal wave planet. Just to state the completely obvious, the tidal wave planet is not a real place. Therefore, if you are filming this scene, you’re likely in a body of water somewhere, where recording sound will not prove fruitful in terms of creating a realistic other world that no one’s ever experience before. Also, unless the actors have mics in their spacesuits, you are probably planning to have them re-read their lines later as ADR.

Now, imagine the footage is edited together and handed to you, the sound editor. The tidal wave scene is most likely cut fairly close to the way the director and editor want it and a very basic layout of on-set recording is probably at your disposal. Don’t worry, Hans Zimmer will have the score done weeks later, so for now, it is up to you to fill in the remaining sounds. That means that giant tidal wave that was added through visual effects needs an appropriate amount of gusto to come across as massive as it is. That means that the ADR the cast recorded needs to be synched up properly or re-recorded. Foley needs to be created to fill in gaps, with splashes and robot movements all creating their own little audible moments. A sound editors job can probably feel overwhelming, especially on a massive project like “Interstellar,” where 90% of the scene must be filled in with sound.

Richard King is credited as the Sound Editor for “Interstellar” with four previous nominations, including two wins for his work on two of Nolan’s other films “The Dark Knight” (2008) and “Inception” (2010).

What’s its competition? With two wins as Nolan’s sound editor, Richard King could bring home a third, as “Interstellar” has just as good a shot as any to take home this award. I do not have the numbers to back up my claim, but I do feel like films that end up taking the Best Visual Effects Award usually take home at least one of the Sound awards as well, as they do go somewhat hand in hand. What could make this a slightly more competitive year is the box office and critical success of “American Sniper,” which, among its other nominations, includes Best Picture. For that, there is no telling what else this war film could clean up.

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// Produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan, and Lynda Obst // Directed by Christopher Nolan //
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