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Tuesday Releases: Brave, Savages, & The Watch

NOVEMBER 13TH, 2012 BRAVE // Pixar captures the heart and humor of this fairy tale perfectly, offering uncountable memorable moments. Though not their greatest venture to date, Brave belongs in the top tier of their arsenal, with the most stunning visuals in their repertoire, a suitable score, and impressive voice acting. Portraying intense emotional reactions in animated characters has become Pixar’s staple, in turn … Read More Tuesday Releases: Brave, Savages, & The Watch


Theatrical Releases: The Watch

KILLER JOE || Matthew McConaughey takes a dark turn as a hired hitman, in this independent thriller. Emilie Hirsch plays a young man in need of money and to do so, turns to McConaughey to murder his mother for the insurance money. When Hirsch cannot pay the hitman his retainer, he takes Hirsch’s sister, played by the amazing Juno Temple, who sells this movie … Read More Theatrical Releases: The Watch

New Trailer: The Watch – Official Red Band Trailer

THE WATCH / Well, it’s officially not Neighborhood Watch anymore thanks to the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida, but the first red band trailer from this extremely funny comedy has finally hit the web. Following a group of average guys who are privy to an alien invasion, The Watch is the next comedy directed by SNL writer and Hot Rod director Akvia Schaffer. The … Read More New Trailer: The Watch – Official Red Band Trailer