As far as seeing films, I had an epic summer. From May to August, I probably went to more films than I have in any other summer combined. But even racking up an impressive list of summer viewings, there were still a view films that fell through the cracks. Most of them were independent films that didn’t get a very long release or films that came out on weekends where the sheer volume of new releases was too much for me to catch every single one. All I have to say is thank goodness for DVD releases.

  • NESTING (MAY 11TH, 2012)

About a couple trying to relive their younger years by returning to their very first apartment, which is now on the market, and throwing a party, all in hopes of proving they’re not an old married couple.

  • HYSTERIA (MAY 18TH, 2012)

Basically about the first official vibrator, Maggie Gyllenhaal and one of my current favorite actresses, Felicity Jones star in this 19th century-based film about women who were thought to be hysterical and the “medical” invention created to “cure’ them.


Woody Allen’s latest piece, there’s a chance he will receive yet another Academy Award nomination for screenplay, so I will probably be seeing this film as part of my Oscar Challenge.


Steve Carrell and Keira Knightley star in this apocalyptic dramedy about neighbors who band together to make their last hopes come true in one final road trip before the world ends.

  • MAGIC MIKE (JUNE 29TH, 2012)

Yet another film from Steven Soderbergh since announcing his retirement, I couldn’t bring myself to see this one in theaters due to it revolving around male strippers. However, I do have faith in Soderbergh and with stars Channing Tatum and Michael McConaughey on respective rolls as of late, this has to be somewhat enjoyable.

  • PEOPLE LIKE US (JUNE 29TH, 2012)

A strong cast but a lacking story, I also couldn’t bring myself to see this one in theaters. Chris Pine, Olivia Wilde, and Elizabeth Banks do make this one worth eventually seeing however.


An independent film in which Michelle Williams portrays a married woman who begins to stray when she meets Luke Kirby’s character. With life getting dull in her marriage with Seth Rogen and her friend Sarah Silverman backing her up, she’s left to determine the true strength of love.

  • ROBOT & FRANK (AUGUST 10TH, 2012)

An ex-con, jewel thief is given a futuristic robot by his son. Though it is programmed to help the old man around the house, he eventually uses it to plan and execute yet another jewel heist. The comedy in this looks great and with Frank Langella as the jewel thief, I am strongly inclined to see this film.

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