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Tuesday Releases: The Dictator

AUGUST 21ST, 2012 One Academy Award winning film and two mediocre comedies are all you get this week. “A Separation”, the foreign language film winner at last year’s Oscars comes out this week. Coming from Iran, the film delves into the life of a couple that is splitting with a child who has the choice of staying with her father or leaving the country … Read More Tuesday Releases: The Dictator


Proof Review: The Dictator (2012)

Release Date May 16, 2012 Director Larry Charles Screenplay Sacha Baron Cohen Alec Berg David Mandel Jeff Schaffer Distributed By Paramount Pictures Budget $65 million Comedy Rated R strong crude and sexual content, brief male nudity, language and some violent images 83 minutes The Dictator Sacha Baron Cohen continues to coin his own brand of comedy, yet why wasn’t I laughing? The Dictator takes … Read More Proof Review: The Dictator (2012)


Theatrical Releases: Battleship & The Dictator

BATTLESHIP || Having seen most of Battleship already, I can tell you I am not interested in seeing it. For starters, Peter Berg is not a director I care to support. Many will compare Battleship to Transformers, but I cannot endorse that, as I feel Battleship is more or less ripping off Transformers with the same sound effects, visual effects, and using their Hasbro … Read More Theatrical Releases: Battleship & The Dictator

New Trailer: The Dictator – Official Red Band Trailer

THE DICTATOR / Most of the red band is recycled from the Official Green Band trailer, but the parts that were added are hilarious. The highlights from this raunchy red band are: The old woman telling Sacha Baron Cohen’s character that he “is a very nice man” and Cohen’s face drops, “what the fuck did you call me?” and the awkward silence that follows. … Read More New Trailer: The Dictator – Official Red Band Trailer