The Best Documentary Short category has been narrowed down to ten contenders. Predicting these is a complete stab in the dark as the only short I’ve ever even heard mention of is “Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl),” which won Best Short at the 35th Annual International Documentary Association (IDA) Documentary Awards, giving it a slight edge over the competition as far as I’m concerned. A lot of these are Netflix Originals, which also could help their chances of getting nominations.

“Ninety-six films qualified in the category. Members of the Documentary Branch vote to determine the shortlist and the nominees.”

The actual nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards will be announced on Monday, January 13, 2020.

  • “Fire in Paradise”
  • “Ghosts of Sugar Land”
  • “Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl)”
  • “Life Overtakes Me”
  • “The Nightcrawlers”

Here’s the full list:

  1. “After Maria”
  2. “Fire in Paradise”
  3. “Ghosts of Sugar Land”
  4. “In the Absence”
  5. “Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl)”
  6. “Life Overtakes Me”
  7. “The Nightcrawlers”
  8. “St. Louis Superman”
  9. “Stay Close”
  10. “Walk Run Cha-Cha”

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