As with most years, the front-runner for Best Animated Short is Pixar’s “Lou,” which played before “Cars 3” and addressed bullying on the playground. A few others I feel have a good chance are “Dear Basketball,” “Garden Party,” and “In A Heartbeat” as it looks like they are out of the box animations with some interesting subject matter.

  • “Cradle” – Devon Manney (University of Southern California)
  • “Dear Basketball” – Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant(Glen Keane Productions)
  • “Fox and the Whale” – Robin Joseph (Robin Joseph)
  • “Garden Party” – Victor Caire and Gabriel Grapperon (MOPA)
  • “In a Heartbeat” – Esteban Bravo and Beth David (Ringling College of Art and Design)
  • “Life Smartphone” – Chenglin Xie (China Central Academy of Fine Arts)
  • “Lost Property Office” – Daniel Agdag and Liz Kearney (8th in Line)
  • “Lou” – Dave Mullins and Dana Murray (Pixar Animation Studios)
  • “Negative Space” – Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata (Ikki Films)
  • “Revolting Rhymes” – Jakob Schuh and Jan Lachauer (Magic Light Pictures)


  1. “Lou” (because it’s Pixar)
  2. “In A Heartbeat” (I believe the subject matter of a young closeted homosexual boy will be enough to push this one into the limelight)
  3. “Dear Basketball” (because the animation looks great and Kobe Bryant is involved)
  4. “Fox and the Whale (seems like the sort of thing the Academy usually votes for)
  5. “Garden Party” (the still frames on this alone look intriguing)

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