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For Your Consideration 2013: Mud

Will he go from being under-appreciated to having two nominations this year? I might be pulling for it. Matthew McConaughey is a force to be reckoned with and delivering two absolutely astounding performances this year, we’ll not only see him in the critics’ awards circle, but I have a feeling we’ll see his name, not just once, but possibly twice in up for contention. … Read More For Your Consideration 2013: Mud

Movie Review: Mud (2013)

MUD BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLAPRIL 26, 2013 Marking the career-best performance of Matthew McConaughey, “Mud” is a slow burn, heavy-hitting drama with themes of coming of age, family systems, and the reality of love. Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland deliver breakthrough performances as Ellis and Neckbone, both of whom stumble upon a hideaway named Mud (McConaughey) living in an abandoned boat in a tree. Director … Read More Movie Review: Mud (2013)


One Minute Review: Shotgun Stories (2008)

Shotgun Stories Even if Michael Shannon is the only seasoned actor in Jeff Nichols’ “Shotgun Stories”, this subtle drama is stilled pulled off effectively, delivering the actual tone of small town, rural life. Based around a feud between two sets of sons fathered by the same alcoholic-turned-Christian man, the violence is made more realistic by the downplayed nature of it all. If casually watching … Read More One Minute Review: Shotgun Stories (2008)


For Your Consideration 2011: “Take Shelter”

Winning the 50th Critics’ Week Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival, “Take Shelter” is one of my many anticipated films of the year, starring Michael Shannon in yet another Jeff Nichols directed film (the two paired in “Shotgun Stories”). Both Nichols’ writing and Shannon’s are gaining attention, though may I point out that Jessica Chastain is being considered in her fourth film of the … Read More For Your Consideration 2011: “Take Shelter”