Walt Disney claims another weekend on top of the Box Office, with “The Lion King” facing almost no competition in its second weekend. Earning $76.6 million, it easily held on to the crown as well as the POPCORN AWARD, taking in an average of $16,216 per 4,725 theaters. Second place went to the only debut on the List this weekend, Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,” which earned $41.8 million. Although that’s a few million shy of the $45.5 million projection it had going into the weekend, it was still enough to make it the highest grossing Tarantino debut ever, beating out 2009’s “Inglourious Basterds.” The only other news in the Top Ten was Walt Disney’s other remake “Aladdin” holding its ground at #7 for the second straight weekend and “The Farewell” jumping up two spots to #10. Speaking of jumping up, Olivia Wilde’s “Booksmart” made a resurgence over the weekend, in its tenth weekend, earning over $200,000, the GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD, and a ROCKET with an increase of +113.7% and jump from #32 to #20.

The only other increase was “Godzilla: King Of The Monsters,” which climbed five spots to #19. A handful of films held their positions from last weekend, including “Avengers: Endgame” at #11, “Rocketman” at #14, “John Wick: Chapter Three – Parabellum” at #15, and “Menteur” at #17. After a one week resurgence back on last weekend’s List, the documentary “Echo In The Canyon” fell off once again. However, the other film to pop back on the List last weekend, “Dark Phoenix,” was able to hold onto the #25 position, knocking “Wild Rose” off in its sixth weekend. Neither film had production budgets available, so its unknown whether they made any money, but they both peaked at the #19 position throughout their runs.

Walt Disney will kindly bow to Universal Pictures next weekend, as the “Fast and the Furious” spin-off “Hobbs & Shaw” hits 4,200 theaters, aiming for a weekend debut of $89 million. Hitting that number would put it somewhere in the middle of the franchise for opening weekends, ahead of “Fast Five” ($86.1 million) but behind “Fast & Furious 6” ($97.3 million) and the last installment of “The Fate of the Furious” ($98.7 million). That number would also put this at the top of both Dwayne Johnson’s and Jason Statham’s catalog along with the rest of the “Fast and Furious” franchise they’ve starred in. With not much else making waves next weekend, don’t expect much to shift. The surprise of “Booksmart” returning to the List this weekend will likely end up with it falling off next weekend. If not, expect “Dark Phoenix” to finally take the plunge.

BOX OFFICE KING: “The Lion King” (2019)
BOX OFFICE QUEEN: “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”
POPCORN AWARD*: “The Lion King” (2019)

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 The Lion King (BV)
$76,621,553 ($351,873,087) $260m* 2nd #1
2 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Sony)
$41,082,018 ($41,082,018) $90m 1st N even
3 Spider-Man: Far From Home (BV)
$12,452,143 ($344,707,413) $160m 4th #2 down
4 Toy Story 4 (BV)
$10,453,633 ($396,210,139) $200m* 6th #3 down
5 Crawl (Par)
$4,062,256 ($31,525,049) $13.5m 3rd #4 down
6 Yesterday (Uni)
$3,079,675 ($63,421,225) $26m 5th #5 down
7 Aladdin (2019) (BV)
$3,039,648 ($346,180,234) $183m 10th #7 even
8 Stuber (Fox)
$1,760,271 ($20,182,260) $16m* 3rd #6 down
9 Annabelle Comes Home (WB)
$1,553,447 ($69,730,410) $32m* 5th #8 down
10 The Farewell (A24)
$1,518,260 ($3,651,250) ** 3rd #12 up
11 Avengers: Endgame (BV)
$952,609 ($856,576,358) $356m* 14th #11 even
12 The Secret Life Of Pets 2 (Uni)
$921,925 ($153,728,180) $80m 8th #10 down
13 Midsommar (A24)
$732,345 ($24,275,390) $10m* 4th #9 down
14 Rocketman (Par)
$468,543 ($94,952,460) $40m 9th #14 even
15 John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (LG/S)
$424,546 ($169,687,711) $55m* 11th #15 even
16 The Art of Self-Defense (BST)
$328,352 ($2,072,571) ** 3rd #13 down
17 Menteur (eOne)
$312,068 ($2,599,960) ** 3rd #17 even
18 Men In Black International (Sony)
$279,987 ($78,830,589) $110m 7th #16 down
19 Godzilla: King of the Monsters (WB)
$222,539 ($109,935,054) $170m 9th #25 upup
20 Booksmart (UAR)
$209,042 ($22,452,225) $6m* 10th #32 percentagerocket_graphic
21 Maiden (SPC)
$204,858 ($1,159,682) ** 6th #20 down
22 Super 30 (Relbig)
$189,224 ($2,111,832) $9.4m* 3rd #18 down
23 Pavarotti (CBS)
$135,552 ($4,235,647) ** 8th #22 down
24 The Last Black Man in San Francisco (A24)
$132,765 ($4,105,306) ** 8th #21 down
25 Dark Phoenix (Fox)
$121,210 ($65,595,183) $200m* 8th #24 down



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
Echo in the Canyon (Greenwich) $2,898,191
** 10th #19
Wild Rose (Neon) $1,402,392
** 6th #19


*POPCORN AWARD goes to the highest per theater average within the Top 25 List
**GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD goes to the highest increase within the Top 25 List

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