NOVEMBER 12, 2021

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Clifford The Big Red Dog

Directed By: Walt Becker
Studio: Paramount Pictures

When middle-schooler Emily Elizabeth (Darby Camp) meets a magical animal rescuer (John Cleese) who gifts her a little, red puppy, she never anticipated waking up to find a giant ten-foot hound in her small New York City apartment. While her single mom (Sienna Guillory) is away for business, Emily and her fun but impulsive uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) set out on an adventure that will keep you on the edge-of-your-seat as our heroes take a bite out of the Big Apple. Based on the beloved Scholastic book character, Clifford will teach the world how to love big!

Starring: Jack Whitehall, Darby Camp, Tony Hale, Sienna Guillory, David Alan Grier, Russell Wong, Kenan Thompson, and John Cleese
Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy
Country: USA | Canada | UK (English)
Rating: PG (for impolite humor, thematic elements and mild action)
Runtime: 96 minutes



Directed By: Kenneth Branagh
Studio: Focus Features

BELFAST is a movie straight from Branagh’s own experience. A nine-year-old boy must chart a path towards adulthood through a world that has suddenly turned upside down. His stable and loving community and everything he thought he understood about life is changed forever but joy, laughter, music and the formative magic of the movies remain.

Starring: Caitríona Balfe, Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan, Ciarán Hinds, Colin Morgan, and Jude Hill
Genre: Drama | International
Country: UK (English)
Rating: PG-13 (for some violence and strong language)
Runtime: 97 minutes


Tick Tick Boom

Directed By: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Studio: Netflix

Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda makes his feature directorial debut with tick, tick…BOOM!, an adaptation of the autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson, who revolutionized theater as the creator of Rent. The film follows Jon (Academy Award nominee and Tony Award winner Andrew Garfield), a young theater composer who’s waiting tables at a New York City diner in 1990 while writing what he hopes will be the next great American musical. Days before he’s due to showcase his work in a make-or-break performance, Jon is feeling the pressure from everywhere: from his girlfriend Susan, who dreams of an artistic life beyond New York City; from his friend Michael, who has moved on from his dream to a life of financial security; amidst an artistic community being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic. With the clock ticking, Jon is at a crossroads and faces the question everyone must reckon with: What are we meant to do with the time we have? tick, tick…BOOM!

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Alexandra Shipp, Robin de Jesús, Joshua Henry, Judith Light, and Vanessa Hudgens
Genre: Biography | Drama | Musical
Country: USA (English)
Rating: PG-13 (for some strong language, some suggestive material and drug references)
Runtime: 115 minutes



Directed By: Julie Cohen & Betsy West
Studio: Sony Pictures Classics

JULIA tells the story of the legendary cookbook author and television superstar who changed the way Americans think about food, television, and even about women. Using never-before-seen archival footage, personal photos, first-person narratives, and cutting-edge, mouth-watering food cinematography, the film traces Julia Child’s surprising path, from her struggles to create and publish the revolutionary Mastering the Art of French Cooking (1961) which has sold more than 2.5 million copies to date, to her empowering story of a woman who found fame in her 50s, and her calling as an unlikely television sensation.

Starring: José Andrés, Julia Child, Ina Garten, and Charles Gibson
Genre: Documentary
Country: USA (English)
Rating: PG-13 (for brief strong language/sexual reference, and some thematic elements)
Runtime: 95 minutes



Directed By: Edward Drake
Studio: RLJE Films

Serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, ex-cop Thomas Malone is offered a chance at freedom if he can survive a deadly game of Apex. Six hunters pay for the pleasure of hunting another human on a remote island, but once Malone arrives all hell breaks loose. Laying traps and playing mind games, Malone tries to turn the tables and fight for his life and his future.

Starring: Neal McDonough, Bruce Willis, Corey Large, Alexia Fast, and Lochlyn Munro
Genre: Action | Thriller
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 94 minutes



Directed By: JR
Studio: Abramorama

Using unexpected canvasses, artist JR intends to give a global voice to everyday people through a genre-blending combination of public art, photography and large format spectacle.

Starring: JR and Ladj Ly
Genre: Documentry
Country: USA | France | Mexico | Brazil (English, Portuguese, French, & Spanish)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 94 minutes



Directed By: Timothy Armstrong
Studio: Vertical Entertainment

Lifelong best friends, Sam and Jess, are each other’s everything. But when Jess meets a handsome out-of-stater, Landon, Sam begins to fear she’s being cast aside. To make matters worse, a massive corporation–that happens to be Landon’s employer–is threatening the small-town way of life they know and love in Vermont. In order to save her sisterhood and protect the town, Sam will pull out all the stops to keep both Jess’s relationship and the ominous company from developing any further.

Starring: Di Quon, Mark Famiglietti, Stephanie Lynn, and Alice Barrett
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 95 minutes



Directed By: Gaurav Seth
Studio: Saban Films

Colleagues Loretta, Danny, Amy and Gerry are on the verge of an amazing breakthrough in quantum physics when tragedy strikes. Racing to complete the experiment, Loretta dies in a fiery car accident. Five months later, as the trio struggle to move on with their lives and the work they’d started, Loretta returns. She’s full of energy, enthusiasm, seemingly unaware she’s been gone for months. Are the friends losing their collective minds or has something remarkable happened? Soon, each of them comes face to face with their dead ringer. Professional rivalries and personal relationships surface and the friends realize only one version of them can exist in our reality. A violent correction is necessary to maintain order.

Starring: Munro Chambers, Sandra Mae Frank, Paloma Kwiatkowski, and Robert Naylor
Genre: Drama | International | Sci-Fi
Country: Canada (English)
Rating: R (for language throughout and some violence)
Runtime: 90 minutes


Night Raiders

Directed By: Danis Goulet
Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films

The year is 2043. A military occupation controls disenfranchised cities in post-war North America. Children are property of the State. A desperate Cree woman joins an underground band of vigilantes to infiltrate a State children’s academy and get her daughter back. Night Raiders is a female-driven dystopian drama about resilience, courage and love.

Starring: Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Brooklyn Letexier-Hart, Alex Tarrant, Amanda Plummer and Violet Nelson
Genre: Action | International | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Country: Canada | New Zealand (English & Cree)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 101 minutes


The Accursed

Directed By: Elizabeta Vidovic & Kathryn Michelle
Studio: Gravitas Ventures

Hana spends twenty years suppressing a maleficent curse that was placed upon her bloodline, only to have a family member knowingly release it forcing her to kill or to be killed.

Starring: Izabela Vidovic, Goran Visnjic, Melora Walters, Maiara Walsh, and Yancy Butler
Genre: Horror
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 84 minutes



Directed By: Parker Hill & Isabel Bethencourt
Studio: Showtime Documentary Films

In a small military town in Texas, three spirited teenage girls live out a fever-dream summer. Through their characters, photographers and debut filmmakers Parker Hill and Isabel Bethencourt share a fascinating glimpse into authentic American girlhood, where the strictures of adolescence clash with the growing desire for personal agency.

Genre: Documentary
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 92 minutes


Love Is Love Is Love

Directed By: Eleanor Coppola
Studio: Blue Fox Entertainment

LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE is three stories that explore love, commitment, and loyalty between couples and friends. In the film’s first story TWO FOR DINNER, a married couple (Joanne Whalley and Chris Messina) find an unconventional way to transcend long distance through technology, but discover they were farther apart than they knew. In SAILING LESSON, a long-married couple (Kathy Baker and Marshall Bell) tries to reignite their honeymoon-phase heat through a spontaneous sailing trip… and unexpected events arise. And in LATE LUNCH, a young woman (Maya Kazan) who recently lost her mother gathers together a group of her mother’s friends (including Cybill Shepherd, Rosanna Arquette, and Rita Wilson) to share memories. Surprising revelations ensue.

Starring: Rosanna Arquette, Justin Ashforth, Kathy Baker, Chris Messina, and Maya Kazan
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 91 minutes


Double Walker

Directed By: Colin West
Studio: Cranked Up Films

A young Ghost (producer/co-writer Sylvie Mix) haunts her cold Midwestern hometown, trying to piece together the horrific flashes of memories from her past. One by one she kills the men she believes were responsible for her death, though her plan is derailed when she meets Jack (Jacob Rice), a kind movie theater usher who inadvertently intercepts as she’s stalking her next victim. While Jack takes her in and offers her a glimpse at a normal life, her desire to avenge her own murder lingers on.

Starring: Sylvie Mix, Justin Rose, Quinn Armstrong, and Jacob Rice
Genre: Crime | Horror | Mystery | Thriller
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 71 minutes


Uppercase Print

Directed By: Radu Jude
Studio: Big World Pictures

Mugur Călinescu, a 16-year-old teenager, writes another story on walls with chalked uppercase protest messages against the regime. His actions are compiled in a voluminous file kept by the Secret Police (Securitate), which observed, apprehended, interrogated and destroyed him. Linking both stories — secret and public, personal and collective — brings to light an unknown hero 30 years after the fall of communism.

Starring: Serban Lazarovici, Bogdan Zamfir, Ioana Iacob, and Serban Pavlu
Genre: Drama | International
Country: Romania (Romanian)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 128 minutes


Stratton Castle: Tale of Jessie Golden Heart

Directed By: Zelie Dember-Slack & Peggy Roger
Studio: Indican Pictures

Based on a true story, Stratton Castle: Tale of Jessie Golden Heart explores the forbidden passion that transcends the social classes of 1800’s Scotland, a time when the working class could not rise above their station. As Master Alfred Sinclair (Eric Roberts, The Dark Knight) of Stratton Castle lays on his deathbed, his son makes one final promise to take over the lands and find a status-appropriate wife. Unbeknownst to his father, Walter Sinclair (Andrew Shelton, Gangster Land) has already fallen in love with Jessie (Kat Fairaway, Letters from the Heart ), a beautiful and charming servant girl. As Walter and Jessie’s love affair intensifies, it becomes difficult to keep their romance a secret. With Jessie under constant scrutiny of her judgmental peers and Walter running the risk of their scandal ruining the family reputation, it seems as if their world could come crashing down at any moment. As the family secrets begin to unravel, Jessie is forced into an impossible position where she must make sacrificial decisions that will ultimately threaten to destroy not only their love, but could ruin all of Stratton Castle.

Starring: Kat Fairaway, Eric Roberts, Charlie Spencer Clark, and Kirstie Pooley
Genre: Drama | History | Romance
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 93 minutes


What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?

Directed By: Alexandre Koberidze
Studio: Mubi

In the Georgian riverside town of Kutaisi, summertime romance and World Cup fever are in the air. After a pair of chance encounters, pharmacist Lisa and soccer player Giorgi find their plans for a date undone when they both awaken magically transformed — with no way to recognize each other.

Starring: Ani Karseladze, Giorgi Bochorishvili and Vakhtang Panchulidze
Genre: Drama | International
Country: Germany | Georgia (Georgian)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 150 minutes


They Say Nothing Stays The Same

Directed By: Jô Odagiri
Studio: Film Movement

In the debut directorial feature by actor Joe Odagiri, The Say Nothing Stays the Same follows an old ferryman in a remote Meiji-era community. His life is a peaceful, cyclical existence, given meaning by the essential role he plays in transporting people, livestock and goods across the water, connecting villages and lives. When news arrives that a bridge is being built, it’s clear that his services will no longer be needed. Meanwhile, his life will be equally transformed by the appearance of a mysterious young woman whom he saves from drowning. Shot by star cinematographer Christopher Doyle and featuring an array of cameos from Japan’s top stars, The Say Nothing Stays the Same is a refreshingly old-fashioned work of classical cinema, its formal qualities mirroring its thematic concern with those fondly-remembered traditions sacrificed in the name of progress.

Starring: Akira Emoto, Ririka Kawashima, Nijirô Murakami, and Masatoshi Nagase
Genre: Drama | International
Country: Japan (Japanese)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 137 minutes


My Fiona

Directed By: Kelly Walker
Studio: Freestyle Digital Media

Following the suicide of her best friend, Jane finds purpose in helping her friend’s wife with their child. In doing so, she becomes inadvertently drawn into an intimate relationship bound by grief that’s potentially catastrophic to the healing for all those involved.

Starring: Jeanette Maus, Corbin Reid, Elohim Nycalove, and Sara Amini
Genre: Drama
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 87 minutes



Directed By: Dani Menkin
Studio: Viva Pictures

AULCIE is the incredible story of Aulcie Perry, an African American basketball player who hailed from the violence-filled streets of the 1960s Newark, NJ, and who found his glory in leading Israel’s Maccabi basketball team to the 1977 European championship. He became an overnight sensation in Israel, beloved by the fans and by his adopted country. He converted to Judaism and became an Israeli citizen. His highly publicized relationship with Israeli supermodel Tami Ben Ami became the subject of relentless media attention, making him one of Israel’s biggest stars. But his success wasn’t enough to save him from the descend into drugs and jail time, before finally finding redemption. Dani Menken’s documentary tells the story of this legendary athlete.

Starring: Aulcie Perry, Tami Ben-Ami, Shmuel Mahrovsky, and Tal Brody
Genre: Documentary | Sport
Country: USA | Israel (English & Hebrew)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 75 minutes


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