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Stream Guide: Like Crazy & Logan

“Like Crazy” is one of my favorite films of all-time because of the complexity of emotions it displays between Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin who fall in love but then are forced apart when Jones’ visa is revoked. Jones displays so much of what has made her a huge star now in this role and I fell in love with her instantly in this … Read More Stream Guide: Like Crazy & Logan

New Trailer: Hysteria – Official Trailer

HYSTERIA / My latest celebrity crush is Felicity Jones, after falling for her in last year’s romantic Indie, Like Crazy, co-starring Anton Yelchin. Per most of my crushes, this leads me to see just about everything that those actresses are in, no matter what the quality of film. Hysteria would normally never really catch my eye. I am not a fan of Hugh Dancy … Read More New Trailer: Hysteria – Official Trailer


Spotlight: Top 12 Films Of 2011

This was probably due a couple of weeks ago, but with a vacation over the new year and a car accident that took up all my free-time recently, I am just now able to sit down and put together my list of favorite films this past year. It was kind of a funny year, as I spent most of my time moving to California … Read More Spotlight: Top 12 Films Of 2011


For Your Consideration 2011: “Like Crazy”

Being my favorite film of the year, any nominations that “Like Crazy” gets will make me extremely happy. Both the film and Felicity Jones took away major awards at this passed year’s (27th Annual) Sundance Film Festival, winning the Grand Jury Prize in the Drama category, as well as the Special Grand Jury Prize for Acting. Like last year’s “Winter’s Bone” with the film, … Read More For Your Consideration 2011: “Like Crazy”

Movie Review: Like Crazy (2011)

From frame one, it is hard not to fall in love with these actors. Yelchin and Jones form the key to any engaging love story with chemistry that drives into the end scenes of the film. Style and meaning exude out of every frame of this film and each selected moment with this couple appears both thoughtfully structured, yet carelessly organic. Like Crazy takes a step away from the standard Hollywood romance and brings to life a painfully truthful and touching glimpse into a couple’s life. There is always something so enriching when a film evokes from you an entire spectrum of emotion in such a short period of time and this film does just that. Like Crazy lived up to my high expectations and so much more.

Stuck On Repeat: “Dead Hearts” by Stars

Title: “Dead Hearts”Artist: StarsSource: “Like Crazy” Soundtrack (2011)+ “The Five Ghosts” Album (2010) Not only was “Like Crazy” one of my favorite films of the year (tied with “Drive” as number one), but it also had one of my favorite soundtracks of the year. It’s topped off with the song “Dead Hearts” by Stars which pops up during the credits; if you were not … Read More Stuck On Repeat: “Dead Hearts” by Stars