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Quick Review: For Ellen (2012)

FOR ELLEN BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLFEBRUARY 27, 2013 Paul Dano leads this emotionally taut drama. He plays Joby Taylor, an aspiring musician returning home to find his ex-wife looking to gain sole custody of his young daughter. “For Ellen” lives and breathes with Dano’s high-caliber performance, wonderfully portraying a flawed character for whom the viewer still feels sympathy. His daughter, played by Shaylena Mandigo, is … Read More Quick Review: For Ellen (2012)


Tuesday Releases: Anna Karenina & Argo

FEBRUARY 19TH, 2013 ANNA KARENINA // Despite its tragic and flawed characters, “Anna Karenina” is both visually evocative and perfectly stylized, combining the ideas and set design of live theater with the motions and photography of the cinema. In one of Keira Knightley’s best performances yet, she still does not command enough wherewithal to sell herself as leading lady material, lacking a certain charm … Read More Tuesday Releases: Anna Karenina & Argo


Theatrical Releases: The Words

BACHELORETTE || If not for the impressive showing from the leading ladies, “Bachelorette” would be extremely lacking. The humor is female vulgarity at its finest, with an honesty of how manipulative ladies can be, even with their closest “friends”. There’s definitely a lot of inside humor or real-life experiences at play in the film, as the allusions to past events seem extremely close to … Read More Theatrical Releases: The Words