Well, Walt Disney’s “Frozen II” was able to hit exactly where the pundits said it would, landing at $130.2 million in its opening weekend. With an average of $29,338 in 4,440 theaters, that was enough to earn it the POPCORN AWARD as well. Fellow new releases “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” and “21 Bridges” couldn’t overcome “Ford v Ferrari” which held ground at #2, beating out the newcomers. “Beautiful Day” opened well below its $18 million projection, with $13.2 million while “21 Bridges” opened exactly where it was projected to be, at $9.2 million. Two surprises landed at #22 and #23 with “Depeche Mode: Spirits in the Forest” and “Pagalpanti” both getting onto the List despite zero buzz about them. In its third weekend, “Honey Boy” was able to increase +24.1% and earn the GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD.

Besides “Honey Boy,” the A24 release “Waves” was the only other film to move up on the List. Everything else shifted down, including “Charlie’s Angels,” “Doctor Sleep,” “Terminator: Dark Fate,” and “The Lighthouse” all shifting down five or more spots. Falling off the List were the four films that were projected to fall off with “Abominable” and “Arctic Dogs” both buckling to the weight of “Frozen II” while “Pain and Glory” and “Better Days” were lucky to hold on as long as they did. Also lucky was “Downton Abbey,” which fell off but after earning an estimated worldwide profit of $165 million. Not so lucky was “Motherless Brooklyn,” the film by and starring Edward Norton, which fell off, but appears to have lost $14 million worldwide.

Buckle in for the ride with “Frozen II” taking the reigns of the Box Office for the next few weeks at least. Opening next weekend will be “Knives Out,” which is only projected to make $18.5 million over the Thanksgiving weekend. I have a gut feeling that’s pretty low for the star-studded film. Also opening is “Queen & Slim,” which could have Oscar contentions. It looks for a $7.5 million opening weekend. “The Two Popes” and “63 Up” could also play a part on the List. Making room for those films, expect the two surprises “Depeche Mode: Spirits in the Forest” and “Pagalpanti” to take a quick trip off the List along with possibly “Countdown” or “Black and Blue.”

BOX OFFICE QUEEN: “Ford v Ferrari”

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Frozen II (BV)
$130,263,358 ($130,263,358) ** 1st N
2 Ford v Ferrari (Fox)
$15,730,678 ($57,720,248) $97.6m 2nd #1 down
3 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Sony)
$13,251,238 ($13,251,238) $25m 1st N even
4 21 Bridges (STX)
$9,250,117 ($9,250,117) $33m 1st N even
5 Midway (LG)
$4,640,673 ($43,048,234) $100m 3rd #2 down
6 Playing With Fire (Par)
$4,515,388 ($31,522,035) $29.9m 3rd #4 down
7 The Good Liar (WB)
$3,401,194 ($11,791,988) $10m 2nd #7 even
8 Charlie’s Angels (2019) (Sony)
$3,236,460 ($14,002,052) $48m 2nd #3 downdown
9 Last Christmas (Uni)
$3,099,535 ($27,851,925) $25m 3rd #5 down
10 Joker (WB)
$2,746,029 ($326,857,842) $55m 8th #8 down
11 Harriet (Focus)
$2,330,100 ($36,024,155) $17m 4th #10 down
12 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (BV)
$2,051,520 ($108,974,578) $185m* 6th #9 down
13 Doctor Sleep (WB)
$1,834,377 ($28,751,119) $45m* 3rd #6 downdown
14 Jojo Rabbit (FoxS)
$1,588,234 ($16,140,947) ** 6th #12 down
15 Parasite (2019) (Neon)
$1,255,325 ($16,498,762) $11m* 7th #14 down
16 Terminator: Dark Fate (Par)
$1,250,589 ($59,581,886) $185m 4th #11 downdown
17 Zombieland 2: Double Tap (Sony)
$540,733 ($71,541,944) $42m 6th #13 down
18 The Addams Family (2019) (UAR)
$474,425 ($95,514,844) $40m* 7th #15 down
19 Black And Blue (SG)
$320,106 ($21,395,063) $12m* 5th #17 down
20 Countdown (STX)
$294,113 ($24,894,793) $6.5m* 5th #16 down
21 Honey Boy (Amzn)
$252,322 ($922,719) $3.5m* 3rd #24 percentageup
22 Depeche Mode: Spirits in the Forest (Tra)
$232,452 ($673,932) ** 1st N even
23 Pagalpanti (Ero)
$227,714 ($227,714) ** 1st N even
24 The Lighthouse (A24)
$180,967 ($10,171,652) ** 6th #19 downdown
25 Waves (A24)
$165,936 ($333,167) ** 2nd #29 up



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
Abominable (Uni) $59,941,385
$75m 9th #1
Arctic Dogs (Ent) $5,589,953
$50m* 4th #10
Better Days (Well Go) $1,835,039
** 3rd #17
Downton Abbey (Focus) $96,550,930
$20m* 10th #1

Motherless Brooklyn (WB) $9,111,366
$26m* 4th #9

Pain & Glory (SPC) $3,322,264
** 8th #16


*POPCORN AWARD goes to the highest per theater average within the Top 25 List
**GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD goes to the highest increase within the Top 25 List

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