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Spotlight: Summer Through The Cracks

As far as seeing films, I had an epic summer. From May to August, I probably went to more films than I have in any other summer combined. But even racking up an impressive list of summer viewings, there were still a view films that fell through the cracks. Most of them were independent films that didn’t get a very long release or films … Read More Spotlight: Summer Through The Cracks


Theatrical Releases: Dark Shadows

DARK SHADOWS || Tim Burton’s seventh collaboration with Johnny Depp, Dark Shadows is a 60’s soap opera revamped (no pun intended) for the big screen. Depp plays a vampire who is awakened in the 70’s after an immortal witch who loves him locks him away in a casket for centuries. Determined to get his family’s fishing business back on track and vowing to clear … Read More Theatrical Releases: Dark Shadows

New Trailer: Nesting – Official Trailer #1

NESTING / Were I married and stuck in a rut, this film would be much more relatable. But even beyond that lack of relatability, this film has a great cast with some off-beat humor. Nothing appears over-the-top in the trailer, portraying real people facing real problems. To counteract their sense of being out of touch with the “times”, Neil and Sarah return to their … Read More New Trailer: Nesting – Official Trailer #1