The critics were raving but unfortunately that was not enough to put Stephen King’s “Doctor Sleep” at the top of the Box Office. Instead, Roland Emmerich’s WWII epic “Midway” took the #1 spot, opening well above its $12 million projection at $17.8 million. “Doctor Sleep” then took second with $14.1 million. The trades are already calling for a huge loss in regards to that opening number, but I’m not being so hasty. It made $35.7 million worldwide and the estimated production budget I found was $45 million. Even if the total budget, with marketing and everything landed at $100 million, it’s still over a third of the way there in one weekend. Watch it hold tight next weekend and the trades might be telling a different story. “Playing With Fire” was only supposed to open to $8 million but found its way to $12.7 million and third place, while “Last Christmas” missed its $17 million projection with a $11.4 million opening and fourth place. Surprising on the List this weekend was the international newcomer “Better Days” which landed at #17. “Honey Boy” also made a splash in its debut, not only landing at #23 but earning the POPCORN AWARD with an average of $75,266 in four theaters. “Jojo Rabbit” actually held on to the GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD for the second weekend in a row, increasing by +69.4%.

“Jojo Rabbit” was also the only film on the List to move up and only one spot at that. The rest of the entire List shifted down, with eight films falling five or more spots. Dropping exactly five spots were “The Addams Family,” “Motherless Brooklyn” (only in its second weekend), and “The Lighthouse.” “Arctic Dogs” fell six spots (also only in its second weekend) and “Black and Blue” and “Gemini Man” both fell seven spots. The big loser, however, was “The Current War,” which earned a BOMB by falling a whopping ten spots from #15 to #25, barely even holding on to a spot on the List. It has only been out for three weeks. Falling off the List entirely was “Judy,” which narrowly missed out landing the #25 spot. “Housefull 4” and “Western Stars” both fell off, which was no surprise as they had very minimal buzz. “Hustlers” fell off in its ninth weekend as it approaches home video release, making a profit of almost $85 million domestically based on its estimated production budget. “It: Chapter Two” also fell off, it in its tenth weekend after amassing almost $428 million worldwide, also based on its estimated production budget. “Ad Astra” also finally fell off losing $35 million domestically.

Next weekend, “Ford v. Ferrari” looks to overtake the ladies at the Box Office, eyeing a debut of $32 million. Elizabeth Banks’ remake of “Charlie’s Angels” should come in at second place with a projection of $18 million. Also opening is “The Good Liar,” starring Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren, which is looking for an opening of $7.5 million. “The Report” and “Waves” also open and could draw a crowd with any Oscar buzz they may have. Expect “Honey Boy” to climb up the List as it rolls out to more theaters and my hot take of the week, based purely on my gut instinct, is that “Doctor Sleep” will have some lasting power. Expect the BOMB to officially go off on “The Current War,” pushing it completely off the List, along with “Gemini Man,” “Downton Abbey,” and maybe even “Arctic Dogs” (if we’re lucky). “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” has also been sticking around over the last few weeks and I have to wonder how long that will keep up.

BOX OFFICE QUEEN: “Doctor Sleep”

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Midway (LG)
$17,897,419 ($17,897,419) $100m 1st N even
2 Doctor Sleep (WB)
$14,114,124 ($14,114,124) $45m* 1st N even
3 Playing With Fire (Par)
$12,723,781 ($12,723,781) $29.9m 1st N even
4 Last Christmas (Uni)
$11,441,055 ($11,441,055) $25m 1st N even
5 Terminator: Dark Fate (Par)
$10,808,236 ($48,465,366) $185m 2nd #1 down
6 Joker (WB)
$9,221,303 ($313,512,810) $55m 6th #2 down
7 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (BV)
$8,414,186 ($97,714,087) $185m* 4th #3 down
8 Harriet (Focus)
$7,406,790 ($23,639,930) $17m 2nd #4 down
9 Zombieland 2: Double Tap (Sony)
$4,303,498 ($66,643,981) $42m 4th #6 down
10 The Addams Family (2019) (UAR)
$4,160,262 ($91,427,967) $40m* 5th #5 downdown
11 Jojo Rabbit (FoxS)
$3,952,157 ($9,128,039) ** 4th #12 percentage
12 Countdown (STX)
$2,882,160 ($22,314,665) $6.5m* 3rd #7 downdown
13 Parasite (2019) (Neon)
$2,591,765 ($11,318,741) $11m* 5th #11 down
14 Motherless Brooklyn (WB)
$2,170,353 ($7,327,427) $26m* 2nd #9 downdown
15 Black And Blue (SG)
$1,876,606 ($19,058,471) $12m* 3rd #8 downdown
16 Arctic Dogs (Ent)
$1,071,246 ($4,837,728) $50m* 2nd #10 downdown
17 Better Days (Well Go)
$989,536 ($989,536) ** 1st N even
18 The Lighthouse (A24)
$918,630 ($8,915,261) ** 4th #13 downdown
19 Downton Abbey (Focus)
$634,965 ($95,672,880) $20m* 8th #16 down
20 Abominable (Uni)
$449,920 ($59,213,005) $75m 7th #17 down
21 Gemini Man (Par)
$411,660 ($48,030,507) $138m 5th #14 downdown
22 Pain and Glory (SPC)
$395,573 ($2,691,642) ** 6th #21 down
23 Honey Boy (Amzn)
$301,065 ($301,065) $3.5m* 1st N
24 Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (Saban)
$278,754 ($2,338,948) $10m* 4th #23 down
25 The Current War (101)
$235,526 ($5,719,835) $30m* 3rd #15 bomb



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
Ad Astra (Fox) $49,951,498
$85m* 8th #2
Housefull 4 (FIP) $2,014,283
$10.5m* 3rd #16
Hustlers (STX) $104,645,944
$20m 9th #2
It: Chapter Two (WB) $211,406,417
$35m* 10th #1 (x2)
Judy (RAtt) $23,488,450
** 7th #6
Western Stars (WB) $1,541,341
** 3rd #21


*POPCORN AWARD goes to the highest per theater average within the Top 25 List
**GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD goes to the highest increase within the Top 25 List

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