March 11, 1929 – May 11, 1994 (age 65)
Cause of Death: Stroke

Currently working my way through director Stanley Kubrick’s body of work, one face resonated with me as the unsung hero of his day. In both the films he did for Kubrick, “The Killing” (1956) and “Paths Of Glory” (1957), his scene-stealing characters are highlights of the film and instantly make you wonder, who was this guy and why hadn’t I ever heard of him? Reading about some of the behind-the-scenes antics on “Paths Of Glory” involving exhaustive takes and an alleged fake kidnapping could explain why he may not have been the star he should have been, but those two performances alone make him someone I will always remember. Apart from Kubrick’s two films, Carey would land roles in “East Of Eden” (1955), “One-Eyed Jacks” (1961), and even auditioned for a role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs,” to which Tarantino dedicated the film to him, among others. Although he passed in 1994, twenty-four years later I’m seeing his work for the first time and cannot overstate how much I appreciate his performances in those films, proving that although he has been missed, his legacy does live on forever.


1951 Ace in the Hole Construction Worker (uncredited)
1951 Across the Wide Missouri Baptiste DuNord (uncredited)
1952 Hellgate
Wyand (uncredited)
1952 Bloodhounds of Broadway Crockett Pace (uncredited)
1953 White Witch Doctor Jarrett
1953 Crime Wave
Johnny Haslett (uncredited)
1953 The Wild One
Chino’s Boy #1 (uncredited)
1954 Alaska Seas Wycoff
1955 East Of Eden
Joe (uncredited)
1955 Finger Man
Lou Terpe
1955 Francis In The Navy
Auctioneer’s Helper (uncredited)
1955 I’ll Cry Tomorrow
Derelict (uncredited)
1956 The Killing
Nikki Arcane
1956 Francis in the Haunted House Hugo
1956 The Last Wagon
Cole Harper (uncredited)
1956 Flight to Hong Kong Lagarto
1956 Naked Gun
1956 Rumble on the Docks Frank Mangus
1957 Chain of Evidence Carl Fowler
1957 Bayou
1957 House of Numbers Frenchy – Arnie’s Cell Mate (uncredited)
1957 Paths Of Glory
Pvt. Maurice Ferol
1958 Unwed Mother Doctor
1958 Revolt in the Big House Ed ‘Bugsy’ Kyle
1959 The Gunfight at Dodge City Forbes, Regan’s Deputy (uncredited)
1960 The Boy and the Pirates Morgan
1961 One-Eyed Jacks Howard Tetley
1961 The Second Time Around Bonner
1962 The World’s Greatest Sinner Clarence Hilliard (also Director)
1962 Mermaids of Tiburon Milo Sangster
1962 Convicts 4
1964 Shock Treatment
Hulking Patient (uncredited)
1964 Bikini Beach
South Dakota Slim
1964 Rio Conchos Chico (uncredited)
1965 Beach Blanket Bingo South Dakota Slim
1966 Duel at Diablo Deputy Clem (uncredited)
1967 A Time for Killing Billy Cat
1967 Waterhole #3 Hilb
1968 Head Lord High ‘n Low
1969 Change Of Habit
Ajax Market Manager (uncredited)
1971 What’s the Matter with Helen? The Tramp
1971 Minnie and Moskowitz Morgan Morgan
1972 Get To Know Your Rabbit
Policeman (uncredited)
1972 Tarzana (short) Old War Buddy Benny
1973 The Outfit Jake Menner
1975 Peeper Sid
1976 The Killing of a Chinese Bookie Flo
1976 Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy Vincent
1977 Speedtrap Loomis
1979 Hard Knocks n/a
1979 Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena Tweet Twig (also Director)
1982 Fast-Walking Bullet
1983 D.C. Cab
Angel Of Death
1985 Echo Park Vinnie
1990 The Devil’s Gas (short) Professor Petro


1952 Chevron Theatre *unconfirmed* Episode: “The Survey Man”
1952 Invitation Playhouse:
Mind Over Murder
*unconfirmed* Episode: “The Last Act”
1952 Racket Squad Frankie Episode: “The Long Shot”
1952-1953 Cowboy G-Men *Multiple* 6 Episodes
1953 Death Valley Days Johnny Episode: “Cynthy’s Dream Dress”
1954 Hopalong Cassidy Dan Warner Episode: “Grubstake”
1956 The Sheriff of Cochise Stark Episode: “The Great Train Robbery”
1958 Alcoa Theatre Jonas Episode: “The Town Budget”
1958-1966 Gunsmoke Charles ‘Buster’ Rilla / Tiller Evans 2 Episodes
1959 The Untouchables Loxie Episode: “Ain’t We Got Fun”
1965 Profiles in Courage Hartwick Episode: “Andrew Johnson”
1965 Rawhide Ed Walker / Carl Hatcher 2 Episodes
1966 The Big Valley Preacher Clegg Episode: “Teacher Of Outlaws”
1967 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Stefan Episode: “The Deadly Quest Affair”
1968 Cowboy in Africa Mike O’Neill Episode: “The Red Hand of Michael O’Neill”
1968 Cimarron Strip Lobo Episode: “Big Jessie”
1968 The Outsider Max Episode: “For Members Only”
1968-1970 Daniel Boone Wibberly / Lute Purdy 2 Episodes
1968-1970 The Name Of The Game
Desert Rat / Jules Forel 2 Episodes
1969 Mannix Moose Rasmussen Episode: “Odds Against Donald Jordan”
1969 The Virginian Zach Ontro Episode: “Home to Methuselah”
1970 It Takes a Thief Art Episode: “Fortune City”
1971-1976 Columbo Bert / Tony 3 Episodes
1972 McCloud Apartment Manager Episode: “Fifth Man in a String Quartet”
1973 The Bait Big Mike Television movie
1974 Toma Lenahan Episode: “A Funeral for Max Berlin”
1975 Kung Fu Bix Courtney Episode: “Ambush”
1975-1978 Baretta *Multiple* 4 Episodes
1976 Ellery Queen Jay Bonner Episode: “The Adventure of Caesar’s Last Sleep”
1977 Starsky and Hutch Danny Episode: “The Velvet Jungle”
1977 Charlie’s Angels
Arabian Group Leader / Burt 2 Episodes
1978 Fiore Fiore Reid (also Director) Television movie
1979 Supertrain Anderson Episode: “Superstar”
1980 CHiPs Solkin Episode: “Kidnap”
1980 Nightside Slowboy Television movie
1980 Tenspeed and Brown Shoe Obituary Bob Episode: “The Treasure of Sierra Madre Street”
1981 East Of Eden Preacher Television mini-series
1981-1982 The Greatest American Hero Blanchard / Cameron 2 Episodes
1983 Likely Stories, Vol. 2 Gynecologist Television movie
1984 The New Mike Hammer Kenny the Knife 2 Episodes
1986 Airwolf Paul McClelland, the Cat Man Episode: “Tracks”

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