Warner Bros. | 2018 | 128 min | Rated PG-13

Official Synopsis: In 1985, Russian boxer Ivan Drago killed former U.S. champion Apollo Creed in a tragic match that stunned the world. Against the wishes of trainer Rocky Balboa, Apollo’s son and current champ Adonis Creed accepts a challenge from Drago’s son — another dangerous fighter. Under guidance from Rocky, Adonis trains for the showdown of his life — a date with destiny that soon becomes his obsession. Now, Creed and Balboa must confront their shared legacy as the past comes back to haunt each man

  • Fathers & Sons
  • Casting Viktor Drago
  • The Women of CREED II
  • The Rocky Legacy
  • Deleted Scenes


Lionsgate Films | 2018 | Season 4 | 730 min | Not rated

Official Synopsis: In Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead, the world of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and her family collides as they encounter Morgan Jones (Lennie James, The Walking Dead). Together they find themselves struggling with uncertainty and discovery as they meet new friends, foes and threats. They fight for each other, against each other and against a legion of the dead to somehow build an existence against the crushing pressure of lives coming apart. Includes all 16 episodes.

  • Farewell
  • Inside the Episodes
  • Making Of: Behind The Episodes
  • The Minds Behind Fear The Walking Dead
  • On set with: Colman Domingo, Garrett Dillahunt, Maggie Grace and Jenna Elfman
  • Cast on Crew: VFX, Costumes, Props


Lionsgate Films | 2018 | 103 min | Rated R

Official Synopsis: When Holly Burn’s (Julia Roberts) son Ben (Lucas Hedges) appears at the family home one Christmas eve she is pleased to see him but also frightened of the danger that follows him. She allows him to stay one day after he professes his sobriety thanks to his program. Everyone is dubious about his return including his father Neal (Courtney B. Vance ), and sister Ivy (Kathryn Newton) particularly after their house is broken into and the family dog disappears, in this story about familial love and addiction. Written and directed by Peter Hedges.

  • Audio commentary with writer-director Peter Hedges
  • Photo gallery

20th Century Fox | 2018 | 119 min | Rated R

Official Synopsis: In 18th century England, the friendship between the failing Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) and her close friend Lady Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz) who governs state matters in her stead, is stirred by the arrival of ambitious servant Abigail Masham (Emma Stone). Taken in by Sarah at first because of her charm, Abigail slowly endears herself to the Queen, at Sarah’s expense. Bitter resentment ensues, culminating in a behind-the-scenes rivalry between Abigail and Sarah as to who will become the Queen’s court favorite. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos.

  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Favourite: Unstitching the Costume Drama

National Geographic | 2018 | 100 min | Rated PG-13

Official Synopsis: A look at the journey of free soloist Alex Honnold as he attempts to successfully climb the 3,000 foot tall rock face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without a rope. Award-winning filmmaker E. Chai Vasarhelyi and photographer/mountaineer Jimmy Chin showcases Honnold’s thrilling and dangerous venture that spotlights the strength of the human spirit.

  • BFI Southbank Q&A with Alex Honnold, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi & Jimmy Chin
  • What If He Falls?
  • Theatrical Trailer

Paramount Pictures | 2018 | 118 min | Rated PG-13

Official Synopsis: From the creators of Daddy’s Home comes a heartwarming comedy for everyone. When Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) choose to start a family, they stumble headfirst into the world of foster care adoption. After they learn their perfect foster child comes with two other siblings, Pete and Ellie find themselves speeding from zero to three kids overnight and must hilariously learn the ropes of instant parenthood if they hope to become a real family. Inspired by a true story, and also starring Octavia Spencer and Tig Notaro, discover the film critics have called “a must see for the whole family and every family” (Scott Mantz, Collider).

  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • Introduction by Sean Anders and John Morris
  • Gag Reel
  • Commentary by director/writer Sean Anders and writer John Morris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It—Behind the scenes with Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne
  • Kid Power—Meet the talented young cast
  • I Need Some Support—Octavia Spencer and Tig Notaro guide a group of parents through the laughter and tears of foster care
  • Order in the Court—Inside one of the film’s most heartfelt moments
  • The Families Behind the Fair—Hear from real foster families
  • Crew Inspiration—Crew members share their own foster care stories
  • The Anders Family—The real-life inspiration for the film
  • Isabela Moner “I’ll Stay” – Promotional Music Video
  • On Set Proposal—A surprising wedding proposal from one crew member to another

Universal Studios | 2018 | 114 min | Rated R

Official Synopsis: A shocking exorcism spirals out of control, claiming the life of a young woman. Months later, Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell) is working the graveyard shift in the morgue when she takes delivery of a disfigured cadaver. Locked alone inside the basement corridors, Megan begins to experience horrifying visions and starts to suspect that the body may be possessed by a ruthless demonic force.

  • Brand new commentary track with director Greydon Clark
  • “Die Laughing” – an interview with cinematographer Nicholas von Sternberg
  • Never before seen outtakes
  • Trailer



Official Synopsis: What if Superman never existed? Set two generations before the destruction of Superman’s home planet, KRYPTON follows Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), the legendary Man of Steel’s grandfather, who is faced with a life and death conflict – save his home planet or let it be destroyed in order to restore the fate of his future grandson. With Krypton’s leadership in disarray and the House of El ostracized, Seg must balance the quest to redeem his family’s honor and protect the ones he loves while being challenged by familiar DC characters Brainiac (Blake Ritson) and Earthly time-traveler Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos).

  • The Brokenwood Mysteries: Series Five (2018)
  • Cold Feet: The New Years – Season Two
  • Condor: Season One
  • Dragons: Race to the Edge – Seasons Three & Four
  • Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens: The Complete Series
  • Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper: Season Two
  • House of Cards: Season Six (2018)
  • Krypton: Season One
  • Safe House: The Crow: Series Two
  • Shakespeare & Hathaway: Season One
  • Starmyu: The Complete Series
  • Valley Of The Boom: Season One
  • We Without Wings: Season One


  • 30 Miles From Nowhere
  • 100 Yards
  • All of My Heart: The Wedding
  • Altar (2016)
  • Ambushed
  • Back Roads (2018)
  • Before And After (1996)
  • Bliss
  • Buffalo Boys (2018)
  • Burning (2018)
  • Chokehold (2018)
  • The Church
  • The Clovehitch Killer (2018)
  • Crossbreed (2018)
  • Dances with Werewolves (2018)
  • Dead Ant (2018)
  • Devil’s Path
  • The Doctor (1991)
  • Do It Yourself (2017)
  • Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival (2017)
  • Don’t Come Back from the Moon (2018)
  • Don’t Go (2018)
  • Duets (2000)
  • Falling In Love Again (2019)
  • Farhope Tower (2015)
  • The Favor (1994)
  • Gunpowder
  • Her Twelve Men (1954)
  • The Highway Rat (2017)
  • The House (2016)
  • Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies (2018)
  • I Hate Kids (2018)
  • Jupiter’s Moon (2017)
  • Kalifornia (1993)
  • Kingdom of Gladiators II
  • Lifechanger (2019)
  • Little Miss Doolittle (2018)
  • Liz and the Blue Bird (2018)
  • The Long Shadow (2018)
  • Macunaíma (1969)
  • Mad Dog and Glory (1993)
  • Marquise (1997)
  • Marrying Mr. Darcy
  • The Mercy (2017)
  • The New Radical (2017)
  • Night Court (1932)
  • Of Fathers and Sons (2018)
  • Out Of Love (2016)
  • Peach Plum Pear
  • Phantom Lady
  • Pretty Broken
  • The Prisoner (1955)
  • Prospect (2018)
  • Psychonautics: A Comic’s Exploration of Psychedelics (2019)
  • The Push
  • Regionrat
  • The Scarehouse (2014)
  • Scars Of Xavier (2017)
  • Sister Street Fighter Collection
  • Something (2019)
  • The Standoff at Sparrow Creek (2019)
  • Tokyo Living Dead Idol (2018)
  • Top Wing: Eggcellent Missions
  • The Trump Prophecy
  • Twice Blessed (1945)
  • The Unlikely Good Samaritan
  • Untamed Heart (1993)
  • The Vanishing (2019)
  • Welcome to Mercy (2018)
  • What Lies Ahead (2019)
  • When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Blessing
  • A Woman Of Affairs

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