SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING || Young Peter Parker is coming to the MCU. Unfortunately, the trailer that was released enters the annals of advertising that give away way too much of the movie. In fact, so many conflicts are wrapped up, I seriously have to wonder what really is left for the film, besides what happens to Michael Keaton’s Vulture in the end.

Alongside Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, who acts as Parker’s mentor, Tom Holland (The Impossible & In The Heart Of The Sea) enters the role of Spider-Man, much younger than his predecessors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, and for the better, fitting the high school age persona much better than the aforementioned. Holland did decently in his cameo in Captain America: Civil War, but appearing in ten minutes of a feature and being the central character in your own feature are two very different things.

Overall, I am happy to see Marvel being allowed to use Spider-Man, who is a property owned by Sony Pictures and being “lent” to Marvel in order to reclaim some money after the failed The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It has also been announced that a non-connected, horror version of Venom will be churning in pre-production at Sony Picture as well. Building worlds around non-Spider-Man entities in that world is a smart move if you ask me. After the success of Marvel in finding genre pictures to attach to their superheroes, it should work just as well for Sony Pictures to find their footing in this realm as well.

From what the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer tells us, Tony Stark has asked Parker not to be a superhero and to remain a “friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man,” but when he disobeys him, Tony takes back the high tech Spider-Man suit that Parker is lending out to his friend. But as always, the call to help is strong in Peter Parker and he makes his own suit and continues the work, facing off against Keaton/Vulture. Vulture is apparently apart of the Damage Control from the comics, a post-superhero battle clean-up company formed by Tony Stark. Director Jon Watts (Clown & Cop Car) has discussed the ideas behind this:

You also wonder after all those huge messes are made, who’s sent in to clean up? Is it the normal people who would be hired to do something like that? Does it become a government operation? Is it dangerous? What do you do with all the alien body parts that you find? I really like asking those practical questions about this world, and then using that to drive the story.”

as has Keaton himself, who said Vulture aka Adrian Toomes was “interesting to play” and would not be completely villainous, saying:

“there’s parts of him that you go, ‘You know what? I might see his point.'”

The trailer simply shows too much, resolving the boat issue with the help of Iron Man, setting up the dynamic of Tony not backing Peter’s decisions and ultimately leaving him alone, and showing far too much of the exchanges between Spider-Man and Vulture. Less is more in most cases, and this definitely would have been the case. With Spider-Man being one of my all-time favorite superheroes, I’ll see this film regardless, but this latest trailer leaves me a little disheartened.

Release Date: July 7, 2017
Directed By: Jon Watts
Studio: Marvel / Sony Pictures

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