This week, Honest Trailers features Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver” which features “2017’s cheapest Halloween costume” in Ansel Elgort wearing sunglasses and a jacket. However, they justly point out that wearing the same get-up before, during, and after a heist is a good way to get caught in addition to not wearing gloves, not wiping down fingerprints, and telling your code name to the Starbucks barista. The trailer draws comparisons to Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive,” which features a “mostly silent heartthrob wearing a jacket.”

In true Honest Trailer form, they boil down the film to a few elements, like choreographed gun play, money stacking, and “scene after scene of white boy dancing,” which they then painfully point out by showing all the dancing as Jon Bailey begs Baby to stop in the most hilarious way. The highlight of this week’s Honest Trailer is the description of Kevin Spacey and why he’s so much creepier in the film thanks to the post-film scandal. They then opt to replace his face with Christopher Plummer’s ala “All The Money In The World” and Ridley Scott’s decision to replace Spacey with Plummer following the scandal. The rest of the trailer, if Spacey is in a shot, Plummer’s face is over it, even if he’s speaking.

One of my favorite lines of the trailer is: “So if you’re too much of a hipster to like ‘Fast and the Furious’, enjoy Edgar Wright’s cool low-fi car flick that was his highest performer at the box office to date, even though he doesn’t even drive a single baby.” The highlight names in the cast run are Jon Hamm’s “Drift Draper,” Jamie Foxx’s “He Take My Money and Drive With Speed” sung to “Gold Digger,” Jon Bernthal’s “Punisher: Tow-Away Zone,” and last but not least, “The Baby From ‘American Sniper'” pointing out the fact that the baby the mom pulls out of the car is definitely fake.

Honest Trailer Title

Official Synopsis: You’ve been obsessed with what Edgar Wright hasn’t made, now how about something he’s obsessed about for 22 years – it’s Baby Driver!

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