When she showed up on the red carpet of the 92nd Academy Awards, I imagined a collective “huh?” coming from everyone watching on their couches. Sure, Billie Eilish had just won four major Grammy Awards a few weeks prior, but why was she at the Oscars? We’d later find out; she was there for the In Memoriam performance and, wow, what a performance it was. Her on-stage rendition of “Yesterday” was earth-shattering. It turns out she’s having quite the year, as she’s now released her theme song for the upcoming 25th James Bond film, titled “No Time To Die.” Not straying too far from where the theme songs have gone before, the power in Eilish’s unique voice does wonders in creating the mood. Seeing as both Sam Smith and Adele won Academy Awards for Best Original Song for the last two 007 theme songs, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that we’ll be seeing Billie Eilish at next year’s Oscars as well.

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