Manhattan, New York
JUNE 7-18, 2023
Tribeca At Home: June 19-July 2, 2023

US Narrative Competition


FEATURE | United States | 83 MINUTES | English
New York, Horror, Women, Drama, LGBTQIA+, Thriller
World Premiere

For a group of friends in the Northeast, a weekend getaway at a snowy resort sounds like just what the doctor ordered. An opportunity to reconnect, relax, and recuperate among serene, snow-capped mountains and trees. But peace doesn’t last long as the ghosts of guests past and relationships long buried come to light. Soon enough, their trip transforms into a psychological tailspin and bloody nightmare, as both long-deceased guests and the space itself come to life, and the group turn on each other in a race to stay alive.

In this haunting thriller, a new variation of psychological horror invites audiences to question the limitations of our contemporary relationships with people and spaces, and the implications of undealt trauma. Gayle Rankin gives a blistering lead performance as she battles forces within both the rundown resort and her own mind in an attempt to save her friends, who are brought to life by rising talents Hari Nef, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, and Rad Pereira.––Casey Baron

Director: Stewart Thorndike
Producers: Lizzie Shapiro, Lexi Tannenholtz
Cast: Gayle Rankin, Hari Nef, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Rad Pereira, Jared Abrahamson, Molly Ringwald


FEATURE | United States | 89 MINUTES | English
Women, Music, Mystery
World Premiere

Tierra Whack first gained recognition at the age of 15 when she stunned viewers with her slick poetry while rapping for a YouTube channel on a Philadelphia street. The video rapidly drew thousands of views and marked the first of Tierra’s many performances for the camera. Years later, director Chris Moukarbel begins documenting her astronomical rise, going behind the scenes of concerts and music videos as she navigates fame and receives exalted praise from stars like Erykah Badu and Billie Eilish. One night, after a particularly tiring set, a seemingly innocuous fan interaction begins a series of increasingly unsettling events that swirl around Tierra and her team — even following them to Dubai. They soon start questioning who is filming whom and whether being seen (or watched) is a desirable and unavoidable part of fame.

Cypher is a visually rich, self-aware, and captivating artistic showcase that opens as many doors of perception as it closes. Weaving together different aesthetics and highlighting the strangeness that surrounds the music industry, Moukarbel’s filmmaking convinces the viewer to happily follow him down a warren of rabbit holes. It’s a riveting, intricate story, but who is telling it?––Jarod Neece

Director: Chris Moukarbel
Producers: Tony Hernandez, Lilly Burns, John Hodges, Tierra Whack, Sanjay M. Sharma, Roya Rastegar, Anthony Seyler, Chris Moukarbel
Cast: Tierra Whack


FEATURE | United States | 87 MINUTES | English
World Premiere

Genevieve (Mina Sundwall) is up against an unsettling senior year as she faces the one-year mark of a tragic school shooting that took her boyfriend. What should be a time of growth, anticipation, and pride is marred with trauma and loss that feels like purgatory rather than progress. As she gets closer to graduation, decisions seem impotent. That feeling is collectively shared by her friend Ben (Alex R. Hibbert) who transferred schools, her mother (Maria Dizzia) and the school basketball coach, heartbreakingly played by John Cho.

In her feature directorial debut, Hannah Peterson captures the somber and vulnerable feeling of a community coping with loss. Employing assured filmmaking , Peterson is able to sit in melancholy, discomfort, and senselessness while still maintaining hope. Executive produced by Chloé Zhao, the film ushers in new talent with a similar skill of capturing contemplation.––Nora Bernard

Director: Hannah Peterson
Producers: Josh Peters, Saba Zerehi, Taylor Shung, Jessamine Burgum
Cast: Mina Sundwall, Alex Hibbert, Yasmeen Fletcher, Ewan Manley, John Cho, Maria Dizzia, Kelly O’Sullivan


FEATURE | United States | 95 MINUTES | English | English subtitles
Drama, Music, Expressions of Black Freedom
World Premiere

Sol (Sauve Sidle) is an aspiring young rapper living with his best friend Wesley (Siyanda Stillwell), whose family has embraced him as a brother. After a raucous night causes Wesley to overdose, Sol abandons him at a house party, and eventually chooses to leave home for good and join a touring group of hip-hop artists. As they travel across Texas creating and performing, he discovers who he is as an artist and person.

Set to a lo-fi, genre-bending hip-hop soundtrack, Katherine Propper creates a hazy and enigmatic energy that compliments her leading man’s guilt and desire for friendship and belonging. Numerous musical performances, whether in their van or on a stage, allow the ensemble’s chemistry to shine. This film will be a crowd-pleaser to fans of Soundcloud rap and film alike.––Nora Bernard

Director: Katherine Propper
Producers: Andres Figueredo Thomson, Juan Carlos Figueredo Thomson
Cast: Sauve Sidle, Siyanda Stillwell, Aaron “Seven” Melloul , Krystall Poppin, Alexander Brackney, Micro TDH, Malachi Mabson, Tauran Ambroise


FEATURE | United States | 95 MINUTES | Creole, English, Spanish | English subtitles
World Premiere

Xavier Sr. works in demolition and dreams of buying a new house for his wife Esperance, who works as a seamstress. They are Haitian immigrants living in Miami, and deeply entwined with their local community, participating in street parades, communions, and games of dominoes. Their adult son Xavier Jr., on the other hand, is a college dropout who has had to move back home. While his parents speak Creole, Junior predominantly responds in English, reflecting his wish to fit into his chosen society. Even so, he mines his Haitian background for material for a nightly stand-up routine that he keeps secret.

Different generational experiences are sensitively portrayed in Monica Sorelle’s visually arresting feature debut, which paints a loving portrait of a community being slowly chipped away by gentrification. Xavier Sr. is acutely aware of what his job really means but is trapped by circumstance, whereas Junior struggles to find a place for himself in not one but two communities, all the while dealing with his father’s mountain of expectations.––Casey Baron

Director: Monica Sorelle
Producers: Robert Colom
Cast: Atibon Nazaire, Sheila Anozier, Chris Renois


FEATURE | United States | 107 MINUTES
World Premiere

After the sudden and tragic loss of his wife, Ben (Grant Rosenmeyer) turns to a mysterious self-help book that will train him to learn how to fly. Or at least he hopes, as he turns his life upside down under the advisement of an eccentric spiritual guide (Paul Raci) who may very well be a con artist. Fending off his worried sister and an ambitious detective who is convinced he killed his wife, Ben risks it all to fly in an effort to get through his grief.

Writer-director H.P. Mendoza deftly walks the line between absurdity and the seriousness of loss and grief. This endearing story has the perfect dose of melancholy and poignancy with a ton of laughs. Raci, in particular, is a hilarious delight as a guide with a shady past. An altogether delightful, whimsical film and a great tale of grief and healing. ––Faridah Gbadamosi

Director: H.P. Mendoza
Producers: Grant Rosenmeyer, Tina Carbone, Benjamin Wiessner
Cast: Grant Rosenmeyer, Paul Raci, Lucy DeVito, Nican Robinson, Reina Hardesty, Maggie Grace, Sendhil Ramamurthy


FEATURE | United States | 85 MINUTES
Women, Drama
World Premiere

Staggered by the separation of her parents, a Korean-American girl struggles to find herself. Caught between supporting both parents in their work while longing for their old life together and burdened by the responsibility of a younger sibling, few things seem to be falling into place. Upon starting a new year of high school among wealthy elites, she also has to balance the duality of her new friends and low-income reality.

A selection from Tribeca’s Untold Stories collection in 2022, So Young Shelly Yo marks her feature directorial debut with this film about traversing the demands of being a young, first-generation American grappling with teenage angst while lifting up the family members struggling (and at times flailing) around you. The intimacy of parent-child relationships and friendships between young women grab the audience’s attention and subvert expectations around what it means to support one another through many lenses.––Casey Baron

Director: Shelly Yo
Producers: Guo Guo
Cast: Ji-Young Yoo, Jung Joon Ho, Abin Andrews, Erin Choi, Erin Yoo, Phinehas Yoon


FEATURE | United States | 98 MINUTES | English
Horror, Thriller
World Premiere

Meg (Jennifer Kim) is trying to readjust to normal life after recently being involved in a heinous abduction. To recenter herself, she takes a trip upstate with her husband Scott (Kentucker Audley) to stay at his wealthy family’s countryside compound. An excursion like this offers the kind of peace that Meg deserves to regain her sense of normalcy — but those plans get swiftly disrupted when Scott’s upper-class cousin Madeline (Marin Ireland) arrives unannounced. Madeline’s insertion into their activities causes Meg’s recent traumatic memories to resurface through eerie hallucinations and nightmares. While Scott tries to attend to the emotionally fraught Meg, she begins to clash with Madeline’s aristocratic personality. The conflict brings out passive-aggressive behavior that makes Meg question her sanity while also coming to terms with the truth behind her kidnapping.

Filmmaker Olivia West Lloyd delivers an engrossing, unsettling thriller in her feature directorial debut. With ever-tightening unease and unrelenting tension, West Lloyd skillfully explores themes of perception and gaslighting with grounded but unpredictable performances by the three leads and a masterful sense of mood.––Jose Rodriguez

Director: Olivia West Lloyd
Producers: Taylor Ava Shung, Emma Hannaway, Eamon Downey
Cast: Jennifer Kim, Kentucker Audley, Marin Ireland, Micheál Neeson

International Narrative Competition


FEATURE | Dominican Republic | 97 MINUTES | English, Spanish | English subtitles
New York, Women, Drama, LGBTQIA+, Music, Latinx/Latin American
World Premiere

Dominican twelve-year-old Desi has musical aspirations and performs with a local all-girls choir, but her ambitions are much bigger. Desi yearns to one day leave her beachside community of Boca Chica behind and achieve fame and recognition as a singer. She keeps this yearning a secret from her family, specifically the women in her life who have raised her. Her occasional confidante is her older brother, Fran, who lives a facade of his own in New York City as a struggling musician who sheepishly works as a food delivery worker. When news arrives that the siblings’ cousin, Elvis, is coming to Boca Chica to marry his wealthy, older, American fiancée, it opens up past tensions and latent trauma in their family. Meanwhile, a restless Desi meets a group of Dominican teens — also aspiring singers and rappers — that lights a spark in her artistic pursuit.

Anchored by an arresting lead performance by Scarlet Camilo, Gabriella A. Moses’ feature directorial debut is an eye-catching, grounded coming-of-age drama that thoughtfully depicts a determined young girl rising above toxic and traumatic circumstances in pursuit of a musically attuned, artistically fueled future. ––Jose Rodriguez

Director: Gabriella A. Moses
Producers: Sterlyn Ramirez
Cast: Scarlet Camilo, Jean Cruz, Lia Chapman, Xiomara Rodriguez, Richardson Diaz, Cindy Lou Howards, Charles Mendoza


FEATURE | Germany, France | 98 MINUTES | English, German, Italian | English subtitles
Women, Drama
World Premiere

Three German teenagers—Ira, Malin, and Ka—have just graduated from high school. As it is a rite of passage for teenagers everywhere, the trio decides to commemorate this milestone with a road trip. Once settled in Italy, the trio embarks in search of adventure. On the road, they pick up an intriguing backpacker, Zoe, who tags along on their journey. But when they stumble across an abandoned village, the quartet starts to experiment with the limits of their newly found freedom, away from the expectations of their parents and teachers.

German filmmaker Anna Roller’s feature directorial debut is a beautifully shot yet intimately scaled film. Sharply realized characters populate the story, with compelling performances by all four leads helping to bolster a contemplative, lived-in tone. With Dead Girls Dancing, Roller displays the subtle, steady hand of a filmmaker wise beyond her years and makes a bold statement as a director to watch.––Jason Gutierrez

Director: Anna Roller
Producers: Katharina Kolleczek, Lea Neu, Laure Parleani, Bérénice Vincent, Christian Becker, Uli Putz
Cast: Luna Jordan, Noemi Liv Nicolaisen, Katharina Stark, Sara Giannelli


FEATURE | Israel | 80 MINUTES | Arabic, Hebrew | English subtitles
Action, Women, Drama
World Premiere

When Israel’s Minister of Space and Tourism is murdered in the lead-up to the country’s first mission to the moon, Yaffa (Samar Qupty), a young Arab university student from the occupied West Bank, confesses to the murder. Scientist Nurit (Reymond Amsalem) asks for permission to interview the assassin. As the pioneer of The Future Project, an algorithm-based program meant to predict acts of terrorism (or, if you’re Palestinian, resistance), Nurit is convinced that the unrepentant Yaffa is withholding her whole motivation. The two women face off, determined to give nothing away, over a potentially fraught series of encounters. As the truth is exposed — and the spacecraft carrying a nation’s dreams nears its destination — an increasingly disillusioned Nurit inches towards a profoundly troubling realization.

Writer-director Noam Kaplan’s second feature is a taut, engrossing drama that pares the struggle for liberation down to its essence. Suffused with a potent irony, and powered by two riveting performances, The Future balances sympathy for its main characters with a lucid, unsentimental grasp of the issues at stake. It’s an intelligent and bracingly searching film that lingers after it ends.––Jonathan Ali

Director: Noam Kaplan
Producers: Yoav Roeh, Aurit Zamir
Cast: Reymonde Amsellem, Samar Qupty, Dar Zuzovsky, Aviva Ger, Salwa Nakkara


FEATURE | Finland | 103 MINUTES | Finnish, Skolt Sámi | English subtitles
World Premiere

With a face hardened by years of hurt, chain-smoking Lida carries the weight of a life defined by the shame and marginalization directed at her as a Sámi woman in contemporary Finland. Though strangers, she sets out alongside niece Sanna to clear out their long-held family home in preparation for its sale. Lida’s instinct to burn anything and everything connected to her past is quickly overcome by memories of a warm childhood spent fishing with a loving grandfather; of railing against the boarding school that tried to beat the Sámi identity out of her; and of being a young woman whose only option was a marriage that could take her far away from her Native roots. Lida finds herself facing a powerful reckoning with her past and a quiet reclaiming of her true self: Je’vida.

Filmed in black and white, director and co-writer (with Niillas Holmberg) Katja Gauriloff has crafted a film of stark, powerful beauty — the first ever to be filmed in the Skolt Sámi dialect, only spoken by roughly 300 people. Centered by a searing and unforgettable performance by Agafia Niemenmaa, Je’vida is a lyrical testament to the bonds of ancestry and the resilience of Native peoples.––Cedar Sherbert

Director: Katja Gauriloff
Producers: Joonas Berghäll, Satu Majava, Anna Nuru
Cast: Agafia Niemenmaa, Heidi Juliana Gauriloff, Sanna-Kaisa Palo, Seidi Haarla, Erkki Gauriloff, Matleena Fofonoff


FEATURE | France | 95 MINUTES | English, French | English subtitles
Women, Drama, LGBTQIA+, Biography, Sports
World Premiere

From the first moment she kicked a ball, Marinette Pichon’s life would revolve around soccer. Although her hometown in rural France didn’t have a girls’ team, her talent spoke for itself, and staying focused on the ball helped keep Marinette distracted from a toxic home life. As she ages out of the local boys’ team she is spotted by a talent scout and invited to play for the national women’s team. Her home life deteriorates as her career takes off, but since female soccer players weren’t (and still aren’t) recognized as professionals in France, there’s a limit to how far she can go. Incensed by this injustice and tired of battling competitive teammates, she jumps at an exciting offer to sign with a professional team in Philadelphia, becoming the first French player to do so. Her life in the U.S. could not be more different — she can eat what she wants, and doesn’t have to hide her sexuality.

Accompanied by a decade-appropriate electronic soundtrack, this energetic film traces the life of one of the best French soccer players of all time, and her lifelong struggle to be treated equally in a country to which she has given so much.––Frederic Boyer

Director: Virginie Verrier
Producers: VIGO Films, Virginie Verrier
Cast: Garance Marillier, Emilie Dequenne, Sylvie Testud, Fred Testot, Alban Lenoir


FEATURE | Canada, France | 90 MINUTES | French, Spanish | English subtitles
Drama, Latinx/Latin American
World Premiere

Trying to get her life back on track after a breakup, Ariane moves back to her hometown and in with her mother. To save her sinking finances, she takes a job at the local corn plant as a French-to-Spanish interpreter for the seasonal migrant workers employed there. She befriends Manuel, an illiterate, naive young man who has left his small children behind in Guatemala to earn as much as he can in Canada. As Ariane begins to witness how the workers are being taken advantage of, and as the only one who seems to see them as real people, she finds it increasingly difficult to keep quiet. What unites all of them, from boss to migrant worker, is a deep desperation to keep their job, but the individual choices they make in the face of mounting pressure reveal everyone’s true character.

Avoiding saccharine moralization, director Pier-Philippe Chevigny manages to inject empathy into every scene. Ariane Castellanos gives a captivating performance, with tortured compassion emanating from the screen. Richelieu is an incredibly strong debut feature that examines the terrible circumstances people can live through, and the individual cost of doing the right thing.––Frederic Boyer

Director: Pier-Philippe Chevigny
Producers: Geneviève Gosselin-G., Miléna Poylo, Gilles Sacuto, Alice Bloch
Cast: Ariane Castellanos, Marc-André Grondin, Nelson Coronado, Marvin Coroy, Maria Mercedes Coroy, Luis Olivia, Micheline Bernard, Eve Duranceau, Gerardo Miranda


FEATURE | Netherlands, UK | 102 MINUTES | English
North American Premiere

The fire that left 23-year-old Franky (Vicky Knight, giving a fierce, powerful performance) burned happened 15 years ago. But she still carries those physical and emotional scars, which both gives her cover to put up walls between herself and people who love her and provides her with a drive for justice. Working as a nurse in the same hospital where her life was saved, Franky is beloved by her patients—including Florence (Esme Creed-Miles), who is there recuperating from a suicide attempt. The two women fall in love, news that is not well received at home for Franky. So, the pair run away to the more welcoming environment of Florence’s patchwork family. But Florence’s erratic behavior and Franky’s deep anger make for a combustible relationship.

Building off the work they did together in their previous film, Dirty God, writer-director Sacha Polak and star Knight train a sharp observational eye on young, working-class British women; together they create intensely felt and authentic portraits of two wounded souls. Stylistically calling to mind classic British kitchen-sink realism, Silver Haze captures a working-class England that reflects the women at the heart of the film: raw and unvarnished, but beautifully poetic.––Jason Gutierrez

Director: Sacha Polak
Producers: Marleen Slot, Mike Elliott
Cast: Vicky Knight, Esmé Creed-Miles, Charlotte Knight, Archie Brigden, Angela Bruce


FEATURE | Brazil | 84 MINUTES | Portuguese | English subtitles
Drama, Mystery, Latinx/Latin American
World Premiere

David, an experimental filmmaker, returns to Brazil for the first time in ten years when his feature film is set to premiere at a local festival. Although he has returned for work, his thoughts increasingly turn to his father, whom he hasn’t seen since he left. As news of the Covid-19 pandemic spreads and rumors of an impending lockdown intensify, David changes his ticket in hopes that the festival will eventually continue — but decisions are soon out of his control. Finding himself without a phone or a place to stay, David ends up on his father’s doorstep. They begin an uncomfortable coexistence as David simultaneously tries to get to know his father and gain his interest. The old man, however, proves to be inscrutable and capricious as increasingly odd things start to happen around them.

Director Guto Parente makes use of experimental footage throughout the film to convey David’s mood and accentuate the twists and turns of his journey. A Strange Path is a deeply personal story about family and belonging. Ultimately, what keeps David in Brazil is more than just the pandemic. Will he get the closure he is looking for?––Casey Baron

Director: Guto Parente
Producers: Ticiana Augusto Lima
Cast: Lucas Limeira, Carlos Francisco, Tarzia Firmino, Rita Cabaço, Renan Capivara, Ana Marlene

Documentary Competition


FEATURE | Kenya | 82 MINUTES | Other, Swahili | English subtitles
Documentary, Environmental, Nature
World Premiere

Documenting the Turkana-Ngaremara community as they contend with prolonged drought, this visually stunning coming-of-age story follows a young, orphaned man’s journey to adapt to radically changing climate conditions in Northern Kenya. Kolei, the film’s primary subject, must grapple with personal tragedies alongside complex tribal conflicts brought on by environmental catastrophes in his pastoral region. With these mounting communal tensions and rapidly shifting culture, the threat of climate change is not just a looming notion but a present reality.

By threading interpersonal scenes with sweeping landscape cinematography, this documentary provides an intimate look at a vulnerable population fighting to bridge tradition with new circumstances. The visceral, near-consuming anxieties of the sensitive Kolei contextualize how global crisis affects individuals. Through this lens, the film lays a framework for a collective reckoning on how to strive with the ecological perils shaping the world and eventually facing us all.––Shakira Refos

Director: Andrew H. Brown, Moses Thuranira
Producers: Moses Thuranira, Samuel Ekomol, Andrew H. Brown, Naomi Kambura


FEATURE | United States | 99 MINUTES | English
Women, Documentary, LGBTQIA+, Politics, Journalism
World Premiere

As Donald Trump was getting sworn in as President and the Women’s March set an angry, outspoken tone for the country’s discourse, journalist Emily Ramshaw decided to meet the moment by launching The 19th. Named after the Nineteenth Amendment, The 19th became the first nonprofit, nonpartisan news agency in the United States. Its mission is to focus on the impact of national politics and policy on women. However, by the time Emily and co-founder Amanda Zamora had secured funding and officially launched The 19th’s news site, the pandemic hit — and the very fabric of society went into a tailspin.

Breaking the News immerses its audience in the lives and steadfast pursuits of the members of The 19th — women and LGBTQ+ journalists — as they struggle to launch the agency and work to gain traction for their newsroom amidst shuttered news outlets and an upended America. With spirited storytelling, the directorial trio of Heather Courtney, Princess A. Hairston, and Chelsea Hernandez provide an inquisitive and dynamic view into the inner workings of this news agency as its journalists disrupt entrenched biases and push for accountability.––Jose Rodriguez

Director: Heather Courtney, Princess A. Hairston, Chelsea Hernandez
Producers: Diane Quon, Heather Courtney, Princess A. Hairston, Chelsea Hernandez


FEATURE | Sweden, Norway, Denmark | 108 MINUTES | Norwegian, Swedish | English subtitles
Women, Documentary, Mystery
World Premiere

Norwegian sisters Kari and May are devout in their religious convictions — to the degree that they perceive divine signs all around them. When May visits Kari in Sweden and decides to buy an apartment in the area to be closer to her, both sisters end up experiencing a divine sign at one particular apartment that prompts them to buy it. However, once they convene to buy it, they witness a shocking revelation that turns their lives upside down: the seller looks identical to their older sister Astrid, who committed suicide some thirty years before. What’s even more unusual: Olaug, the seller of the apartment, used to go by “Lita,” the same distinctive nickname as Kari and May’s deceased sister.

The sisters recruit director Maria Fredriksson to pursue these unusual circumstances, and the filmmaker is thrust into uncovering secrets and eerie mysteries of a bizarre family story. Fredrikkson’s The Gullspång Miracle is a mesmerizing and consistently surprising documentary that epitomizes the ‘stranger than fiction’ narrative. Replete with comically awkward situations and one engrossing revelation after another, the film is a deft exploration of identity and the consequences of stubborn beliefs.—Jose Rodriguez

Director: Maria Fredriksson
Producers: Ina Holmqvist


FEATURE | United States | 104 MINUTES
Action, Women, Documentary, Drama, Romance, Biography, Sports
World Premiere

In the sport of IndyCar racing, there was little Dan Wheldon hadn’t achieved. The British-born driver—winner of the IndyCar Series Drivers’ Championship, key member of a winning team at the 24 Hours of Daytona, and two-time victor of the Indianapolis 500—was a tremendous racer. He was gregarious and confident, yet also self-effacing. He was a man deeply devoted to his wife, Susie, and two young sons, and widely respected and well liked throughout the sport. His death in 2011 at an event in Las Vegas shook motorsports to its core.

Ten years later, Susie Wheldon still finds herself at the racetrack every weekend. Except now she’s there to support her sons, Sebastian and Oliver, as they follow in their father’s on-track footsteps. Laura Brownson’sThe Lionheart is a sensitively observed and deeply felt documentary, one that is at once a portrait of Dan Wheldon himself, a testament to the strength and resilience of Susie Wheldon, and an exploration of the generational reverberations that bind fathers and sons. But perhaps most impactfully, it’s a look at how both honoring a legacy and working through grief can happen by adopting a view loved by a father: the racetrack from behind the wheel of a car.––Jason Gutierrez

Director: Laura Brownson
Producers: Chapman Way, Maclain Way, Laura Brownson
Cast: Michael Andretti, Dario Franchitti, Tony Kanaan, Scott Dixon, Bryan Herta, Chip Ganassi, Sam Schmidt


FEATURE | United States | 88 MINUTES | English, Greek | English subtitles
Women, Documentary, Music
World Premiere

Following the buzz of Tár, Maggie Contreras’ documentary Maestra follows several women from around the world as they compete in the only all-women competition for conductors. This ultra-competitive field is riddled with long-standing issues of sexism, and each participant is approaching the contest with fierce tenacity.

Through her efforts in profiling these women, Contreras reveals how childhood abuse, maternity discrimination, and gendered expectations have molded them as individuals. These disparate experiences paradoxically unite them in a common cause while distinguishing their priorities. One woman wonders whether she should start having children, while another wants to prove herself after being fired for being pregnant. In contrast to the wild gesticulations required of the competitors, Maestra is relatively laid back in its approach, taking time to familiarize us with each woman before the competition starts. Yet a palpable tension starts to build as the competitors are eliminated one by one, despite everyone being a champion.–– Jose Rodriguez

Director: Maggie Contreras
Producers: Maggie Contreras, Neil Berkeley, Emma West, Melanie Miller, Lauren Lexton
Cast: Marin Alsop, Deborah Borda, Mélisse Brunet, Ustina Dubitsky, Tamara Dworetz, Kwamé Ryan, Anna Sułkowska-Migon, Zoe Zeniodi


FEATURE | Lebanon, United States | 91 MINUTES | Arabic, English | English subtitles
Women, Documentary
World Premiere

Jude, a Lebanese-American cinematographer and filmmaker, has always known her mother Hiba to be a woman devoted to her Muslim faith. After growing up in a tight-knit family in the United States, Jude is now living back in Lebanon. The opportunity arises to spend time with her inscrutable mother to better understand Hiba’s spiritual devotion — specifically, her fervent commitment to an all-female religious order that has been operating clandestinely for decades. When she’s not teaching the Quran to students or taking part in poetry readings with peers, Hiba strictly obeys the detailed writings of the Anisa (the leader of the order) who instills in her followers the need to closely observe and practice full days of prayer. Jude pursues a cautious but determined questioning of this religious order’s stranglehold on her mother’s attention and blind devotion — a devotion that ends up causing an emotional rupture within their family.

Employing her skills as a talented cinematographer, filmmaker Jude Chehab crafts a commanding and assured first feature with kinetic aplomb and a visually-stunning cinematic approach. With Q, Chehab presents a respectful but altogether haunting exploration of faith, belief, and the ramifications of allegiance to a cause.––Jose Rodriguez

Director: Jude Chehab
Producers: Jude Chehab
Cast: Hiba Khodr, Ziad Chehab, Doria Mouneimne


FEATURE | United States | 93 MINUTES | English
World Premiere

Environmental workers poke and re-soil the land, working to clean up the now-uncontaminated areas that used to be replete with nuclear material. High school football players take the field for an evening game. Their uniforms, jerseys, and helmets proudly bear the symbol of a nuclear mushroom cloud. This is Richland, a town in Washington State next to the Hanford Nuclear Site from the early 1940s that used to house nuclear government workers at the height of the Manhattan Project. It’s also a town that produced weapons-grade plutonium for decades, and its citizens have pridefully embraced their identity. As one plutonium worker affirms about the mushroom cloud symbol, “People say ‘You need to change that.’ No, we don’t. We don’t need to change it. We don’t look at this as using it to kill people. This is what we accomplished.”

With sobering precision and emotional honesty, filmmaker Irene Lusztig constructs a portrait of an American town at a generational crossroads, its citizens embracing their polarizing origins or reckoning with their past. Lusztig’s Richland dissects a community’s preservation of identity and their views on dominance and security in America.––Jose Rodriguez

Director: Irene Lusztig
Producers: Irene Lusztig and Sara Archambault


FEATURE | UK | 105 MINUTES | English
Documentary, LGBTQIA+, Biography
World Premiere

We all know Rock Hudson as one of the seminal actors of his generation. Starring in countless movies and television shows, he was often perceived as a charming good guy who knew just how to make women fall for him. However, his personal life couldn’t be farther from his typical roles. Due to Hollywood’s intense bigotry and homophobia, Hudson was unable to live as an out gay man — his sexuality was only revealed after his death from AIDS-related complications in 1985. We know of his Hollywood persona and his tragic death, but what about everything else in between?

Acclaimed documentarian Stephen Kijak helms this portrait of Hudson’s life both on and off the screen. Piecing together his story using archival footage and testimonies from some of his closest friends, Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed is a tribute to a trailblazer in LGBTQ+ media that was taken from us too soon. It also confronts the systems that kept him closeted for so many years, asking if progress in Hollywood for queer representation has truly been made.––Frederic Boyer

Director: Stephen Kijak
Producers: Will Clarke, George Chignell, Carolyne Jurriaans, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter


FEATURE | Ukraine | 76 MINUTES | English, Russian, Ukrainian | English subtitles
Documentary, Drama, Politics, Art, Journalism
World Premiere

Director David Gutnik (Materna, Tribeca 2020) returns to the Festival with a raw, atmospheric portrait of today’s Ukraine through the lens of the artists who have chosen to stay. The film’s subjects are Gutnik’s intimate collaborators in exploring what it means to navigate the jarring rhythms and surreal juxtapositions of life under the shadow of war. A young couple wakes to air raid sirens and has tea on their balcony. Neighborhoods lie in ruins, and the community comes together to sweep up broken glass and rubble. Scenes of utter devastation provoke insomnia and numbness — yet friends gather to relax in a bar, an art center pushes ahead with a new exhibition, and artists redouble their commitment to their craft.

While their lives are getting irreversibly altered, these subjects see their practice as a survival tool in a conflict aimed at cultural erasure as much as brute domination. The film beautifully documents how their work — as visual artists, musicians, street artists, performance artists, and filmmakers — both processes the moment and offers hope. Visceral, poetic, and urgent, Rule of Two Walls illuminates the vital role of cultural and spiritual defiance in times of crisis.––Robert Winn

Director: David Gutnik
Producers: Olha Beskhmelnytsina, Sam Bisbee, Stacey Reiss
Cast: Lyana Mytsko, Stepan Burban, Bob Basset, Kinder Album, Bohdana Davydiuk, Diana Berg


FEATURE | New Zealand | 102 MINUTES | English
Dance, Biography, Sports
World Premiere

Becoming a G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) is about more than just being talented in your sport — it’s about building a legend around yourself, which doesn’t come naturally to many athletes. Just ask the mixed martial artist and UFC champion Israel Adesanya, who quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the world of MMA throughout the 2010s. With his unique training background and even more unique inspirations, there’s no other fighter like him in the ring.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, which documentarian Zoe McIntosh shows in Stylebender. Returning to Tribeca after the 2017 premiere of her acclaimed short, The World in Your Window, McIntosh traces Adesanya’s UFC career starting with his 2019 middleweight title win. In the process, she unwraps a fascinating portrait of the modern athlete, charismatic and complex in equal measure. UFC fanatics and those who have never seen a match will find Adesanya’s journey toward greatness captivating, engrossing, and illustrative of the larger-than-life personality you need to succeed in athletics.––Jose Rodriguez

Director: Zoe McIntosh
Producers: Fraser Brown, Leela Menon, Tom Blackwell
Cast: Israel Adesanya, Eugene Bareman


FEATURE | United States | 103 MINUTES | English
World Premiere

In October 2016, Jack Kowalski took his 10-year-old daughter Maya to a hospital emergency room seeking help for extreme pain related to her documented neurological condition: complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Just days later, Maya was declared a ward of the state after physicians suspected her mother, Beata, of child abuse. For the couple, it marked the beginning of a nightmare as they were cut off from their daughter who was held at the hospital against her will. With little recourse, they had no option but to comply. In the excruciating months that followed, Jack and Beata found themselves at the mercy of a flawed child welfare system and ultimately embroiled in a David and Goliath legal battle with devastating consequences.

Directed by Tribeca alum Henry Roosevelt (Sixth of June), Take Care of Maya traces the Kowalskis’ harrowing plummet into the complex system referred to by some as the “child welfare industry.” Combining intimate access to a deeply personal story with elements of investigative journalism, this impactful film examines the lingering trauma left behind when families are torn apart. As infuriating as it is riveting, Maya’s story is a heartbreaking call to action.––Andrea Passafiume

Director: Henry Roosevelt
Producers: Caitlin Keating


FEATURE | United States | 89 MINUTES | Dari, English, Farsi | English subtitles
Documentary, LGBTQIA+
World Premiere

Conflict documentarian Jordan Bryon is invited by a Taliban Commander to film the daily life of a Taliban unit after the fall of Kabul for the New York Times. A stressful assignment for any documentarian, but this assignment proves to be particularly tumultuous because Bryon is in the process of a gender transition. Undergoing gender transition is stressful in the best of times, but doing so in Afghanistan during the Taliban’s takeover puts it on a whole other level. Bryon takes us through his transition from starting hormones to undergoing top surgery in Iran. And ultimately, through the complicated relationship he develops with the Taliban fighters he is embedded with.

Transition features extraordinary footage of Bryon hanging out with armed men when increasing friendliness creates unbearable tension. However, the film, directed by Monica Villamizar and Bryon himself, tempers any appetite for spectacle with a reflective tone about Bryon’s ethical duty, his awareness of the safety concerns of his friends and colleagues, Kiana, a female photojournalist, and Teddy, his cameraman, and his growing acceptance that his adopted home will never be the same. All this comes together for a knotty, achingly personal film that is grand in scope.––Faridah Gbadamosi

Director: Jordan Bryon, Monica Villamizar
Producers: Monica Villamizar
Cast: Jordan Bryon, Farzad Fetrat, Kiana Hayeri

Spotlight Narrative


FEATURE | United States | 91 MINUTES | English
Comedy, Drama
North American Premiere

When Eric’s (Michael Cera) short trip back home turns into an extended stay, relationships with friends and family come to a head. The trip reunites him with his sisters, Rachel (Hannah Gross) and Maggie (Sophia Lillis), and unearths some old wounds as Maggie yearns to rekindle moments of their youth. At the same time, Eric falls back in with his old poker buddies, asserting his dominance as the best poker player in town. They gradually reveal their complicated inner lives, trauma, and relationships through theatrical performances and shared histories. The film’s strength lies in the cast’s nuanced performances and writer-director Dustin Guy Defa’s use of raw emotion and close-ups to convey the siblings’ complicated dynamic.

With top-notch performances from a talented cast, Defa returns to Tribeca with a personal and uplifting film that delves into family bonds and memories through the lens of a broken family trying to mend. The Adults is a well-crafted and affecting film that blends humor and heartache in a way that is both honest and relatable.––Jarod Neece

Director: Dustin Guy Defa
Producers: Allison Rose Carter, Jon Read, Julia Thompson, Michael Cera, Hannah Dweck, Theodore Schaefer
Cast: Michael Cera, Hannah Gross, Sophia Lillis


FEATURE | Germany | 102 MINUTES | German | English subtitles
Drama, LGBTQIA+, Art
New York Premiere

Author Leon (Thomas Schubert) and photographer Felix (Langston Uibel) arrive at a beach house by the Baltic Sea to work on their respective artistic pursuits only to learn that they won’t be alone; Nadja (Paula Beer) will be joining them. She cooks delicious food, plays music late at night, and invites her maybe-boyfriend Devid (Enno Trebs) to join them, simultaneously irritating and intriguing Leon. As he finds himself drawn closer to her, the dry summer heat slowly transforms the forest around them into kindling for a raging fire.

German auteur Christian Petzold reunites with muse Beer for his third collaboration with the actress after Transit and Undine in this eerily romantic character study. Punctuated by immersive audio and the song “in my mind” by Wallners, Petzold and his collaborators drop us in a dreamlike daze that feels both remarkably grounded and subtly delirious. Deeply relevant in its commentary on climate change while timeless in its approaches to romance and regret, Afire burns even brighter than the sum of its stunning parts.––Cyrus Cohen

Director: Christian Petzold
Producers: Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Michael Weber, Anton Kaiser
Cast: Thomas Schubert Paula Beer Langston Uibel


FEATURE | United States | 96 MINUTES
Expressions of Black Freedom
US Premiere

Seven Black friends reunite at a cabin in the woods to celebrate Juneteenth. They ignite in friendly banter as they arrive, referencing old jokes like they just saw each other yesterday. But as night falls, things begin to go awry in the picturesque cabin. Lights go out and a masked archer stalks them from outside. Once they’re trapped in a room, the group must play the ultimate game: figure out who among them is the Blackest — or else they all die. So, who exactly is the Blackest of them all? And who will make it through the night?

Based on the viral and acclaimed digital short, this uproarious horror comedy pits starring talent Dewayne Perkins, Grace Byers, Yvonne Orji, Jay Pharoah, X Mayo, and more against elements cultural and brutalistic. More subtly, the film dually unpacks and adds to our contemporary understanding of American Blackness and the individual biases people hold, whether in spite of or in line with their friends and family.––Casey Baron

Director: Tim Story
Producers: Tim Story, Tracy Oliver, E. Brian Dobbins, Marcei A. Brown, Jason Clark, Sharla Sumpter Bridgett
Cast: Grace Byers, Jermaine Fowler, Melvin Gregg, X Mayo, Dewayne Perkins, Antoinette Robertson, Sinqua Walls, with Jay Pharoah, and Yvonne Orji


FEATURE | United States | 98 MINUTES | English
Action, Thriller
World Premiere

Director Rod Blackhurst, winner of the 2016 Tribeca Audience Award for Here Alone, returns with a crime thriller about how far one man will go to provide for his family. Cliff (Scoot McNairy), a down-at-luck traveling salesman, loses his job before an opportunity presents itself by way of his old colleague, Ricky (Kit Harington). He is rightly hesitant but, running out of options, has no choice but to take Ricky up on the offer. He soon discovers he will be running drugs and guns across state lines for cartel leader John (Josh Lucas). During what should have been an easy assignment, Ricky shows his true colors, throwing both himself and Cliff into a fight for survival.

Blood for Dust utilizes each of its main actors to their highest potential. McNairy brings a humanity to Cliff and we can’t help being on his side the whole way. Josh Lucas has never been scarier, and Kit Harrington gives a career-best performance — viewers will be stunned by his onscreen persona. Blackhurst has crafted a unique film that gets to the heart of one man, and with outstanding mise-en-scène, this is a film you won’t soon forget.––Paul Struthers

Director: Rod Blackhurst
Producers: Noah Lang, Mark Fasano, Nathan Klingher, Bobby Campbell, Arun Kumar, Ari Novak, Bernard Kira
Cast: Scoot McNairy, Kit Harington, Josh Lucas, Stephen Dorff, Ethan Suplee, Nora Zehetner, Amber Rose Mason


FEATURE | United States | 105 MINUTES | English
Comedy, Drama
World Premiere

Ask any Red Sox fan about Bucky Dent and the response is always the same: a sigh and shake of the head as we dejectedly mutter, “Bucky fucking Dent.” For those of us who live and die with the Olde Towne Teame, Bucky Dent is a very specific avatar of heartbreak: the quiet, unassuming kind of heartbreak that you silently dismiss until it’s right in front of you, knocking a 1-1 pitch over the Green Monster in left.

It’s the kind of wry, tragicomic heartbreak that courses through writer-director David Duchovny’s incredibly generous, very funny adaptation of his own novel. Starring Logan Marshall-Green, Bucky F**king Dent follows Ted, a Yankee Stadium peanut slinger writing the Great American Novel in his spare time. When Ted discovers his estranged, Red Sox fanatic father (played by Duchovny) has a terminal cancer diagnosis, Ted returns home to take care of the old man. While Ted’s father wants to make up for lost time and relive his youth, his health drops precipitously when the Sox take a loss. So Ted, along with a group of friendly locals, takes matters into his own hands and manufactures a winning streak. But it’s the 1978 baseball season and Bucky Dent is lurking…––Jason Gutierrez

Director: David Duchovny
Producers: Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Beckerman, Tiffany Kuzon, David Duchovny
Cast: David Duchovny, Logan Marshall-Green, Stephanie Beatriz, Jason Beghe, Evan Handler, Pamela Adlon, Daphne Rubin-Vega


FEATURE | United States | 91 MINUTES | English
Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance, Thriller, Expressions of Black Freedom
World Premiere

Aspiring singer Jodi Jackson (Tony nominee Hailey Kilgore) has a big voice and dreams to match but struggles to make ends meet as a gas station attendant whose boss (Damon Wayans) may not be on the up and up. Enter charming small-time crook Eddie (David Iacono). He would do anything to make her dreams come true. The two lovers hatch a plan to change their lives, but as the old proverb goes, “We plan, God laughs.” What follows is a journey in which they both must use their wits to survive.

Reminiscent of ‘70s blaxploitation films, with an outstandingly menacing performance from the genre’s queen, Pam Grier, this directorial debut from Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr. is a superfly thriller filled with intrigue, music, and a whole lot of heart.––Faridah Gbadamosi

Director: Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr.
Producers: Oz Scott, Kevin Garnett
Cast: Damon Wayans, Hailey Kilgore, David Iacono, Jeremie Harris, and Pam Grier


FEATURE | United States, Canada | 91 MINUTES | English
Women, Drama, Thriller
World Premiere

Eager to impress the esteemed-yet-cutthroat news reporter Diane Heger (Tracee Ellis Ross), ambitious journalism student Mia Scott (Bel Powley) desperately competes for her attention. With increasing pressure from Diane to outperform her peers, Mia finds a new angle for her latest story about an unsuspecting subject: precocious teen Igor Nowak (Jacob Tremblay). But her new approach involves manipulating his story — and the truth itself.

This kinetic drama is guided by the skillful hand of debut feature filmmaker Roxine Helberg, who delicately balances the fiery push and pull of her two leads. While Tracee Ellis Ross stuns with a magnetically austere turn, Bel Powley finds an alarming level of cunning to drive her character. With these two women pushing each other to their moral limits for the sake of a compelling story, journalistic integrity gets muddied in this timely piece that scandalizes at each beat.––Dominique Oneil

Director: Roxine Helberg
Producers: Justin Lothrop, Brent Stiefel, Daniel Bekerman, Roxine Helberg
Cast: Bel Powley, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jacob Tremblay, Nesta Cooper


FEATURE | United States | 91 MINUTES | English
Comedy, Drama
World Premiere

Life in a small town is always hard, but what about a small town that’s about to be hit with a once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm? That’s what the citizens of Owl, North Dakota are about to experience in the winter of 1984. This snowstorm – and the leadup to it – brings together three very different people: nostalgic football fan Horace (Ed Harris), newbie teacher Julia (Lily Rabe), and depressed quarterback Mitch (August Blanco Rosenstein).

Rabe teams up with her real-life husband, Hamish Linklater, to adapt Chuck Klosterman’s acclaimed 2008 novel for the duo’s directorial debut. Thanks to Linklater’s script and an ensemble cast that includes Henry Golding and a delightfully out-of-type Vanessa Hudgens, Downtown Owl harkens back to the anxieties and isolation of Reagan-era Middle America while looking towards a better future. Equal parts contemplative drama and quirky comedy, this unlikely crowd-pleaser proves that sometimes, the people you need most in your life are the people you’d least expect.––Jarod Neece

Director: Lily Rabe, Hamish Linklater
Producers: Bettina Barrow, Lily Rabe, Hamish Linklater, Rebecca Green
Cast: Lily Rabe, Ed Harris, Vanessa Hudgens, August Blanco Rosenstein, Jack Dylan Grazer, Arianna Jaffier with Finn Wittrock and Henry Golding


FEATURE | United States | 119 MINUTES | English
World Premiere

Michael Shannon directs an adaptation of Brett Neveu’s 2002 play about a mother coping with the fallout after her son murders three of his high school classmates. Janice (Judy Greer) is struggling; she moves through life as if in a haze, unable to let go of her anger and frustration. While her husband (Alexander Skarsgård) has found refuge at a new church, Janice finds it hard to seek solace in her faith despite her pastor’s pleas to heal her wounds by meeting with the mothers of her son’s victims. As Janice ponders what that meeting could achieve for her and her community, Eric LaRue asks audiences to witness the frayed emotional ripples that violent acts can engender.

Anchored by Greer’s deeply arresting performance, Shannon’s directorial debut grapples head-on with frustratingly timely conversations about who deserves our compassion and grace. Standout supporting turns by Tracy Letts and Alison Pill, who capture a subtly unnerving vision of spiritual fanaticism, stress the film’s interest in complicating facile views of atonement and forgiveness in light of such tragedies.––Manuel Betancourt

Director: Michael Shannon
Producers: Sarah Green, Karl Hartman, Jina Panebianco
Cast: Judy Greer, Alexander Skarsgård, Alison Pill, Tracy Letts, Paul Sparks


FEATURE | United States | 97 MINUTES | English
Women, Comedy, Art
World Premiere

With First Time Female Director, Chelsea Peretti wears all the hats. Making her directorial debut, the comedian is also on hand as writer and producer, and she leads a hilarious, star-studded cast as Sam, a playwright working for a small local theater in Glendale. When the theater’s director is fired for inappropriate behavior, Sam is thrust into the leadership role, where she quickly discovers that being a director may be a lot more challenging than she originally thought. Wanting to stage her dream production, a rural drama set in the South, Sam finds a bevy of issues (including a recalcitrant cast) awaiting her and threatening her latest work.

Filtered through Peretti’s unique, wry perspective, First Time Female Director is an off-kilter, hilarious, but genuinely heartfelt tribute to the theater and joy of performance. Aided by a fantastic cast that includes the likes of Megan Mullally, Blake Anderson, Megan Stalter, and Kate Berlant (plus cameos that shouldn’t be spoiled), Chelsea Peretti’s first time out as a director is a memorable one.––Jason Gutierrez

Director: Chelsea Peretti
Producers: Amy Poehler, Deanna Barillari, Chelsea Peretti, Kate Arend, Jordan Grief
Cast: Chelsea Peretti, Amy Poehler, Kate Berlant, Benito Skinner, Megan Stalter, Megan Mullally, Blake Anderson, Jak Knight, Natasha Leggero, Xosha Roquemore, Max Greenfield, Andy Richter, Tim Heidecker, Brad Hall


FEATURE | United States | 120 MINUTES | English
New York, Women, Drama
World Premiere

The women of the Larusso crime family are no strangers to adapting to tough circumstances. In the wake of their world being unexpectedly uprooted, these women learn to fend for themselves in New York City during the late 20th century, even with the cards stacked against them. Led by their unsteady but loving mother Francine (Jennifer Esposito), two very different sisters — destructive Connie (Odessa A’zion) and dutiful Rose (Emily Bader) — are the next generation of women who must grow up in this turbulent world controlled by unspoken rules that dictate who they are and who they become.

Written and directed by first-time filmmaker Jennifer Esposito, this gritty mob drama with a feminist twist provides a layered, original look into the dynamics of a crime family by focusing on its usually invisible female members. With strong performances across the board — including powerful supporting turns from Annabella Sciorra and Domenick Lombardozzi — this gripping crime saga shows that ambition and violence are not solely the purview of men in the world of organized crime.––Karen Kemmerle

Director: Jennifer Esposito
Producers: Leslie Owen, Jennifer Esposito, Christine Crokos, Samantha Sprecher
Cast: Emily Bader, Odessa A’zion, Jennifer Esposito, Domenick Lombardozzi, Annabella Sciorra, Nicholas Cirillo


FEATURE | United States | 100 MINUTES | English
Comedy, Drama
World Premiere

Nick Jonas stars as Renn, an emotionally distant writer who returns to his hometown of Cleveland for his beloved mother’s funeral, after having spent years successfully avoiding interactions with his high-strung sister (Brittany Snow), bumbling but well-meaning father (Matt Walsh), and untrustworthy step-father (David Arquette). While in town, he forges a new relationship with a charming, energetic stranger (Alexandra Shipp) who pushes him to realize that he can’t avoid conflict forever — with his family or within himself.

Screenwriter Brett Ryland cleverly constructs this intimate story by seamlessly weaving memories of Renn’s mother (Elisabeth Shue) into his journey as he confronts complex familial relationships with a refreshingly wry sense of humor — a reminder that grief and growth involve ups and downs, with pain and laughter along the way. An impressive directorial effort from Robert Schwartzman, featuring grounded and moving performances by a fantastic ensemble cast, this tender family dramedy offers an honest and nuanced approach to grief, regret, and healing.––Celeste Wong

Director: Robert Schwartzman
Producers: Russell Wayne Groves, Robert Schwartzman, Brett Ryland
Cast: Nick Jonas, Brittany Snow, David Arquette, Alexandra Shipp, Matt Walsh, Elisabeth Shue


FEATURE | United States | 95 MINUTES | English
Comedy, Thriller
World Premiere

Zachary Quinto and Jacob Elordi star in this wicked take on the buddy road trip. In 1964 along Route 66, a 19-year-old serial killer Bobby (Elordi) finds himself needing a ride, but is devoid of options. His luck soon changes when he’s picked up by a celebrity animal handler, Jim (Quinto), who’s trekking along the great American highway with priceless cargo in tow: his chimpanzee, Spanky — an American TV darling. Bobby just wants to make it to his destination, while Jim and Spanky have goals of their own. As stress between them rises and their fiery personalities combust, the road only becomes more treacherous the farther they go.

This film is as much about a found family as it is a volatile crime drama centered on a serial killer and his captives on the road. Quinto and Elordi draw the audience in with their captivating chemistry as both performances bring out stark revelations about Jim and Bobby, and the difficulty of walking with kindness while navigating a brutal world.––Casey Baron

Director: Jeffrey Darling
Producers: Marc Benardout, Hugh Broder, James Harris, Jeremy L Kotin, Mark Lane
Cast: Jacob Elordi, Zachary Quinto, and Patrick J Adams, introducing Phoenix Notary & Ananyaa Shah


FEATURE | United States | 95 MINUTES | English
Action, Drama, Thriller
World Premiere

Ariana DeBose takes over Tribeca in a rollicking sci-fi space thriller. Orbiting the planet aboard the International Space Station, two crews of scientists conduct research towards the betterment of humanity. Soon, however, international tensions on Earth escalate in unpredictable ways. With little information relayed from command centers, the teams find themselves reeling as they receive the same orders: take control of the station at any cost.

The cold harshness of space comes into stark reality as thriller and science fiction combine to form an engrossing look at power dynamics and the places they exist regardless of Earth and space. Chris Messina and Pilou Asbæk bring gravitas as support systems on either side of the clash, which lobs questions at the audience about identity, national pride, and the irreducible need for decency.–– Casey Baron

Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite
Producers: Pete Shilaimon, Mickey Liddell
Cast: Ariana DeBose, Chris Messina, Pilou Asbæk, John Gallagher Jr., Masha Mashkova, Costa Ronin


World Premiere

A comedy special by way of The Last Waltz, New York’s alt-comedy godfather John Early performs his silly, surreal, spontaneous stand-up set in front of a live audience, a full band … and his parents.

Director: Emily Allan, Leah Hennessey
Producers: John Early, Dave Kneebone, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Janel Kranking
Cast: John Early


FEATURE | United States, France | 110 MINUTES | English
Comedy, Thriller
World Premiere

Ray Jepsen (John Magaro) is a humble co-owner of a hardware store who still can’t believe he managed to marry local beauty queen Stacy-Lynn. When his private investigator friend, Skip (Steve Zahn), reveals to Ray that Stacy-Lynn is having an affair, Ray decides to kill himself. He secures a gun and goes to a seedy motel parking lot to do the deed, but before he can pull the trigger, he is mistaken by a stranger for a low-rent hitman (a sinister Dylan Baker) and given an envelope full of cash and an address. Desperate to win back his self-respect and his wife, Ray decides to take the job — but soon wishes he had just killed himself.

Written and directed by first-time filmmaker Shane Atkinson, LaRoy is a quirky black crime comedy filled with eccentric characters, memorable performances, and wild twists. Well-crafted and deftly paced, this strikingly odd and menacing tale of betrayal, greed, and sacrifice will stick with you.––Karen Kemmerle

Director: Shane Atkinson
Producers: Caddy Vanasirikul, Sébastien Aubert, Jérémie Guiraud
Cast: John Magaro, Steve Zahn, Dylan Baker, Megan Stevenson, Matthew Del Negro, Brad Leland


FEATURE | UK, Germany | 102 MINUTES | English
World Premiere

Unable to find inspiration for his newest piece, young author Liam (Daryl McCormack) takes on the titanic weight of tutoring the son of legendary writer J.M. Sinclair (Richard E. Grant) and his wife Hélène Sinclair (Julie Delpy). Reeling from the mysterious passing of their eldest son, the Sinclairs push Liam to work harder and invite him to stay on the estate grounds with them. Soon enough, lies big and small unfurl as a well-intentioned exercise quickly transforms into a saga of lust, betrayal, jealousy, and the quest for legacy-defining relevance. A battle of wits begins with everyone carrying much to lose.

Delpy, Grant, and McCormack all make triumphant returns to Tribeca in a drama bubbling with explorations of authorship and the inextricable link between family, no matter how broken. Thrilling and darkly comedic, the project questions the efficacy and sour ethical dynamics which may arise from mentorship and the tenuous hopes and dreams many wrap around that very concept.––Casey Baron

Director: Alice Troughton
Producers: Camille Gatin, Cassandra Sigsgaard, Judy Tossell, Fabien Westerhoff
Cast: Richard E Grant, Julie Delpy, Daryl McCormack, Stephen McMillan, Crispin Letts


FEATURE | United States | 100 MINUTES | English
Drama, Thriller
World Premiere

Ethan Berger’s feature narrative debut is an engrossing contemplation of blind adherence to tradition through the lens of a fictional college fraternity. Tom (Alex Wolff), a passionate ‘brother’ of this fraternity, is charmed by the promises of high social status and alumni connections that open doors. But as a classmate outside of his social circle named Annabelle (Halle Bailey) enters his life, his devotion begins to falter. Once the scheduled hazing of new fraternity members comes to a disturbing head, Tom is faced with the decision of a lifetime.

In this unique dive into traditions ingrained in American culture, Berger opens up a conversation that can be applied to any example of absolute loyalty to an institution. Wolff offers a gut-wrenching performance of a young man questioning every belief that had once comprised his being. He is joined by John Malkovich and Denise Richards as the corrupt, wealthy parents of his power-hungry roommate — an earlier generation perpetuating these same traditions.––Kylie Jost-Price

Director: Ethan Berger
Producers: Alexandre Dauman, Jack Parker, Adam Paulsen, Lije Sarki
Cast: Alex Wolff, Lewis Pullman, Halle Bailey, Austin Abrams, Angus Cloud, Scoot McNairy, John Malkovich, Bo Mitchell, Denise Richards


FEATURE | United States | 96 MINUTES
North American Premiere

When evening sets in, Beth (Tessa Thompson) is one of many volunteers manning helplines to lend a kind ear to people in crisis. The Listener charts a night in Beth’s life listening to the problems of faceless people and trying her best to help them. Always difficult, often disturbing, and, on that rare occasion, transformative, Beth’s night provides a cross-section of American society through the prism of mental health.

Directed by Steve Buscemi, The Listener is that rare chamber piece that is often as tense as a globe-trotting thriller. Beth not only has to talk down those who are about to end their own life, but also deal with creeps over the phone. Thompson is joined by a number of well-known voices on the other end of the line, including Rebecca Hall, Jamie Hector, and Alia Shawkat. With its emphasis on conversation, The Listener proves itself to be a stirring testament to the power of empathy.––Jarod Neece

Director: Steve Buscemi
Producers: Wren Arthur, Steve Buscemi, Oren Moverman, Lauren Hantz, Tessa Thompson
Cast: Tessa Thompson


FEATURE | United States | 99 MINUTES
World Premiere

Maggie Moorie(s) is a wonderfully twisted dark comedy that takes the audience on an unexpected journey through a seemingly ordinary small desert town. In this quirky locale, a bizarre series of events unfold as two women who share the same name are murdered just days apart. Police chief Jordan Sanders (Jon Hamm) is determined to solve the mystery of the murders while simultaneously grappling with the challenges of his tumultuous personal life. Tina Fey delivers a captivating, memorable performance as the nosy neighbor whose curiosity gets the better of her as she inadvertently becomes entangled with Hamm’s character.

John Slattery’s directorial prowess shines in this unique blend of crime, humor, and romance. While comparisons to the Coen brothers’ work are inevitable given the film’s darkly comedic tone and offbeat characters, Slattery’s vision sets it apart as a refreshingly original take on the genre. The film’s stellar cast, engaging plot, and Slattery’s deft directorial hand create a cinematic experience that will keep audiences entertained until the end.––Jarod Neece

Director: John Slattery
Producers: John Slattery, Vincent Newman, Dan Reardon, Santosh Govindaraju, Nancy Leopardi, Ross Kohn
Cast: Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Micah Stock, Nick Mohammed, Happy Anderson, Mary Holland


FEATURE | Ireland, UK | 91 MINUTES | English
Women, Comedy
World Premiere

The Miracle Club is a heartwarming film that follows the story of close friends Lily (Maggie Smith), Eileen (Kathy Bates), and Dolly (Agnes O’Casey) from Ballyfermot, a hard-knock community in Dublin, Ireland. When the opportunity arises for the women to win a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, they jump at the chance. With their priest’s help, the women win the trip and embark on a journey that will change their lives. Once in Lourdes, the women are tasked with helping the sick and disabled pilgrims who come to bathe in the town’s healing springs. As they work, they reflect on their lives and search for personal miracles. However, when they are joined by Chrissie (Laura Linney), who has returned from the U.S. after a long absence, old wounds are reopened, and the women must confront their pasts.

The Miracle Club is a heartwarming, hilarious film that celebrates the power of friendship, love, and laughter with stunning performances and a poignant message. The stories of these women reminds us that we are only as strong as the friends and family who stand by us.––Jarod Neece

Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan
Producers: Joshua D. Maurer, Alixandre Witlin, Chris Curling, Larry Bass, Aaron Farrell, John Gleeson and Osín O’Neill
Cast: Laura Linney, Maggie Smith, Kathy Bates, Agnes O’Casey, Stephen Rea


FEATURE | United States | 104 MINUTES | English
New York, Drama, LGBTQIA+
World Premiere

Billy Porter and Luke Evans return to Tribeca playing partners of thirteen years. Billy stars as Gabriel, an aspiring artist struggling to find creative and personal spark while caring for the young son he shares with his ambitious partner, Nicky (Luke Evans). Stress and anxiety flare as their relationship gets to an unrepairable place, forcing the couple to head for a divorce. Now the two must navigate the unenviable position of revealing the news to shared friends and family. Thus begins the journey to find themselves and support their son.

Drama meets mindfulness as audiences explore contemporary relationships between gay men trying to make their way in the world. This story unabashedly unfolds with the pride and wherewithal of the path paved before, as well as an engaging look at the space beyond the traumatic overtures and trappings that the queer community knows all too well. Evans and Porter are joined by an all-star cast including Phylicia Rashad, Robin Weigert, Andrew Rannells, and Kate Burton.––Casey Baron

Director: Bill Oliver
Producers: Fernando Loureiro, Eric Binns, Guilherme Coelho, Jennifer 8. Lee, Christopher Lin
Cast: Billy Porter, Luke Evans, Robin Weigert, Andrew Rannells, Isaac Powell, Phylicia Rashad


FEATURE | United States | 91 MINUTES | English
Comedy, Romance
World Premiere

Looking for a fresh start and career comeback, Jenna (Gabrielle Union) returns to the workforce, where she must navigate a challenging workplace, a demanding boss, and a lusty secret romance.

Director: Numa Perrier
Producers: Glendon Palmer, Gabrielle Union, Jeff Morrone, Codie Elaine Oliver, Tommy Oliver
Cast: Gabrielle Union, Keith Powers, Aisha Hinds, DB Woodside, Janet Hubert, Alani “La La” Anthony and Gina Torres


FEATURE | United States | 92 MINUTES | English
Comedy, LGBTQIA+
World Premiere

Shortcomings, directed by Randall Park, is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged drama that explores the complexities of modern relationships, identity, and culture. Based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel by Adrian Tomine, the film follows the lives of Ben Tanaka (Justin H. Min) and Miko Hayashi (Ally Maki), a couple living in California who struggle to navigate their relationship and personal identities. As Ben, a Japanese-American comic book artist, confronts his feelings of inadequacy and racial identity, Miko, a Chinese-American writer, feels a sense of displacement and longing to belong. When Miko decides to work in New York City, Ben must confront his deepest fears and insecurities as he contemplates his future.

Featuring terrific performances by a talented cast, including Stephanie Hsu and Debby Ryan, Shortcomings is a powerful and timely film that explores themes of race, culture, and identity with honesty and sensitivity. The movie’s carefree style is enhanced by sharp, clever conversations, a daring soundtrack, and captivating, vibrant cinematography by Santiago Gonzalez.––Jarod Neece

Director: Randall Park
Producers: Hieu Ho, Randall Park, Michael Golamco, Jennifer Berman, Howard Cohen, Eric D’Arbeloff, Margot Hand
Cast: Justin H. Min, Sherry Cola, Ally Maki, Debby Ryan, Tavi Gevinson, Sonoya Mizuno, Jacob Batalon, Timothy Simons

Spotlight Documentary


FEATURE | United States | 106 MINUTES | English
Documentary, Politics
World Premiere

Over one thousand people have been charged with storming the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, as part of a widely televised insurrection attempt. Approximately 15% of them worked as police or military personnel. This staggering statistic begs an important question: how can a service member who took an oath to protect the country’s democracy do something that puts that very democracy in jeopardy?

Documentary producer Charlie Sadoff makes his directorial debut with Against All Enemies: an inside look at how military veterans become radicalized through groups like the Proud Boys. As a slew of experts and veterans explain, the connection is more complex, historical, and exploitative than it may seem. Using never-before-seen insider footage and unearthed history of military bigotry, audiences will find out just how easy it is for veterans to fight for everything they seemingly swore against and how this phenomenon doesn’t have an easy fix.––Cara Cusumano

Director: Charlie Sadoff
Producers: Charlie Sadoff, Kenneth Harbaugh, Sebastian Junger
Cast: Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Dr. Kathleen Belew, Ali Soufan, Kristofer Goldsmith, Stewart Rhodes, Eric “General E” Braden, Michael Breen, Jason Crow, Mikie Sherrill, Seth Moulton, Michael Washington, Randy Ireland, Simon Clark, Denver Riggleman, Esosa Osa, Bill Kristol


FEATURE | United States | 100 MINUTES | English
Documentary, Music, Expressions of Black Freedom
World Premiere

New York native Biz Markie remains a hip-hop icon despite his untimely death in 2021. Best known for his 1989 Top 40 hit “Just a Friend”, Markie was a rapper, beatboxer, songwriter, and producer who was fondly referred to as the clown prince of hip-hop. Markie performed all over the world and made cameo appearances in TV shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, In Living Color, and The Tonight Show, and films including Men in Black II and Sharknado 2.

In All Up in the Biz, Director Sacha Jenkins weaves together a collage of dynamic celebrity interviews, rare archival footage, reenactments with puppets, and playful animation to share the personal and professional story of Biz Markie and the mark he left on hip-hop history and the music industry around the world.––Dan Hunt

Director: Sacha Jenkins
Producers: Andre Wilkins, Djali Brown-Cepeda
Cast: Biz Markie, Tara Hall, Nick Cannon, Tracy Morgan, Big Daddy Kane, Fat Joe, Daryl McDaniels, Doug E Fresh, Dapper Dan, Prince Paul, Rakim, Marley Marl


FEATURE | United States | 98 MINUTES | English
Women, Documentary, Music, Expressions of Black Freedom
World Premiere

“The Star-Spangled Banner”, written in 1814 using the melody of an old British tune, is a song that evokes a range of emotions from patriotic pride to cynicism and terror. But what would the national anthem sound like if it was based on American music? Anthem follows composer and pianist Kris Bowers and producer Dahi as they journey across the country to find out.

The duo’s road trip takes them to Detroit, home of the Motown sound and civil unrest; Clarksdale, the birthplace of the blues; Nashville, the country music capital of the world; New Orleans, where jazz bands preserve a unique musical legacy; Tulsa, where Native American musicians share their story through dance; and San Francisco, where Latin American culture and activism thrive. Conversations with the musicians in each of these cities naturally lead Bowers and Dahi to deeper discussions about race, history, and national identity, culminating with recording a new anthem that reflects the America we know and love today.––Jose Rodriguez

Director: Peter Nicks
Producers: Peter Nicks, Kris Bowers, Sean Havey, Chris L. Jenkins, Ryan Coogler (Proximity)
Cast: Kris Bowers, Dahi, Ruby Amanfu, Charity Bowden, Joy Harjo, Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea


FEATURE | United States | 95 MINUTES | English
World Premiere

ESPN once televised a football game between IMG, one of America’s most prominent high school teams, and the unknown Bishop Sycamore. The game ended with a score of 58-0 and a blowout by IMG that endangered students’ lives. People began to ask, “Who is Bishop Sycamore?” as news came back that the school used college-age players who shouldn’t have been eligible to play — and that Bishop Sycamore wasn’t even a real high school. From inquiries made by the Ohio High School Athletic Association to the journalists digging in, this truer-than-fiction story questions the entire business model of amateur sports.

Directed by Martin Desmond Roe and Travon Free, and featuring interviews with players, families, coaches, and the team’s controversial head coach Roy Johnson, this film captures your attention and searches for answers.––Jarod Neece

Director: Martin Desmond Roe, Travon Free
Producers: Jack Turner, Spencer Paysinger


FEATURE | United States | 96 MINUTES | English, Ukrainian
World Premiere

Months after Russia invades Ukraine, the conflict continues with no end in sight. Ukrainian citizens are forced to find a new normal under the constant constriction of war. Four burgeoning stand-up comics utilize comedy to reconcile the challenge of resuming routine life while living in an embattled state. Drawing inspiration from their daily life, they build provocative comedy routines providing witty, biting, and poignant commentary on war, their country, and resistance. As an act of rebellion against Russian forces, they take their tour on the road, traveling to theaters, shelters, and the frontlines to deliver joy and comfort to their countrymen.

This timely documentary offers a unique perspective on a story currently playing out on the global stage. Its intimate access to ordinary citizens creates a stark but thoughtful profile of life in wartime, where, despite the atrocities, everyday life continues. The subjects’ brave comedy is a balm to injured spirits, and their indomitable courage empowers others to persist. It is a beautiful portrait of the enduring human spirit and comedy’s healing power.––Robin Robinson

Director: Christopher Walters
Producers: Krista Liney, Anton Tymoshenko, Joshua Zimmerman, Christopher Walters
Cast: Anton Tymoshenko, Hanna Kochehura, Vasyl Byduck, Sasha Kachura


FEATURE | Mexico, United States | 105 MINUTES | English | English subtitles
Documentary, Environmental, Food, Nature, Journalism
World Premiere

From Kiss the Ground filmmakers Rebecca and Josh Tickell, Common Ground, narrated by Laura Dern, presents an urgent message about the poisonous practices within American food systems. At the forefront of this plight are the farmers and families who have lived through tragedy and illness at the hands of government policies that favor Big Ag and big profits. In acknowledging how racism has forged today’s farming industry, regenerative farmers are returning to pre-colonial practices pioneered by indigenous and Black farmers to restore soil, keep Americans alive, and leave a legacy for generations to follow.

Common Ground emphasizes the need to face the reality of our food systems and how profits and power are the driving force behind them. This issue affects all Americans, from the soil we stand on to the toxic air we breathe. Fighting against agro-chemical business in favor of regenerative farming is presented as a clear, bipartisan necessity for the health of our country, its people, and our collective future.––Daniela Leal

Director: Josh and Rebecca Tickell
Producers: Rebecca Tickell, Josh Tickell, Eric Dillon
Cast: Laura Dern, Jason Momoa, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, Ian Somerhalder, Donald Glover


FEATURE | United States | 92 MINUTES | English
Documentary, LGBTQIA+
World Premiere

In a country obsessed with gender, intersex people are often erased entirely. Sean Saifa Wall, Alicia Roth Weigel, and River Gallo are here to change that. Recounting their individual experiences with stigma, social pressure, and nonconsensual surgeries performed on them as minors, these three make the case for the much-needed rethinking of both archaic medical practices and binary ideas of gender and sex.

Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker Julie Cohen (RGB, My Name Is Pauli Murray) allows her documentary participants to guide this intimate portrait of life in between and outside binaries and creates something wholly unique in the process. Combining personal testimony with archival footage, Cohen directly engages with our country’s transphobic history and exposes how little has evolved in the way intersex people are viewed and treated by medical professionals and society at large. However, as these three incredible individuals show in this fearless film, a better future is not only possible but near.––Cyrus Cohen

Director: Julie Cohen
Producers: Tommy Nguyen, Molly O’Brien
Cast: Sean Saifa Wall, Alicia Roth Weigel, River Gallo


FEATURE | United States | 100 MINUTES | English
New York, Women, Comedy, Documentary, LGBTQIA+, Art, Biography, Fashion
World Premiere

Carrie Bradshaw’s tutu. Miranda Priestly’s hair. Betty Suarez’s red-framed glasses. Even if you haven’t heard of Patricia Field, there is no doubt you’re deeply familiar with her legendary designs. Happy Clothes: A Film About Patricia Field takes a deep dive into the storied life of this iconic costume designer. Take a walk down memory lane with Field and her endless list of friends, team members, and collaborators to see how some of the most memorable film and television costumes came to life.

Featuring interviews with television fan favorites Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City), Lily Collins (Emily in Paris), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City), Darren Star (creator of Sex and the City and Emily in Paris), Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) and more, this film delves behind the scenes with Field and uncovers the thought process behind her designs. Watch as she recalls incredible stories, from employing Daphne Rubin-Vega, Laverne Cox, and other NYC nightlife stars in the retail store she operated for 50 years; to her early patronage of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, who sold their designs in the back of her store; to receiving an Oscar nomination as the costumer designer for The Devil Wears Prada.––Kate Lemberg

Director: Michael Selditch
Producers: Donald Zuckerman, Samuel J. Paul, Michael Selditch
Cast: Patricia Field, Kim Cattrall, Lily Collins, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael Urie, Vanessa Williams


FEATURE | United States | 114 MINUTES
New York, Women, Biography, Fashion, Expressions of Black Freedom
New York Premiere

Frédéric Tcheng, the director of 2019’s Halston, returns to Tribeca with another documentary about a fashion world titan: co-director Bethann Hardison. Featuring in-depth interviews with Hardison herself, Invisible Beauty is an elegant account of the model-turned-fashion industry insider’s life and career, culminating in her tireless advocacy for more diversity both on the runway and off.

With vibrant archival footage and access to some of the biggest names, including Naomi Campbell, Iman, and Zendaya, Tcheng and Hardison paint a picture that overflows with affection, recognizing the steps taken so others could thrive. By dwelling on Hardison’s ambition and her decades-long efforts to widen opportunities for Black people in fashion, this film is an urgent reminder that diversity is not a trend. It is an ongoing commitment that requires the kind of determination Hardison has in abundance.––Jose Rodriguez

Director: Bethann Hardison, Frédéric Tcheng
Producers: Lisa Cortés
Cast: Bethann Hardison, Kadeem Hardison, Iman, Fran Lebowitz, Pat Cleveland, Robin Givhan, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tyson Beckford, Whoopi Goldberg, Zendaya


FEATURE | United States | 77 MINUTES | English
World Premiere

When 2020 presidential hopeful Andrew Yang proposed to give every American $1000 in monthly income, it helped bring the issue of Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) to national light. By then, several U.S. cities had already begun GBI pilot programs in which they provided $500 per month to a select group of people for one year. It’s Basic follows the progress of the program against a backdrop of widening income gaps, politics, and growing social concern.

Director Marc Levin follows a variety of participants as they use their incentives in ways that quash the stereotype of poor people abusing “free money”. From a formerly homeless single mother of four barely getting by with an “essential job”, to a low-wage working couple with a child, to one particular GBI program designed for newly released prisoners. Levin also looks at the mayors who are behind the programs in their cities, and their commitment to educate and promote an idea whose past supporters ranged from Martin Luther King Jr. to Richard Nixon. With great intimacy and hopeful stories, It’s Basic tracks the gathering momentum toward a philosophy of lifting up those that are struggling to survive in the world’s richest country.––Brian Gordon

Director: Marc Levin
Producers: Michael Tubbs, Daphne Pinkerson, Auri Akerele, Elizabeth Sehring


FEATURE | United States | 103 MINUTES | English
World Premiere

Baseball is known as America’s pastime, but for many years, non-white people were socially and professionally excluded. Director Sam Pollard and executive producer Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson shed light on that history with The League, revealing how the dynamic style of Black baseball players came to define the way the game is played today. With the eye of a historian, Pollard delves into how Black professionals formed Negro League baseball, building a unique sporting culture and community of their own.

Utilizing newly discovered archive footage and interview recordings, The League offers a fresh avenue through which to appreciate Black American history. At the same time, there’s a lot that will appeal to fans of baseball, whether a casual follower of the sport or the most ardent fanatic with an encyclopedic knowledge of stats. The film’s approach to baseball history is comprehensive and approachable, making it an unmissable sports documentary.––Jarod Neece

Director: Sam Pollard
Producers: Robin Espinola, Dave Sirulnick, Jen Isaacson, and Byron Motley


FEATURE | United States | 106 MINUTES | English, German
Documentary, Music, Biography, Journalism
World Premiere

Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan became fast friends during their youth in Germany. With Rob coming from a broken home and Fabrice having left an abusive household, they shared a similar upbringing, as well as a future goal: to become famous superstars. In a few short years, their dreams came true. Their first album went platinum six times in 1989, and their hit “Girl You Know It’s True” sold over 30 million singles worldwide. Rob and Fab, better known as Milli Vanilli, became the most popular pop duo in the late 1980s. However, their ascension to success came with a devastating price that ultimately brought their undoing.

Luke Korem’s Milli Vanilli dissects the duo’s trajectory from their humble origins through their collaboration with legendary music producer Frank Farian — a toxic partnership that cemented the band’s fate and concealed a shocking secret about their music and craft. With access into the inner circle of those involved in the controversy, including Fabrice himself and Farian’s assistant Ingrid Segieth, Korem’s illuminating documentary pulls back the curtain on the story that we thought we knew, but didn’t, and delivers a compelling look at the price of fame and the opportunistic commodification of artists.––Jose Rodriguez

Director: Luke Korem
Producers: Luke Korem, Bradley Jackson
Cast: Fabrice Morvan, Timbaland, Ingrid Segieth, Frank Farian, Charles Shaw, Brad Howell, Linda Rocco, Jodie Rocco, Diane Warren, Rob Pilatus, John Davis, Carmen Pilatus


FEATURE | United States, Canada, Cuba, Netherlands, Nigeria | 80 MINUTES | English, Spanish
New York, Documentary, Environmental, Art, Technology, Journalism
World Premiere

In the gripping documentary, director Nicholas Bruckman masterfully delves into the intricate and often perplexing world of the forty-billion-dollar NFT (non-fungible token) digital art sphere, chronicling its meteoric rise and eventual fall. Through a combination of candid interviews, vérité footage, and powerful archival film, Bruckman expertly weaves together the multifaceted story of this groundbreaking phenomenon.

The film introduces us to a rich tapestry of artists who have found success in this new artistic landscape, such as Beeple, the creator of the record-breaking $60 million artwork, and the provocative collective Pussy Riot, who managed to raise millions of dollars to support residents in war-torn Ukraine.

Minted spans the entire arc of the NFT craze, from its explosive beginnings in 2021 to its dramatic crash in 2022. Bruckman doesn’t shy away from presenting the critical voices within the NFT conversation and gives ample screen time to critics who question the long-term viability, environmental impact, and social implications of NFTs. It’s a fascinating exploration of the perils and possibilities of this volatile and vibrant world, offering insights into the very essence of human creativity, the value of art, and the transformative power of technology.––Dan Hunt

Director: Nicholas Bruckman
Producers: Rahilla Zafar, Shawn Hazelett, Nicholas Bruckman


FEATURE | United States | 115 MINUTES | English | English subtitles
World Premiere

What if there was an easy treatment for drug addiction, PTSD, and more “untreatable” afflictions? For many people, this is simply a pipe dream that probably wouldn’t be scientifically feasible. To some, however, there is already an effective treatment for the disease that afflicts over 20 million Americans: a psychedelic compound known as ibogaine. It’s found in the iboga plant that grows across the Republic of Congo and has been credited with helping former addicts heal from their withdrawals. However, for as many benefits as it could bring, ibogaine is far from a perfect solution.

Of Night and Light: The Story of Iboga and Ibogaine from documentarian Lucy Walker, is a film that carefully walks the line between objectively informative and personally affecting. Spanning continents and decades, the story of ibogaine and its unlikely discovery by a pair of 60’s dreamers are explored in great detail. Interviewing subjects from all sides of the psychedelic debate, the film confronts the current landscape of treatment for some of the most difficult ailments and how these conditions lead patients to seek the ultimate treatment.–Cara Cusumano

Director: Lucy Walker
Producers: Julian Cautherley, Lyn Davis Lear, Laurie Benenson, Lucy Walker


FEATURE | United States | 75 MINUTES | English
Documentary, Sports
World Premiere

Open Heart is an intimate profile of New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist and his struggle to return to hockey after heart surgery. Lundqvist played fifteen seasons with the Rangers and is the only goaltender in NHL history to record eleven 30-win seasons in his first twelve seasons.

With incredible access to Henrik, his team members, and family, director Jonathan Hock offers a poignant look at the life and career of this hockey great while he confronts the biggest challenge of his life: a debilitating heart condition.––Dan Hunt

Director: Jonathan Hock
Producers: Philip Aromando, Erin Leyden
Cast: Henrik Lundqvist


FEATURE | United States | 83 MINUTES
Documentary, Food
World Premiere

Foodborne pathogens kill thousands of people in the U.S. every year. The urgent documentary Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food is a call to action for the officials who have the power to mitigate this danger.

Director: Stephanie Soechtig
Producers: Ross Girard, Ross Dinerstein, Kristin Lazure, Rebecca Evans


FEATURE | South Africa | 91 MINUTES | English, Xhosa | English subtitles
Biography, Sports
World Premiere

Leaders are born out of many circumstances, including the need to grow up fast. Siya Kolisi had no other choice in the harsh challenges of his upbringing. Trials and tribulations gave way to a leader, and fittingly, the first Black captain of the South Africa national rugby union team. Hear from the man himself alongside family, friends, teammates, and more, as they weave together the grand tale of just who and what makes the Springboks legend so incomparable.

At times the life of Siya jumps off the screen like a fairy tale, with challenges external and internal paving the path for a success story that encapsulates perseverance. A singular story yet one that rings universal in its themes of overcoming, community, passion, and forgiveness. All this comes alongside stunning footage and intimate reveals from the Springboks’ quest to capture their record-tying third Rugby World Cup.––Casey Baron

Director: Tebogo Malope
Producers: Jon Day
Cast: Siya Kolisi, Rachel Kolisi, Fezakele Kolisi, Nicholas Kolisi, Keziah Kolisi, Liyema Gqasana, Siyanda Mangaliso (R.I.P), Liphelo Kolisi, Vukile Kolisi, Trevor Kolisi, Phumweza Mtanase, Hannah Sadiki, Zelda La Grange, Bryan Habana, Black Coffee, Coach Eric Songwiqi, Eben Etzebeth, Tendai Mtawarira, Jean De Villiers, Robbie Fleck, Schalk Burger, JP Pietersen, Bongi Mbonambi, Rassie Erasmus, Phil Dooley, Joel Smith, Xolisa Velem, Emory Jones, Vincent Mai, Vata Ngobeni, Michael Yormark, Tamsanqa Ncwana, Wessel Coetzee, His Excellency President Cyril Ramaphosa, Vuyokazi Batyi Kolisi, Luntu Kolisi, Lifa Kolisi, Lonuabo Kolisi, Nomachina Kolisi, Lungisa Madika, Linda Kolisi, Lubabalo Fumanenzi, Lifa Xhalanga, Khanyiso Tshanga, Sbusiso Ngqeza, Nomthandazo Ncwana


FEATURE | United States | 90 MINUTES | English
New York, Documentary, Drama, Politics, Biography, Sports
World Premiere

Bill Bradley has experienced many lives and has worn many hats throughout his lifetime. After becoming an accomplished college and professional basketball player, he made a major move into Democratic politics and advocacy. This might sound like an unexpected career change, but to Bradley it was the next logical step. The same can be said for how he worked on an oral history of his life and career for three years, excruciatingly committing it to memory, before premiering it in New York City in December 2021.

Rolling Along is the live theatrical recording of this monumental performance. Interspersing archival footage with Bradley’s performance, the film honors a uniquely American life, paying tribute to the act of storytelling in a way that hasn’t been done in a very long time. In our times of division and uncertainty, perhaps we can all learn something from Bradley’s stories about perseverance, acceptance, and unity.––Cara Cusumano

Director: Mike Tollin
Cast: Bill Bradley


FEATURE | United States | 102 MINUTES | English
New York, Music, Biography
World Premiere

Documentaries about figures of music history tend to focus on artists, but here, the subject is influential concert promoter Ron Delsener who worked with some of the biggest names in music over his decades-long career. Featuring a bevy of legends from Cher to Gene Simmons, Roger Daltrey,and Simon and Garfunkel, Ron Delsener Presents is a career retrospective stuffed with star power.

Now well into his eighties, Delsener shows little sign of slowing down. At one point, the camera follows him as he ping-pongs across New York attending multiple concerts in one evening. His love for the work of putting on a show shines through as he drags the filmmakers through crowds and backstage so he can chat with artists and crew members. Interspersed with these present-day adventures are looks back on the highlights of Delsener’s career, reflecting his own intense nostalgia. It’s rare that a documentary so completely embodies the personality of its subject.––Cara Cusumano

Director: Jake Sumner
Producers: Jake Sumner, James A. Smith, Margaret Munzer Loeb
Cast: Ron Delsener, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen


FEATURE | United States | 93 MINUTES | English
World Premiere

Mike Veeck, son of renowned Major League Baseball owner Bill Veeck, inadvertently derailed his father’s illustrious career through the ill-fated “Disco Demolition Night” and subsequently devoted the following decades to understanding the significance of redemption and second chances.

Director: Morgan Neville, Jeff Malmberg
Producers: Danny Breen, Morgan Neville, Jon Berg
Cast: Narrated by: Jeff Daniels Featuring: Charlie Day as Mike Veeck


FEATURE | United States | 91 MINUTES | English
World Premiere

From National Geographic Documentary Films comes The Space Race, an emotive and educational exploration of the experiences of the first Black astronauts. Featuring candid interviews from Ed Dwight, Guion Bluford, Charles Bolden, and Victor Glover, the documentary spotlights the oft-omitted racial injustice narratives and present-day realities of these pioneers.

This film weaves together archival footage of U.S. space expeditions, Afrofuturist cultural milestones, and stories told by Black astronauts into an enlightening dialogue about the expectations placed on trailblazers. Tackling defining moments of American history, from the Kennedy assassination to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster to the George Floyd uprising, these dynamic discussions posit new meditations on the fight for equality. As the documentary transverses space and decades, it encourages a reclamation of the past as a way to create a limitless future.––Shakira Refos

Director: Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, Lisa Cortés
Producers: Alexandra Bowen, Aly Parker, Mark Monroe, Keero Birla, Lisa Cortés, Diego Hurtado de Mendoza


FEATURE | United States | 86 MINUTES | English
New York, Documentary, Art, Biography
World Premiere

When you think of artists that have pushed the art of comic books forward, you think of Stan Lee. When the Marvel Comics visionary passed away in November 2018, he left behind a storied legacy and some of the most iconic characters of popular culture. He also left behind a trove of personal footage and recorded recollections of his career that were never seen by the public. Until now, that is.

Director David Gelb weaves this footage together to tell the story of Lee’s life, both successes and pitfalls alike. Voice recordings are accompanied by archived interview clips, newsreels, and even clay models that immerse fans in his incredible yet complicated mind. Some of the writer’s closest colleagues, like Flo Steinberg, also provide their voices to this engaging documentary, which offers an intimate look at arguably the most influential comic publisher of all time. Considering the Marvel brand is one of the most prominent cornerstones of pop culture, everyone should hear from the man who made it all possible, and this film does just that. Excelsior!––Cara Cusumano

Director: David Gelb
Producers: Jason Sterman, David Gelb, Brian McGinn, Jeff Redmond, Andy Heyward, Gil Campion, Jamie McBriety, Sarah Regan, Lauren Goralski, Andrew McAllister
Cast: Stan Lee


FEATURE | United States | 87 MINUTES | English
Documentary, Expressions of Black Freedom
World Premiere

Ed Sullivan is rightly considered to be one of the great figures of American television. For 23 years, The Ed Sullivan Show broadcast some of the biggest musicians into millions of homes, including Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles’ record-breaking first appearance in 1964. Sunday Best affectionately recounts Sullivan’s show business career with an emphasis on his support of Black American artists, including his friendship with Bill Robinson.

The Ed Sullivan Show ran for more than a thousand episodes, and Sunday Best is packed with some of its greatest moments and performances. There are also interviews with legends like Harry Belafonte and Dionne Warwick, who offer a more intimate perspective on what Sullivan was like as a person and an ally. Within every frame of Sunday Best, there is an affection for the early days of television, but beneath the showbiz glitz, a human tenderness towards Ed Sullivan.––Casey Baron

Director: Sacha Jenkins
Producers: Rafael Marmor, Margo Precht Speciale, Christopher Leggett, Peter Bittenbender, Mark Monroe


FEATURE | United States | 106 MINUTES
Documentary, LGBTQIA+, Music
World Premiere

New York’s hottest club is Taylor Mac’s 24-Decade History of Popular Music. This club has everything: countercultural history, off-the-wall interpretations of America’s most recognizable tunes, ping pong warfare, giant inflatable penises making love and war to David Bowie’s “Heroes,” shameless gay melodrama, and of course, MacArthur Fellowship winner Taylor Mac.

This riotous concert film documents the New York theater legend’s joyous, challenging, and ostentatiously queer 24-hour musical performance as this glittered ringmaster guides an enthralled audience through a transformative cycle of birth, death, and national rebirth. Featuring virtuoso musicians, innovative costumes, and the deconstruction of the American myth told through sailors’ ditties, disco, and sugary pop alike, Mac’s cathartic celebration, captured in gorgeous detail by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, is not to be missed.––Shayna Maci Warner

Director: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman
Producers: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman, Joel Stillerman, Linda Brumbach, Alisa Regas, Taylor Mac, Mari Rivera
Cast: Taylor Mac, Machine Dazzle, Matt Ray, Niegel Smith, Anastasia Durasova


FEATURE | United States | 90 MINUTES | English
Documentary, Technology
World Premiere

You’ve probably heard about cryptocurrency over the past few years, even if you’re unsure what the hoopla is all about. As it turns out, the crypto world is like the Wild West: the rules are what you make them, and the markets can be affected by the smallest change. While professional stock traders may find this to be old hat, how does it affect the regular people looking to change their lives with this popular currency? Documentarians Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasci return to Tribeca with This Is Not Financial Advice, a look into the realities of crypto investment, to find the answer.

Temple and Ingrasci follow a diverse group of amateur stock and crypto investors during the 2021 crypto bubble, including the self-proclaimed “Dogecoin Millionaire” Glauber Contessoto. Their highs and lows are documented with stunning vulnerability, and its unbiased look into this tumultuous world will give both fanatics and naysayers a new perspective. Just don’t take the advice of anyone you see in this documentary.––Jarod Neece

Director: Chris Temple, Zach Ingrasci
Producers: Jenna Kelly, Carrie Weprin, Martine Phelan-Roberts
Cast: Glauber Contessoto, Senay Kenfe, Kayla Kilbride, Rayz Rayl


FEATURE | United States | 95 MINUTES | English, Farsi | English subtitles
Documentary, Thriller, Politics, Art, Biography
World Premiere

In this hybrid political thriller and verité portrait documentary, Sara Nodjoumi, working with co-director and husband, Till Schauder, makes her directorial debut with this personal film, diving into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of more than 100 “treasonous” paintings by her father, seminal Iranian modern artist Nickzad Nodjoumi.

Director: Sara Nodjoumi, Till Schauder
Producers: Sara Nodjoumi & Till Schauder
Cast: Nicky Nodjoumi, Nahid Hagigat


FEATURE | UK | 93 MINUTES | Arabic, English, Farsi, French, German | English subtitles
Documentary, Sports
World Premiere

In her new documentary, Waad Al-Kateab (director of the Oscar nominated For Sama) shows us the dramatic challenges faced by refugee athletes who competed for a place in the 2020 Olympic Games. Narrated in first person and often asking herself difficult questions, Al-Kateab listens to the athletes who have seen their dreams vanish and accompanies them through their suffering.

In this powerful essay on freedom, a topic Al-Kateab gravitates to, the audience is exposed to the harsh world of high-performance athletes and the opportunities they may lack due to living in war zones or places where their rights have been violated. The film also appeals to humanity and raises questions about athletic development in harsh settings or extreme stress. How does one become the best version of oneself when deprived of freedom?––Maya Ochoa

Director: Waad Al-Kateab
Producers: Joanna Natasegara, Joe Gebbia, Bryn Mooser, Kathryn Everett, Abigail Anketell-Jones
Cast: Members of the Refugee Olympic Team


FEATURE | United States, UK | 96 MINUTES | English
Women, Documentary, LGBTQIA+, Biography
World Premiere

In February 2016, an anonymous blogger known as @yrfatfriend penned a post entitled “A Request From Your Fat Friend: What I Need When We Talk About Bodies” that discussed the realities of what it’s like to go through life as a self-described “very fat person” with candor and vulnerability. The piece struck a chord and quickly went viral. For the next five years, “Your Fat Friend” published numerous popular essays addressing society’s obsession with fatphobia and aggressive anti-fatness. When the writer, Aubrey Gordon, publishes her first book, she boldly decides to shed her anonymity and enter the public spotlight to face her supporters, trolls, and critics for the first time.

Filmmaker Jeanie Finlay (Seahorse, Orion: The Man Who Would Be King) returns to Tribeca with this incisive, funny, and frank portrait of bestselling author Aubrey Gordon, whose advocacy work has made an immense impact on how people view and treat fat people. Aubrey is intelligent, articulate, open, and wry, and her unique voice and point of view drive this engaging film, which challenges you to see fatness through a different lens.––Andrea Passafiume

Director: Jeanie Finlay
Producers: Jeanie Finlay and Suzanne Alizart
Cast: Aubrey Gordon, Michael Hobbes, Aubrey’s parents Rusty and Pam



FEATURE | India | 174 MINUTES | Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu | English subtitles
Action, Drama
World Premiere

One of India’s most expensive film productions of all time, Adipurush is a fun, family epic brought to life with song and lavish special-effects. Heroic Raghav (Tollywood megastar Prabhas) hails from a royal lineage in the city of Ayodhya. When his beloved wife, Janaki, is kidnapped by the vicious Raavan, the demon king of the island of Lanka, Raghav must go on an epic adventure to save her, aided by an incredible army of monkey warriors.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Om Raut, this action-heavy 3D spectacle has been one of India’s most talked-about and anticipated films in years. Brought to Escape From Tribeca as a way of introducing our audience to the joys of popular Indian Cinema, we are both honored and ecstatic to host the World Premiere of Adipurush right here in New York City this June. Best experienced with a crowd of adventurous cinema lovers, this will surely be a Tribeca Festival night for the ages.––Matt Barone and Jonathan Penner

Director: Om Raut
Producers: Bhushan Kumar, Krishna Kumar, Om Raut, Prasad Sutar, Rajesh Nair
Cast: Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh


FEATURE | United States | 100 MINUTES | Cantonese, English, Japanese | English subtitles
World Premiere

When martial arts superstar Bruce Lee died in 1973, the world went into shock. Despite his minuscule filmography, he broke down international barriers and became an icon. So, what happens when an actor and artist at the height of their career is no longer able to fill the vast demand for his talents? In the ‘70s and ‘80s, an entire subgenre dedicated to filling that void was born.

Filled with incredible footage, Enter the Clones of Bruce tracks the history of the infamous Bruceploitation subgenre through the eyes of those who created it. The titular clones of the era, like Ho Chung-tao (Bruce Li) and Moon Kyung-seok (Dragon Lee), share their own perceptions outside of their alter egos in fascinating interviews, along with infamous filmmakers (B-movie fans will get a kick out of Godfrey Ho’s appearance) and Bruceploitation scholars. Regardless of any participant’s skill set or their relationship with the real Lee, their stories beg the same question: what is the line between paying respect to an icon and exploiting their legacy? And how much fun can the audience have watching? ––Matt Barone

Director: David Gregory
Producers: David Gregory, Carl Daft, Frank Djeng, Vivian Wong, Michael Worth
Cast: Bruce Le, Bruce Li, Bruce Liang, Dragon Lee, Angela Mao, Sammo Hung, David Chiang, Phillip Ko, Andre Morgan, Mars, Yasuaki Kurata



One of the most influential crowd pleasers of all time, Enter the Dragon became a global phenomenon along with its beloved star, the legendary Bruce Lee. Join us for this 50th Anniversary screening and celebrate the legacy of this superstar performer and choreographer. Exciting, hilarious and jaw dropping.


FEATURE | France | 111 MINUTES
Horror, Comedy
World Premiere

As if independent filmmaking isn’t tough enough, the ragtag crew of a lo-fi French zombie film suddenly comes up against something scarier than any production company interference or budget constraints: real, ready-to-eat-you zombies. Now having to contend with both a rigorous shoot and the actual living dead being resurrected after they unknowingly betray a local taboo, the filmmakers enter into a bloody, unruly fight for their lives — one that’s more off-kilter than your typical zombie survival story.

In making Final Cut, Academy Award® winner Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) took on a wildly ambitious challenge: remake the brilliant and widely adored 2017 Japanese zombie-comedy One Cut of the Dead for genre fans ready to crucify any remake of a popular film, let alone one that’s barely more than five years old. Let’s give the man his flowers, folks. Capturing the original’s fun-loving spirit and smartly adding his own touches, Hazanavicius has delivered a fun-as-hell horror-comedy that celebrates both family and indie filmmaking as much as it subverts zombie cinema (if such a thing is possible!).––Matt Barone

Director: Michel Hazanavicius
Producers: Michel Hazanavicius; Alain de la Mata; Noémie Devide; Brahim Chioua; Vincent Maraval; John Penotti
Cast: Bérénice Bejo; Romain Duris


FEATURE | United States | 100 MINUTES | English
World Premiere

Just days ago, Elizabeth Derby (Heather Graham) was a successful psychiatrist with a loving husband and the world at her fingertips. Now, she finds herself locked up inside a psych ward after the murder of a young male patient to whom she had an inexplicable, almost otherworldly attraction. Hoping to clear her name, Elizabeth confides in her doctor and recounts what happened, giving way to a bizarre and disturbing tale of sexual madness, supernatural horror, and homicidal rage. The deeper the story goes, the more unhinged and carnage-laden life becomes, not just for Elizabeth but for everyone in her path.

In this cinematic love letter to the late, great horror filmmaker Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, From Beyond), the go-for-broke indie veteran Joe Lynch provides an unpredictable and delightfully perverted gift to fans of everything from erotic thrillers to body horror and H.P Lovecraft-minded cosmic mayhem. Written by Re-Animator scribe Dennis Paoli, produced by ‘80s horror maven Brian Yuzna (Society), and co-starring Re-Animator MVP Barbara Crampton, Suitable Flesh will be catnip for those who like their horror equal parts classically minded and progressively unclassifiable.––Matt Barone

Director: Joe Lynch
Producers: Barbara Crampton, Bob Portal, Inderpal Singh, Joe Wicker
Cast: Heather Graham, Judah Lewis, Bruce Davison, Barbara Crampton, Johnathon Schaech