BATTLESHIP || May 18th, 2012

BATTLESHIP || Having seen most of Battleship already, I can tell you I am not interested in seeing it. For starters, Peter Berg is not a director I care to support. Many will compare Battleship to Transformers, but I cannot endorse that, as I feel Battleship is more or less ripping off Transformers with the same sound effects, visual effects, and using their Hasbro roots to try and sell it like Transformers. Ultimately, Battleship suffers from no real commitment to the story, an over-abundance of non-actors in the film, and nothing but recycled visuals to sell it. PASS
THE DICTATOR || Since this is about the only thing coming out this weekend that actually feels somewhat worth going to see, I will probably use my regular weekend movie-going trip to see this film. Though Sacha Baron Cohen’s humor is often lost on me, the potential for comedy is still there and with some of the very funny jokes in the trailer, I am hoping that there will be more jokes to follow.
HYSTERIA || In the past year, I have grown an affinity for Felicity Jones, following her amazing performance in the film, Like Crazy. Ever since, whenever a film is released starring her, I will try and check it out. This also being a period piece helps as well as it being a story about the birthplace of vibrators. Sounds exciting enough for me. RENT
WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING || There’s always a small part of the marketing in these type of films that make me want to see them. Perhaps it’s the gorgeous women or the small attempt at humor, but seeing these advertisements make me somewhat want to see this film even though I know it probably won’t be good. With Elizabeth Banks and Anna Kendrick, it is hard to say no and even with some humorous lines from the guys, like Chris Rock, there is a small chance this could be somewhat funny. STREAM

AMERICAN ANIMAL || There is something crazily unique about this film and sometime down the road I will probably see it, but for now, it will stay at bay. Considered extremely “artsy” and off-beat, American Animal depicts a battle between roommates when one decides to move out and get a “real” job contrary to all the second roommate’s beliefs. STREAM
THE APPLE PUSHERS || What feels more like a PSA or even novel with all the inter-titles, The Apple Pushers is a documentary with too much going on, even in the trailer. Narrated by Edward Norton, the film discusses immigration, obesity in inner city, and politicians not caring about the lower class. Without a centralized idea, this film could suffer from information overload and with the skewed nature of the trailer itself, this documentary already feels completely one-sided, with no room for debate. PASS
BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW || Trippy is about the only way to describe the looks of Beyond the Black Rainbow. With most of the trailer taking place as an interview between a peculiar doctor and a glazed over looking patient, the visuals are what give the sense of being on acid. I have to say I am somewhat intrigued but not enough to seek this out. STREAM
A BUDDY STORY || As much as I enjoy Elisabeth Moss on Mad Men (and even in Get Him To The Greek), she is not ready to carry her own film and A Buddy Story is mostly that. With an unknown leading man and an appearance by the musician Matisyahu, there is very little going for this film. If you’re into coming-of-age musician stories and Indie romance, than maybe this is for you. PASS
CROOKED ARROWS || Crooked Arrows is one of the worst looking films to come along in quite some time. The few times I’ve tried to watch the trailer, I could barely make it through the entire 2 minutes. I have absolutely nothing against Native American culture, but this film’s quality, story, and acting all are lacking and if that’s apparent in the trailer, the film could be painful. PASS
DEPARTMENT || Synopsis: The film follows the lives of three strict policemen. PASS
ELENA || To me at least, Elena looks like a strong contender for Best Foreign Language film come Academy Award season. With a strong leading lady and very interesting premise, Elena has won several major awards including the Special Jury Prize at Cannes and was an official selection of Sundance. Reminiscent of a film like Animal Kingdom, which earned an Oscar nomination for its leading lady, Jacki Weaver, Elena could be right in line. STREAM
ENTRANCE || What looks to be a very vague home invasion film centralized around a young woman, Entrance suffers from not being able to articulate any selling point in its trailer. Very Indie and very elusive, if the trailer cannot give me more than I am unwilling to make any effort to see this film. PASS
FOLLOW ME: THE YONI NETANYAHU STORY || Follow Me looks to be a touching documentary about a soldier that saved the lives of many people in an Israeli hostage situation. Using tons of actual footage and interviews with his associates, the documentary looks solid but being completely honest, does not interest me enough to want to see it. PASS
INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE || Synopsis: Follows the dramatic journeys of indie game developers as they create games and release those works, and themselves, to the world. PASS
LOVELY MOLLY || I am not sure how bringing The Blair Witch Project and The Lord of the Rings together in a billing is supposed to sell a horror film, but Lovely Molly’s trailer contains absolutely nothing scary. Every moment that you believe will bring that scary occurrence, drops the ball. The actors intrigue me, but not enough to give this recycled haunting story a chance. PASS
MANSOME || Reuniting Jason Bateman and Will Arnett in a comedic documentary about male grooming patterns and bringing in the perfect documentary director Morgan Spurlock to take the reigns, this is a must-see documentary. With interviews from countless celebrities and grooming experts, I am very excited to see this film. RENT
NEVER STAND STILL || I am unsure where the trend for making films about dancing came from, but you see these ballet films more and more frequently now, especially after last years Academy Award nomination for the dance film, Pina. Though I support those that follow their dream of being dancers, each of the films looks the same to be and therefore offers me very little. PASS
POLISSE || Jury Prize winner at Cannes Film Festival, Polisse looks to be the powerful drama that it is described to be. Focused around a group of police designated to help children, there is a meaning message interwoven into the deep and rich dramatic performances and storyline of the film. Though I cannot say this film will completely be for me, I may just have to check it out eventually. STREAM
QUILL: THE LIFE OF A GUIDE DOG || It’s hard not to love a good animal story. Quill is about a puppy that is different from the rest of his pack and is sent to be a seeing-eye dog for a blind, yet stubborn, Asian man. As the dog wins him over, the dramatic side of this film shines through and will probably make a few hearts melt in the process. PASS
THE SAMARITAN || Samuel L. Jackson can sell just about any film as far as I’m concerned. This trailer, however, gives away a little bit too much for its own good, including some major twists that would have best been served during the actual film and for that, my interest dwindles. However, also starring Tom Wilkinson, this looks like enough of an action-thriller to be exciting and I will eventually be seeing this. STREAM
VIRGINIA || From the Academy Award winning Dustin Lance Black (MILK), Virginia is an Indie film with pizzazz. Starring the gorgeous Jennifer Connelly as Virginia, a single mother set her raise her off-kilter son, and having an affair with a Mormon sheriff (Ed Harris), she hits some rocky times including some face-offs with the cops. Also starring one of my favorite young actresses Emma Roberts, I will definitely be seeing this film. RENT


  • The Dictator


  • Hysteria
  • Mansome
  • Virginia


  • American Animal
  • Beyond The Black Rainbow
  • Elena
  • Polisse
  • The Samaritan
  • What To Expect When You’re Expecting


  • The Apple Pushers
  • Battleship
  • A Buddy Story
  • Crooked Arrows
  • Department
  • Entrance
  • Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story
  • Indie Game: The Movie
  • Lovely Molly
  • Never Stand Still
  • Quill: The Life Of A Guide Dog




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