Junior Stargazer’s BLU-RAY COLLECTOR’S Edition: $19.99
DVD: $17.96


Universal Studios | 2023 | 104 min | Rated PG-13
Directed by Wes Anderson

A fictional American desert town, circa 1955. Junior Stargazers and Space Cadets from across the country assemble for the annual Asteroid Day celebration — but the scholarly competition is spectacularly upended by world-changing events. Equal parts comedy, drama, and romance (with a touch of science-fiction).

  • The Making of Asteroid City – Fetaurette
  • Trailer
  • Optional English SDH, Spanish, and French subtitles for the main feature



Junior Stargazer’s BLU-RAY COLLECTOR’S Edition

BLU-RAY: $31.96
DVD: $23.96

Dim Sum: A Little Bit Of Heart (#1188)

Criterion | 1985 | 84 min | Not Rated
Directed by Wayne Wang

Wayne Wang’s follow-up to his watershed indie Chan Is Missing is a family portrait that gracefully combines the director’s signature gentle humanism and eye for poignant detail. Offering another fresh perspective on San Francisco’s Chinese American community, Wang takes a bittersweet look at the generational pas de deux between an aging immigrant widow and her devoted daughter, torn between filial duty and her own desires. Soulfully performed by an ensemble including real-life mother and daughter Kim and Laureen Chew and Victor Wong, the Yasujiro Ozu–inspired Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart is as lovingly made as the home-cooked cuisine it celebrates.

  • High-definition digital master of a new director’s cut featuring previously unseen footage, supervised by director Wayne Wang, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack
  • New conversation between Wang and filmmaker and film scholar Arthur Dong
  • Interview from 2004 with actor Laureen Chew
  • English subtitle translation and English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • PLUS: An essay by scholar Brian Hu

    New cover by Josh Cochran

BLU-RAY: $24.99

The Lincoln Lawyer: Season One

Lionsgate Films | 2023 | Not Rated
Directed by Ben Richardson

Need a lawyer? Call Mickey Haller. He’s quick, sharp, and owns the courtroom like Michael Jordan owned the basketball court. Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) runs his law practice out of his Lincoln, and he’s ready to hit the gas again after being sidelined by personal issues. After inheriting an acquaintance’s law practice, Haller finds himself with a batch of new cases, including a significant murder trial he must hastily prepare to defend. Moving swiftly through the city of Los Angeles, he takes case after case while balancing a private life that includes being the father of a teenager and having two ex-wives – one who works with him, the other the city’s Deputy District Attorney. It’s a bumpy road, but if there’s anyone who can navigate it smoothly, it’s Mickey Haller.

  • Blooper Reel
  • Optioanal English SDH subtitles


  • Balthazar: Series Five (2023)
  • Crime Science: Season One
  • Metalocalypse: The Complete Series (2006-2012)
  • Parallel World Pharmacy: The Complete Season (2022)

BLU-RAY: $17.99
DVD: $12.96

Confidential Informant

Lionsgate Films | 2022 | 90 min | Rated R
Directed by Michael Oblowitz

This gritty crime thriller starring Mel Gibson tells the tale of two narcotics agents hunting for a cop killer during a crack epidemic. Hoping for leads, Moran (Dominic Purcell, “Prison Break”) and Thorton (Nick Stahl, Sin City) pay off a junkie informant. To provide for his wife (Kate Bosworth, Superman Returns) and son, Moran involves the stool pigeon in a deadly scheme. This causes the partners to come under the scrutiny of a suspicious internal affairs agent, leading to an explosive finale…

  • NONE


BLU-RAY: $22.96
DVD: $19.96

The Machine

Sony Pictures | 2023 | 112 min | Rated R
Directed by Peter Atencio

Bert Kreischer rose to fame as a stand-up comedian known as The Machine, and in his signature set he recounts his true experience with Russian mobsters while on a booze-soaked college trip. Now, 23 years later, that trip has come back to haunt him as he and his estranged father (Mark Hamill) are kidnapped back to Russia by the mob to atone for something they say he did. Together, Bert and his father must retrace the steps of his younger self (Jimmy Tatro) in the midst of a war within sociopathic crime family, all while attempting to find common ground in their often fraught relationship.

  • Bert’s Big Bash – Premiere Party
  • Bert, Bruised & Brawlin’: The Action of The Machine
  • Outtakes & Bloopers
  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Making of The Machine
  • The Cast of The Machine
  • Optional English, English SDH, French, and Spanish subtitles for the main feature


BLU-RAY: $13.99
DVD: $9.96


Mill Creek Entertainment | 2023 | 98 min | Rated R
Directed by Chuck Konzelman & Cary Solomon

On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon, and further claims that before their time is over, the psychiatrist will commit three murders of his own.

  • Filmmaker Commentary (Directors and Producer)
  • Cast Commentary (Flannery and Belfi)
  • Interview With An Exorcist with Father Carlos Martins
  • Speak of the Devil
  • Nefarious Easter Eggs
  • Optional English SDH and Spanish subtitles for the main feature



DVD: $11.99


Decal Releasing | 2022 | 96 min | Rated R
Directed by Zachary Wigon

In the wake of inheriting his father’s hotel chain, Hal attempts to end his long and secret relationship with Dominatrix Rebecca. A battle of wills ensue to keep the upper hand as the power dynamics swing wildly back and forth.

  • NONE


DVD: $7.99

The Wrath of Becky

RLJ Entertainment | 2023 | 83 min | Not Rated
Directed by Matt Angel

Two years after she escaped a violent attack on her family, Becky attempts to rebuild her life in the care of an older woman – a kindred spirit named Elena. But when a group known as the “Noble Men” break into their home, attack them, and take her beloved dog, Diego, Becky must return to her old ways to protect herself and her loved ones.

  • NONE


BLU-RAY: $17.99
DVD: $13.99

Wrong Reasons

MVD Visual | 2022 | Not Rated
Directed by Josh Roush

When an ambiguously intentioned masked man (James Parks, The Hateful Eight) kidnaps a drug-addicted punk singer (Liv Roush, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot), it triggers a police investigation headed by Detective Charles Dobson (Ralph Garman, Ted) as well as a media circus.

From Executive Producer Kevin Smith (Clerks III), WRONG REASONS marks the narrative feature debut from director Josh Roush (Long Lonesome Highway: The Story of Michael Parks) and features an all-star supporting cast that includes Teresa Ruiz (The Marksman), David Koechner (Anchorman) Daniel Roebuck (The Fugitive), Keith Coogan (Adventures in Babysitting) and introducing Liv Roush (in her first starring role) along with a killer punk rock soundtrack that includes Tim Armstrong, L7, Black Flag, The Wipers, Channel 3, William Elliott Whitmore, The Unseen, Bi-Product and more!

  • Introduction by Kevin Smith
  • Audio Commentary with Director Josh Roush, Co-Producer Matt Rowbottom, Composer Cam Mosavian and Star Liv Roush
  • Audio Commentary with Director Josh Roush and Executive Producer Kevin Smith
  • Q & A with Writer / Director Josh Roush, Producer / Star Live Roush moderated by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman
  • Deleted Scenes & Outtakes
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Short Film from Director Josh Roush: “Idiot Cops”
  • Optional English Subtitles
  • Reversible Artwork


Babylon 5: The Road Home

Warner Bros. | 2023 | 79 min | Rated PG-13
Directed by Gavin Hood

Return to Babylon 5 as the epic interstellar saga continues with The Road Home. Travel across the galaxy with John Sheridan as he unexpectedly finds himself transported through multiple timelines and alternate realities in a quest to find his way back home. Along the way he reunites with some familiar faces, while discovering cosmic new revelations about the history, purpose, and meaning of the Universe.

Babylon 5 celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and returning to voice their characters from the original series are Bruce Boxleitner as John Sheridan, Claudia Christian as Susan Ivanova, Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari, Bill Mumy as Lennier, Tracy Scoggins as Elizabeth Lochley, and Patricia Tallman as Lyta Alexander.

The film also stars Paul Guyet (World of Warcraft) as Zathras and Jeffery Sinclair, Anthony Hansen (God of War) as Michael Garibaldi, Mara Junot (Green Lantern: Beware My Power) as Reporter and Computer Voice, Phil LaMarr (Futurama) as Dr. Stephen Franklin, Piotr Michael (Hogwart’s Legacy) as David Sheridan, Andrew Morgado (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) as G’Kar, and Rebecca Riedy (Magic: The Gathering Arena) as Delenn. Babylon 5: The Road Home was written and Executive Produced by series creator J. Michael Straczynski. The film was directed by Matt Peters (Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons), Supervising Producer is Rick Morales (Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind) and Executive Producer is Sam Register.

  • Babylon 5 Forever (New Featurette) – join the cast and filmmakers as they reveal the process behind creating the first state-of-the-art, animated adaption of Babylon 5
  • Audio Commentary with creator/writer/executive producer J. Michael Straczynski, actor Bruce Boxleitner and supervising producer Rick Morales
  • Optional English, Spanish, and French subtitles for the main feature




Roman Holiday

(70th Anniversary)

Paramount Pictures | 1953 | 118 min | Not Rated
Directed by William Wyler

The exquisite Audrey Hepburn lights up the screen in her first starring role opposite the charismatic Gregory Peck in this funny, beautiful, and intoxicating romantic comedy. Ranked as the #4 greatest love story of all time by the American Film Institute, ROMAN HOLIDAY earned 10 Academy Award® nominations, including Best Picture, and won Best Actress for Hepburn, Best Costume Design for legendary designer Edith Head, and Best Writing (Motion Picture Story) for Dalton Trumbo. ROMAN HOLIDAY originally premiered in the U.S. on August 27, 1953.

Director William Wyler’s 1953 fairy tale was one of Hollywood’s first on-location motion pictures and memorably captures the bustling streets and iconic sites of Rome. ROMAN HOLIDAY expresses the exhilaration of joyously breaking free as the lead character escapes her royal obligations against the backdrop of post-war Europe embracing long-awaited peace.

Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo was blacklisted for refusing to cooperate with the House Un-American Activities Committee and his name was not included in the film’s original credits. In 1992 the Board of Governors of the Academy voted to finally credit Trumbo for the “Story Writing” Oscar and his widow received a statuette in 1993. In 2011, the WGA restored Trumbo’s name to the screenwriting credits. This release correctly credits Dalton Trumbo with both the screenplay and story by credits.

  • Filmmaker Focus: Leonard Maltin on Roman Holiday
  • Behind the Gates: Costumes
  • Rome with a Princess
  • Audrey Hepburn: The Paramount Years
  • Dalton Trumbo: From A-List to Blacklist
  • Paramount in the ’50s: Remembering Audrey
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Four Photo Galleries: Production, The Movie, Publicity, The Premiere

3-DISC BLU-RAY SET: $30.99

Audie Murphy Collection III

(Hell Bent for Leather / Posse from Hell / Showdown)

Kino Lorber | 1960-1963 | 3 Movies | Not Rated
Directed by George Sherman, Herbert Coleman, & R.G. Springsteen

This collection features three classic 1960s westerns starring screen legend Audie Murphy.

The Only Man Who Could Save His Life…Was the Man Who Wanted Him Dead! Clay Santell (Audie Murphy, Sierra) stops into the town of Sutterville after having his horse stolen, only to be mistaken by the townsfolk for a murderous outlaw named Travers. Sutterville’s residents capture Santell and turn him over to crooked lawman Harry Deckett (Stephen McNally, The Duel at Silver Creek), who, tired of chasing the real Travers, decides to execute the innocent man instead. But Santell pulls off a cunning escape and takes the lovely Janet Gifford (Felicia Farr, 3:10 to Yuma) hostage until he can prove his innocence. Audie Murphy is Hell Bent for Leather in this galloping CinemaScope western directed by the great George Sherman (Tomahawk, Border River, Big Jake).

Together They Team Up as an Avenging Posse from Hell! Audie Murphy (Kansas Raiders) and John Saxon (The Appaloosa) are two steel-nerved, two-fisted men who take apart a gang of gun-mad killers in Posse from Hell. Four escapees from death row, Crip, Leo, Chunk and Hash, ride into the town of Paradise, enter the Rosebud Saloon and unleash Hell. Banner Cole (Murphy) is a tough sheriff’s deputy tasked with forming a posse to take down the quartet of killers, who fled Paradise with a hostage. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock’s frequent producer and assistant director, Herbert Coleman (Vertigo), the film features a fiery cast of co-stars including Zohra Lampert (Pay or Die!), Vic Morrow (Target: Harry), Robert Keith (They Came to Cordura), Rodolfo Acosta (Wings of the Hawk), Royal Dano (Man in the Shadow), Ward Ramsey (Dinosaurus!) and Lee Van Cleef (For a Few Dollars More).

Enemies Chained Together Like Mad Dogs! Audie Murphy (Destry) stars with Kathleen Crowley (Curse of the Undead) and Charles Drake (No Name on the Bullet) in a western about two cowboys who find themselves in deep trouble…chained up in iron collars! Chris Foster (Murphy) and Bert Pickett (Drake) manage to escape their iron shackles with a gang of villains headed by Lavalle (Harold J. Stone, Man Afraid). But when they tumble into a scheme involving $12,000 in stolen bonds and an ex-girlfriend (Crowley) of Bert’s, a final showdown explodes between Lavalle and the two men. Western favorites Skip Homeier (The Tall T), L.Q. Jones (The Wild Bunch) and Strother Martin (The Horse Soldiers) also star in this rousing chain-gang adventure directed by R.G. Springsteen (Bullet for a Badman).

  • NEW Audio Commentary for HELL BENT FOR LEATHER by Film Historian Toby Roan
  • NEW Audio Commentary for POSSE FROM HELL by Author/Screenwriter C. Courtney Joyner and Film Historian Henry Parke
  • Theatrical Trailer (All 3 Films – Newly Mastered in 2K)
  • Optional English Subtitles


August Underground

Unearthed Films | 2001 | 70 min | Not Rated
Directed by Fred Vogel

Imagine walking down the street and finding an unmarked VHS tape. Curiosity piqued, you take it home and pop it in. What starts off as a couple of men screwing around with a video camera quickly transforms into a shocking sequence where two unidentified psychopaths tape their exploits in graphic detail. The devastation of your morals continues throughout the entirety of the footage, while subtly revealing the killers’ shattered pasts via the interaction with their victims and each other. The most shockingly realistic portrait of a serial killer’s existence is, Fred Vogel’s AUGUST UNDERGROUND!

  • NEW Audio commentary by Actor/Director Fred Vogel and Ulta Violent Magazine’s Art Ettinger
  • NEW 10 Questions with Fred Vogel
  • NEW TOETAG Masterclass: From Storyboard To Screen
  • NEW Dave Parker Interviews Fred Vogel
  • An Introduction By Director Fred Vogel
  • Audio Commentary By Fred Vogel With Actors Aaron LaBonte & Ben LaBonte
  • Audio Commentary By ‘The Killer’
  • Audio Commentary By Actor/Director Fred Vogel
  • HAMMER TO THE HEAD: A Closer Look At August Underground
  • August Underground On Location
  • August Underground Behind The Brutality
  • August Underground ‘Too Real For Comfort’ An Outsiders Perspective
  • Photo Gallery
  • Trailers

3-DISC BLU-RAY SET: $49.99

Cosa Nostra: Franco Nero in Three Mafia Tales by Damiano DamianI

(The Day of the Owl / The Case is Closed, Forget It / How to Kill a Judge)

Radiance Films | 1968-1975 | 3 Movies | 320 min | Not Rated
Directed by Damiano Damiani

The most American of directors according to celebrated critic Paolo Mereghetti, Damiano Damiani (A Bullet for the General) nevertheless surveyed his own country’s mafia history unlike anyone before him, to critical and box office success. Three such classic films are collected in this Blu-ray box set, presented from new restorations.

The Day of the Owl stars Franco Nero as a police chief who, while investigating the death of a construction worker, goes up against corrupt officials and a ruthless mafia boss (Lee J. Cobb). Adapted from the celebrated novel by Leonardo Sciascia (Illustrious Corpses, Todo Modo), The Day of the Owl was the first book to openly deal with organised crime in Sicily. A prestigious production, it was in the running for best film at the Berlin Film Festival and found wins at home in the David di Donatello Awards for Claudia Cardinale, Nero, Damiani, and Best Production.

Nero portrays a simple man thrown in jail for a misdemeanour in The Case Is Closed: Forget It. Inside, he sees the grim reality of life behind bars, where the mafia controls everything. A powerful production with Nero on top form and supported by a strong cast including Riccardo Cucciolla (Rabid Dogs) and John Steiner (Tenebrae), the intensity of Damiani’s film places it among the finest prison dramas. Presented in Italian and for the first time with the original English dub.

In How to Kill a Judge, Nero plays filmmaker Giacomo Solaris, whose latest film features a judge corrupted by the mafia and who is later found murdered. The real judge the character is based on seizes the footage, but is later killed in the same way. Feeling a degree of responsibility, Solaris investigates, but as the assassinations increase around him, will he reach the source of the conspiracy? Full of twists and a fascinating meta-commentary on cinema, Damiani points the camera at himself and the genre as he investigates the social impact of mafia violence, a fitting end to this survey of Damiani’s Cosa Nostra.

  • 2K RESTORATION OF THE DAY OF THE OWL from the original negative presented in the original Italian version (109 mins) and the shorter export cut with English audio (103 mins)
  • 2K RESTORATION OF THE CASE IS CLOSED: FORGET IT from the original negative presented with Italian and, for the first time, English audio options
  • 2K RESTORATION OF HOW TO KILL A JUDGE from the original negative presented in Italian and English audio options
  • Original uncompressed mono PCM audio
  • New interview with star Franco Nero, featuring archive footage of Damiano Damiani and Leonardo Sciascia discussing The Day of the Owl (2022, 17 mins)
  • Archival interview with Franco Nero, writer Ugo Pirro and production manager Lucio Trentini discussing the making of The Day of the Owl (2006, 27 mins)
  • Identity Crime-Sis: filmmaker and Italian crime cinema expert Mike Malloy discusses The Day of the Owl in the context of the formation of the Italian crime film genre (2022, 20 mins)
  • Casting Cobb: A Tale of Two Contents: A video essay by filmmaker Howard S. Berger looking at actor Lee J. Cobb’s career transition from Hollywood to Italy and the archetypes he tended to play (2023, 33 mins)
  • Archival interview with Claudia Cardinale from Belgian TV in which she discusses her long and storied career (2017, 22 mins)
  • New interview with star Franco Nero discussing The Case is Closed: Forget It (2022, 14 mins)
  • Archival documentary on the making of The Case is Closed: Forget It featuring actor Corrado Solari, assistant director Enrique Bergier and editor Antonio Siciliano (2015, 28 mins)
  • Italy’s Cinematic Civil Conscience: An Examination of the Life and Works of Damiano Damiani: A visual essay on the career of Damiani Damiani by critic Rachael Nisbet (2023, 35 mins)
  • New interview with star Franco Nero discussing How to Kill a Judge (2022, 13 mins)
  • New interview with Alberto Pezzotta, author of Regia Damiano Damiani, who discusses Damiani’s contribution to the mafia and crime genres and the reception of his films in Italy (2022, 34 mins)
  • Lessons in Violence: A new video essay on How to Kill a Judge by filmmaker David Cairns (2023, 22 mins)
  • Original trailers for each film
  • New and improved optional English subtitles for Italian audio and English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for English audio for each film
  • Reversible sleeve featuring designs based on original posters for each film
  • Limited edition 120-page book featuring new and archival writing on the films by experts on the genre including Andrew Nette on Leonardo Sciascia’s The Day of the Owl; Piero Garofalo on The Case is Closed: Forget It; Paul A. J. Lewis on depictions of the mafia in each of the films within this set; Shelley O’Brien on each of the scores; a newly translated archival interview with Damiani; Nathaniel Thompson on Franco Nero; Marco Natoli on Damiani’s place within the cinema politico movement in Italian cinema; a critical overview for each the films by Cullen Gallagher and credits for each film
  • Limited edition of 3000 copies (each for the UK and US), presented in a rigid box with removable OBI strip leaving packaging free of certificates and markings

BLU-RAY: $17.99

The Day And The Hour

Kino Lorber | 1963 | 110 min | Not Rated
Directed by René Clément

International screen icon Simone Signoret (Diabolique, Room at the Top, Madame Rosa) stars in the powerful World War II drama The Day and the Hour, directed by René Clément (Forbidden Games, Joy House, Is Paris Burning?). Signoret is superb as Thérèse, a lonely and isolated woman who unwittingly gets involved in the Resistance. When British and American planes are shot down over France, the Germans scour the countryside for the pilots. On her way to Paris, Thérèse discovers the Allied airmen hiding among a truckload of goats. She reluctantly agrees to smuggle the pilots into neutral Spain, and along the way finds herself falling in love with U.S. Captain Allan Morley (Stuart Whitman, Sands of the Kalahari, Guyana: Cult of the Damned). Co-starring Geneviève Page (The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes), Michel Piccoli (Max and the Junkmen) and Reggie Nalder (Zoltan… Hound of Dracula), The Day and the Hour delivers a gripping tale of wartime romance and suspense.

  • 4K Restoration by Gaumont
  • NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Samm Deighan
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • In French, English and German with Optional Subtitles in English

BLU-RAY: $19.99
DVD: $13.99

THE Doll / I Don’t Want To Be A Man

Kino Lorber | 1918-1919 | 2 Movies | 65 min | Not Rated
Directed by Ernst Lubitsch

Presaging such playful sex comedies as Ernst Lubitsch’s Trouble in Paradise and Design for Living, The Doll follows the misadventures of an effete young man who must wed in order to inherit a fortune. He opts to purchase a remarkably lifelike doll and marry it instead, not realizing that the doll is actually the puppet-maker’s flesh-and-blood daughter, in disguise. In I Don’t Want to Be a Man (1918), a teenaged tomboy, tired of being bossed around by her strict guardian, impersonates a man so she can have more fun, but discovers that being the opposite sex has its share of complications. What ensues is a gender-bending comedy that was decades ahead of its time. Both films star Ossi Oswalda, a gifted comedic actress who headlined several other silent films for Lubitsch, notably The Oyster Princess. But the real star is the director and his unmatched gift for sexual innuendo and deliciously subversive comedy.

  • Audio commentary for both films by Joseph McBride, author of the critical study How Did Lubitsch Do It?

BLU-RAY: $19.92

Is Paris Burning?

Kino Lorber | 1966 | 175 min | Not Rated
Directed by René Clément

Acclaimed filmmaker René Clément (Forbidden Games, The Day and the Hour, Rider on the Rain) brings you the explosive, courage-filled story of the Allied Resistance and the Paris Liberation of 1944. As the Nazi jackboot marches through Europe, the freedom fighters of Paris mount a brave resistance. An insane and desperate Hitler sends a top general to determine if the Nazis can hold the city. If not, Paris will be burned. With a powerful script by Gore Vidal (Suddenly, Last Summer) and Francis Ford Coppola (The Conversation); and a rousing score by legendary composer Maurice Jarre (Doctor Zhivago), this epic film boasts an international cast of screen legends, including Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer, Leslie Caron, Jean-Pierre Cassel, George Chakris, Alain Delon, Kirk Douglas, Glenn Ford, Gert Fröbe, Yves Montand, Anthony Perkins, Michel Piccoli, Simone Signoret, Robert Stack, Jean-Louis Trintignant and Orson Welles. Is Paris Burning? is a staggering portrait of heroism and brotherhood, and one of the most riveting stories to come out of World War II.

  • NEW 4K RESTORATION OF THE FILM FROM THE ORIGINAL CAMERA NEGATIVE by Paramount Pictures in Association with American Zoetrope and Francis Ford Coppola
  • NEW Audio Commentary by critics Daniel Kremer and Howard S. Berger
  • 5.1 Surround/Lossless 2.0 Stereo English Audio and Lossless 2.0 Mono French Audio
  • Limited Edition O-Card Slipcase
  • Optional English Subtitles

DVD: $12.99

Mavka: Forest Song

Shout Factory | 2022 | 99 min | Not Rated
Directed by Oleh Malamuzh

Mavka – the soul of the forest – has been chosen by the supreme spirits to become the forest’s new guardian. But when she meets a talented human musician named Lucas – a man on the hunt for a mysterious tree with the power to give life – she is faced with an impossible choice between her newfound love and her duty to the spirits. Can humans and the forest live in harmony, or will greed and vice destroy them both?

  • Featurettes
  • Music Video
  • Trailers

DVD: $11.99

Sesame Street: Abby & Elmo’s Amazing Adventures

Shout Factory | Season 1 | 122 min | Rated G
Directed by Jim Henson

Say hello to adventure with Elmo and Abby Cadabby! From clowning around at the Sesame Circus to solving mysteries with Tango, Grover, and Cookie Monster, little ones will have the best time playing, singing, and exploring. With over two hours of fun, come along on some amazing adventures with your favorite furry friends from Sesame Street. Special guests include Ginnifer Goodwin playing an adventurous game of pretend, Jason Mraz singing about all the fun things to do outdoors, and real-life astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison leading a mission on the Moon.

  • Elmo And Friends: Tales Of Adventure

12-disc BLU-RAY BOX SET: $134.99

Shaw Brothers Classics: Volume Two

(Lady of Steel / Brothers Five / The Crimson Charm / The Shadow Whip / The Delightful Forest / The Devil’s Mirror / Man of Iron / The Water Margin / The Bride From Hell / Heroes Two / The Flying Guillotine / The Dragon Missile)

Shout Factory | 1970-1976 | 12 Movies | 1140 min
Directed by Cheh Chang, Hsueh-Li Pao, Wei Lo, Meng Hua Ho, Feng Huang, & Hsu Chiang Chou

This spectacular box set comprises 12 classic martial arts films from the famous Shaw Brothers’ library, featuring some of their greatest stars – Cheng Pei-pei (Come Drink With Me), Lo Lieh (King Boxer), Sammo Hung (Wheels On Meals), Ti Lung (A Better Tomorrow), and David Chiang (The Boxer From Shantung). Many of these films are debuting for the first time on Blu-ray. Get ready for some exciting thrills and chills as heroes meet villains in a duel to the death!

LADY OF STEEL (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 88 min.) Cheng Pei-pei was Hong Kong’s first and most celebrated queen of kung fu because her performances set all the standards for future female martial arts stars like Michelle Yeoh. Lady Of Steel is a high-plains-drifter adventure where Cheng Pei-pei plays a swordswoman on a mission: to find the bandits that killed her parents and save the country from foreign invaders.

BROTHERS FIVE (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 106 min.) Years before he was to become famous for directing Bruce Lee in Fist Of Fury and Jackie Chan in New Fist Of Fury, Lo Wei teamed with superstar swordswoman Cheng Pei-pei (Come Drink With Me) for this action thriller of brotherly love … and death. She stars as Yen Lai, the one woman who can reunite the Kao brothers to rid the Teng Lung Manor of killers – as well as take revenge for their father’s murder.

THE CRIMSON CHARM (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 100 min.) Huang Feng both writes and directs this “Martial Arts World” thriller of a noble swordsman and a one-armed swordswoman up against the vicious Crimson Charm gang of thieves and cutthroats. The lovely and lethal Ivy Ling Po teams with the amazing Chang I for a classic tale of good versus evil in which the best man – and one-armed woman – wins.

THE SHADOW WHIP (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 79 min.) This top-ten box office hit reunites the star duo from Come Drink With Me in another classic action adventure. Cheng Pei-pei (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) radiates her trademark charm while wielding the deadly title weapon, which is implicated in multiple murders and a major heist. Whether single-handedly fighting sixteen bandits or avenging her father’s brutal death, she demonstrates why she was Hong Kong’s number one swordswoman – and no slouch with the whip either!

THE DELIGHTFUL FOREST (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin & English Dub DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 96 min.) Co-directed by Chang Cheh and Pao Hsueh-li, and written by Ni Kuang, Chang Cheh and Chin Shu-Mei, The Delightful Forest revolves around the legendary hero Wu Sung (Ti Lung), who was sent to the prison in the Meng province after murdering his sister-in-law and a local ruffian. There he was acquainted with the prison officer “Golden Eye” Shih En (Tien Ching), who saved Wu from the baton punishment required for new prisoners. Wu found out that Shih’s restaurant, “Delightful Forest,” was taken by the local thug “Door God” Chiang Chung (Chu Mu).

THE DEVIL’S MIRROR (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 90 min.) This is Sun Chung’s very first film for the Shaw Brothers, making it especially interesting and important. He hit the ground running with this action-filled tale of a “Devil Girl” who is setting one clan against another to get her hands on two amazing mirrors with supernatural powers. Only a noble swordsman (played by Lau Dan) and beautiful swordswoman (played by The Thundering Sword star Shu Pei-pei) can stop her.

MAN OF IRON (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin & English Dub DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 99 min.) Chen Kuan-tai exuded incredible power on screen, which his directors used to great advantage in this fight-filled follow-up to the smash hit The Boxer From Shantung. The only thing Chou Lien Huan does wrong is win some money gambling with a Shanghai gang leader’s playboy son … but that’s enough for the father and child to want obsessive revenge. It all culminates in an incredible climatic fight, choreographed by the legendary Lau Kar-leung and Chan Chuen, co-star of Bruce Lee’s Fist Of Fury.

THE WATER MARGIN (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 125 min.) The Chang Cheh-directed The Water Margin is the martial arts epic of epics … of epics. Based on the true legend of how 108 rebel heroes living in the mountains were able to repeatedly defeat invading Sung armies, the film starred just about anyone who was a name at Shaw Brothers at the time, like David Chiang, Chen Kuan-tai and Ti Lung. The primitive battles ultimately end in sharp, visually effective images of death and defeat. This is a must-see for any movie fan.

THE BRIDE FROM HELL (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 79 min.) Never marry a possessed woman … especially one possessed by the spirit of a girl murdered by the uncle of the groom! That is the moral of this fascinating production, released a full two years before the international success of The Exorcist. Justice must be done and an exorcism, Hong Kong-style, must be performed before anyone can rest in peace. Talented Margaret Hsing Hui makes a fetching spirit in this mystery thriller that also incorporates a laugh or two amidst the chills.

HEROES TWO (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin & English Dub DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 92 min.) Of the dozens of great martial arts movies made by this prolific and respected director, this tale of legendary Shaolin avengers Fang Shih-yu and Hung Hsi-kuan is often considered one of his best. His collaboration with equally renowned kung fu choreographer Lar Kar-leung was apparent in all the performances, but especially with that of charismatic, capable, then 19-year-old Alexander Fu Sheng. This powerful production is a true landmark in kung fu film history.

THE FLYING GUILLOTINE (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin & English Dub DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 105 min.) Director Ho Meng-hua attained cult status among Western kung fu film fans with The Flying Guillotine. One of the Shaw Brothers’ biggest martial arts stars, Chen Kuan-tai, plays the leader of a group of killers, commissioned by the Ching Emperor to use a deadly, beheading weapon to assassinate dissidents. Although based on a true story, the film’s weapon was a complete fabrication because in real life, no one ever survived to tell what the actual weapon really looked like.

THE DRAGON MISSLE (1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1) / Mandarin & English Dub DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 86 min.) The many fans of the internationally popular Flying Guillotine films and international star Lo Lieh (King Boxer) will love this movie, featuring some of the most exciting martial arts machinery ever conceived. Everybody’s fighting for a special elixir and the title tool – an ultra-cool flying boomerang with blades. There are double crosses and ambushes galore before the culminating clash of sizzling steel that must be seen to be believed.



  • NEW Audio Commentary By Cult Film Critic Ian Jane
  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation
  • Original Theatrical Trailer


  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation
  • NEW Audio Commentary By James Mudge, Hong Kong Film Critic At easternKicks
  • NEW Audio Commentary By Film Historian Brian Bankston (Cool Ass Cinema Blog)
  • Celestial Trailer


  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Film Historian Brian Bankston (Cool Ass Cinema Blog)
  • Celestial Trailer
  • Original Theatrical Trailer


  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation
  • NEW Audio Commentary With David West, Critic And Author Of Chasing Dragons: An Introduction To The Martial Arts Film
  • Celestial Trailer


  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation, English Dub Mono DTS-HD Master Audio
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Cult Film Critic Ian Jane
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Film Historian Brian Bankston (Cool Ass Cinema Blog)
  • Celestial Trailer


  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Film Historian Brian Bankston (Cool Ass Cinema Blog)
  • Original Theatrical Trailer


  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation, English Dub Mono DTS-HD Master Audio
  • NEW Audio Commentary With James Mudge, Veteran Hong Kong Film Critic At easternKicks
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Chris Poggiali, Co-Author Of This Fists Break Bricks And Brian Bankston (Cool Ass Cinema Blog)
  • An Iron Will – Meredith Lewis, Author Of Ask For The Moon: Innovation At Shaw Brothers Studios, A 77-Minute Documentary On The Genesis, Rise, Peak And Fall Of The Shaw Brothers Movie Empire
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • German Trailer
  • Celestial Trailer


  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation
  • NEW Audio Commentary with film historian Brian Bankston (Cool Ass Cinema blog)
  • The Master: Chang Cheh
  • Elegant Trails: Ti Lung
  • Elegant Trails: David Chiang
  • Extended Love Scene
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Celestial Trailer
  • TV Spot for the U.S. release SEVEN BLOWS OF THE DRAGON


  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation
  • NEW Audio Commentary By James Mudge, Hong Kong Film Critic At easternKicks
  • A More Traditional Terror: Hong Kong Film Historian Tony Rayns Talks Shaw Brothers Horror Films
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Celestial Trailer


  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation, English Dub Mono DTS-HD Master Audio
  • NEW Audio Commentary By David West, Critic And Author Of Chasing Dragons: An Introduction To The Martial Arts Film
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • German Trailer
  • Celestial Trailer


  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation, English Dub Mono DTS-HD Master Audio
  • NEW Audio Commentary By James Mudge, Hong Kong Film Critic At easternKicks
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Chris Poggiali, Co-Author Of These Fists Break Bricks And Brian Bankston (Cool Ass Cinema Blog)
  • NEW Flying Without Wings – Actor Kai Kang Shares His Memories Of Working With The Studio In His First Ever On-Camera Interview
  • NEW Dubbing Delirium – Joseph Ellison, Dubbing Artist On FLYING GUILLOTINE For Its U.S. Release, Reflects On The Early Kung-Fu Film Boom
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
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  • Audio: Mandarin Mono DTS-HD Master Audio With New Subtitle Translation, English Dub Mono DTS-HD Master Audio
  • NEW Audio Commentary By James Mudge, Hong Kong Film Critic At easternKicks
  • NEW Cutting Comments – Jim Marcovic, Editor Of Many Martial Arts Trailers For U.S. Cinemas During The 70s And 80s, Speaks About The Kung Fu Film Boom
  • Trailers For Shaw Brothers Classics Volume 1 And The Brave Archer Collection (The Jade Raksha, Little Dragon Maiden, Killer Darts, The Flying Dagger, Dragon Swamp, The Brave Archer And His Mate, The Bells of Death, The Sword of Swords, The Invincible Fist, And The Thundering Sword)
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