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Game Of Box Offices: Jordan Peele & “Us” Surprise with Biggest Original Horror Opening of All-Time

Jordan Peele works his horror magic again with his latest film “Us,” and it pays back tenfold. Earning $71.1 million in its debut makes it “the second largest opening ever for a live-action, original picture” (Box Office Mojo) just behind James Cameron’s “Avatar,” which opened to $77 million back in 2009. In addition to that record, it has become the third highest debut for … Read More Game Of Box Offices: Jordan Peele & “Us” Surprise with Biggest Original Horror Opening of All-Time

Theatrical Releases: Us

<Click film’s poster to see info/trailer> US Directed By: Jordan PeeleStudio: Universal Pictures Official Synopsis: Haunted by an unexplainable and unresolved trauma from her past and compounded by a string of eerie coincidences, Adelaide feels her paranoia elevate to high-alert as she grows increasingly certain that something bad is going to befall her family. After spending a tense beach day with their friends, the … Read More Theatrical Releases: Us

Stream Guide: Wind River & The Square (March 2nd, 2018)

WIND RIVER on NETFLIX Taking a break from their roles in the Marvel Universe, Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner star in Taylor Sheridan’s big directing breakthrough film “Wind River,” which he also pens. Known for his Academy Award nominated screenplay for “Hell Or High Water,” Sheridan was originally an actor that crossed over into the world of writing and directing. The film follows Olsen, … Read More Stream Guide: Wind River & The Square (March 2nd, 2018)

Stuck On Repeat: “Colorblind” by Counting Crows

Title: “Colorblind”Artist: Counting CrowsWritten by: David Bryson, Adam Duritz, Charlie Gillingham, David Immerglück, Matt Malley, Ben Mize, and Dan VickreySource: “Cruel Intentions” Soundtrack (1999)+ “This Desert Life” Album (1999) Scene from “Cruel Intentions”: Sebastian shows up at the top of the escalator, surprising Annette, who thought she was avoiding him by leaving. She’s impressed, and he’s in love, and their lovemaking ensues—a pivotal moment in … Read More Stuck On Repeat: “Colorblind” by Counting Crows

Movie Review: Cruel Intentions (1999)

Filled with breakthrough performances still representing these actors and actresses to this day and introducing sexual discovery to a generation over a decade ago, Cruel Intentions continues to carry its same weight today without falling into the oldie, but goodie pile, remaining a pop-culture icon. Though the iconic image of the film was Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair sharing a passionate kiss, the film reaches far further than just shock value and becomes one of the most memorable films from that generation and for that generation.