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Tuesday Releases: Big Miracle & Project X

JUNE 19TH, 2013 Yet another solid week for DVD releases, with at least five major titles for just about everyone to enjoy. Big Miracle is probably the biggest release, starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski, in an epic drama about saving whales. Based on a true story about whales trapped under the ice in the Arctic, this film is a nice family film. If … Read More Tuesday Releases: Big Miracle & Project X


Theatrical Releases: Dark Shadows

DARK SHADOWS || Tim Burton’s seventh collaboration with Johnny Depp, Dark Shadows is a 60’s soap opera revamped (no pun intended) for the big screen. Depp plays a vampire who is awakened in the 70’s after an immortal witch who loves him locks him away in a casket for centuries. Determined to get his family’s fishing business back on track and vowing to clear … Read More Theatrical Releases: Dark Shadows