August 7, 1972
Lexington, Kentucky


200981st Academy AwardsBest Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role“Revolutionary Road”NOMINATED
201789th Academy AwardsBest Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role“Nocturnal Animals”NOMINATED


1993Groundhog DayFred
1996Chain ReactionFlower Delivery Man
1997Chicago CabCrack Head
1999Jesus’ SonDundun
1999The RideJimmy
2000The PhotographerMaurice
2000TigerlandRandy Charles
2000Cecil B. DementedPetie
2000Mullitt (Short)Phil Kunz
2001Pearl HarborLt. Gooz Wood
2001New Port SouthJohn Stanton
2001Vanilla SkyAaron
2002High CrimesTroy Abbott
20028 MileGreg Buehl
2003Kangaroo JackFrankie Lombardo
2003Bad Boys IIFloyd Poteet
2003Grand Theft ParsonsLarry Oster-Berg
2004WaterBobby Matherson
2004Dead BirdsClyde
2004Zamboni Man (Short)Walt, Zamboni Man
2004The WoodsmanRosen
2006BugPeter Evans
2006World Trade CenterDave Karnes
2006Let’s Go to PrisonLynard
2007Shotgun StoriesSon Hayes
2007Lucky YouRay Zumbro
2007Before the Devil Knows You’re DeadDex
2008Revolutionary RoadJohn Givings, Jr.
2009The Missing PersonJohn Rosow
2009Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New OrleansMundt
2009The GreatestJordan Walker
2009My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?Brad McCullum
2010The RunawaysKim Fowley
2010Herbert White (Short)Herbert White
2010Jonah HexDr. Cross Williams
2011Take ShelterCurtis LaForche
2011The Broken TowerEmile Opffer
2011Machine Gun PreacherDonnie
2012MudUncle Galen
2012Premium RushBobby Monday
2012The IcemanRichard Kuklinski
2012Happy Hour (Short)Just Mike
2013Man of SteelGeneral Zod
2013The HarvestRichard Young
2014Young OnesErnest Holm
2014They Came TogetherSpike
2014She’s Funny That WayPoliceman Macy’s
201499 HomesRick Carver
2015FreeheldDane Wells
2015The Night BeforeMr. Green
2016Complete UnknownTom
2016Frank & LolaFrank Reilly
2016Midnight SpecialRoy Tomlin
2016WolvesLee Keller
2016Poor BoyBlayde Griggs
2016Elvis & NixonElvis Presley
2016LovingGrey Villet
2016Salt and FireMatt Riley
2016Nocturnal AnimalsDet. Bobby Andes
2017The Shape of WaterCol. Richard Strickland
2017The Current WarGeorge Westinghouse
2017PottersvilleMaynard Greiger
201812 StrongCWO. Hal Spencer
2018What They HadNicky Everhardt
2018State Like SleepEdward
2019Knives OutWalt Thrombey
2020The QuarryChief Moore
2020Echo BoomersMel Donnelly


1992OverexposedYoung ManTelevision movie
1992Angel StreetPatrick MulliganTelevision movie
1998-1999Angel StreetMerle / Mr. Andrews2 Episodes
1999TurksMan #1Episode: “Pilot”
2005Law & Order: Special Victims UnitAvery ShawEpisode: “Quarry”
2009DelocatedMarkEpisode: “Sick of It!”
2010–2014Boardwalk EmpireNelson Van Alden / George Mueller35 Episodes
2017–2020At Home with Amy SedarisJulien Penderel / Johnny Shannon / Tom Jefferson3 Episodes
2018WacoGary Noesner6 Episodes
2018Fahrenheit 451Captain BeattyTelevision movie
2018The Little Drummer GirlMartin Kurtz6 Episodes
2018Our Cartoon PresidentNarrator (voice)Episode: “Election Special 2018”
2018Room 104NathanEpisode: “Swipe Right”
2021Nine Perfect StrangersNapoleonTelevision mini-series



Real Name: Dru-Zod
Species: Kryptonian
From: Krypton


  • Genius-level intelligence
  • Expert tactician
  • Skilled marksman and hand-to-hand combatant
  • Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and longevity
  • Flight
  • Heat vision
  • Freezing breath
  • Extrasensory powers, including X-ray vision
  • Indomitable will
  • Healing factor
  • Expert at persuasion


  1. “Take Shelter”
  2. “Knives Out”
  3. “The Shape of Water”
  4. “Mud”
  5. “Man of Steel”
  6. “Nocturnal Animals”
  7. “Midnight Special”
  8. “Premium Rush”
  9. “Loving”
  10. “The Iceman”
  11. “The Night Before”
  12. “Revolutionary Road”
  13. “99 Homes”
  14. “Shotgun Stories”
  15. “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”
  16. “Machine Gun Preacher”
  17. “Vanilla Sky”
  18. “Jonah Hex”
  19. “8 Mile”
  20. “Young Ones”
  21. “Bad Boys II”
  22. “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”
  23. “My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?”
  24. “Frank & Lola”
  25. “The Runaways”

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