JUNE 19TH, 2013

Yet another solid week for DVD releases, with at least five major titles for just about everyone to enjoy. Big Miracle is probably the biggest release, starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski, in an epic drama about saving whales. Based on a true story about whales trapped under the ice in the Arctic, this film is a nice family film.

If you’re looking for an action thriller fix, Nicolas Cage, Guy Pearce, and January Jones star in the film Seeking Justice which places Cage in a predicament when he is called upon for a favor by a group of unknown people who exact revenge for one another. What could have been a major film with those three big names becomes a lackluster, knock-off, which seems like all Cage can get his hands on these days.

Project X, the Todd Phillips party film, attempts to recreate Superbad as if it were a found footage comedy about an epic high school party. Not keen on found footage, there is little this film has to offer me, but it did seem to entertain the underage children that I saw walking out of the theater, parents in tow.

Another comedy release this week is Wanderlust, the Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd adventure on an organic commune with a giant cast of characters. Though the film came off slightly watered down and mostly unbelievable, anytime you get to see Rudd or Aniston on-screen, it’s a win for the most part.

Jeff, Who Live At Home also releases this week, which is great for anyone that missed its theatrical run, like myself. A heartfelt drama about family and fate, this Indie proves its worth with just one viewing.

Apart from the main releases, I am keeping my eye on the television series Franklin & Bash, starring Road Trip star Breckin Meyer, and Saved By The Bell’s own Zach Morris, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, as well as the comedy starring my girl Amanda Seyfried, A Bag Of Hammers.

New Releases

  • Big Miracle
  • The FP
  • Jeff, Who Lives at Home
  • Project X (2012)
  • Seeking Justice
  • Wanderlust

TV Box Set

  • Batman The Brave and the Bold: Season Three
  • Franklin & Bash: Season One
  • Hey Dude: Season Three
  • House of Payne: Volume Nine
  • Louie: Season Two
  • Sarah Silverman Program: Complete Series
  • Web Therapy: Season One
  • Wilfred: Season One

Special Editions/Other Releases

  • And Everything Is Going Fine: Criterion
  • Attenberg
  • The Awakened
  • A Bag of Hammers
  • Cat Run
  • Charlie Chaplin in 3D
  • The Code (2012)
  • The Disco Exorcist
  • Down for the Count
  • Four Lovers
  • Give Me the Banjo
  • Grave Danger
  • Gray’s Anatomy: Criterion
  • Headspace
  • Jerk Theory
  • Keyhole
  • Kiara the Brave
  • The Legend of Hells Gate
  • Mother’s Day Evil
  • Mutantes
  • My Afternoons With Margueritte
  • My Reincarnation
  • P.O.E.: Poetry of Eerie
  • Permissive
  • Profane
  • Project X (1968)
  • Radio Rebel
  • Reel Love
  • Snow on tha Bluff
  • The Space Children
  • That Kind of Girl (Kino)
  • The Tree Widow
  • Witchslayer Gretl
  • The Woman in Green
  • Zombiefied

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